Zahida Rafik Defend scandal issue on Page Twitter

Zahida Rafik Defend scandal issue on Page TwitterAs we know, art and industry was shocked by news exposure political scandals between Zahida Rafik and Minister of the Ministry Rural and Regional Development Minister Datuk Shafie Apdal  (click here to read the article “Revealed: Zahida Rafik defended Minister“).

Following the news, Zahida expressed in the hearts and defend the scandal issues via Twitter. Here is a “screenshot” taken at Zahida Rafik twitter page: -

Many are also among the users twitter account to get confirmation / validity of self Zahida through Twitter account: -

And not least also a handful of mixed penguna twitter gives message actress the cynical satire:

Despite what though, Zahida is expected to appear before it as quickly as possible to give an explanation for this scandalous speculation to the public.

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