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Hi, my name is Sophia, a huge Lingerie and Fashion enthusiast.

My blog started when I made it to the top 10 of Curvy Kate’s Star in a Bra competition 2011; I didn’t win, but my beautiful and lovely friend Lizzie did – so here’s to her!
Along the way, I discovered that 80% of women currently wear the incorrect bra size. This has fueled my determination to spread the word on how to find and wear the best bras, not to mention join the ‘war against plus four’. 

I’m a dress size 12-14 on the high street and 8-10 in Bravissimo clothing; my ‘true’ bra size is around a 30GG/32G, however, depending on the brand (as every woman needs to be aware), your size can fluctuate to extremes.
I think it’s important women know that whether you have curves, wobbly bits, or a little extra tummy ‘insulation’ 😉 you can still be just as beautiful and sexy as any model, and deserve to have the best underwear to show that curvy body off!
This doesn’t just apply to large curves either, it can be just as taxing to be a slim women with curves too.  

I used to wear the incorrect size myself, so I have dedicated a lot of time to finding the best fitting and looking bras. Hopefully my findings can help other girls to find the best fit for them as well.


A Freelance Writer, Blogger, and Editor since 2013, I have written articles on varied topics right from Finance, Engineering, Alternative Health Tips, Lifestyle, E-Commerce to my Specialization Subject Economics. Currently working with IndiaTv news journalist. When I am not writing I love being a wife and a mother.

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