Woman Victim Fights Chris Brown and Drake Police Report

A woman appears claiming to be victims of fight singer Chris Brown and Drake on Thursday. Women are claiming a total of 12 stitches after getting stuck in a fistfight at a nightclub in the New York area.

The woman named Lucy Pavlovsky and is preparing to take the case to the law through her lawyer Javier Solano. As quoted from the website TMZ, which at the time Lucy was in the VIP room of the club to see Chris and Drake began to fight. Lucy then tries away from the fight. She struggled to get out of the room while avoiding a flying bottle.

Lucy finally after a struggle to get out but she realized if a sharp object and cut her arm began to bleed.

Solano said if her client is then take a taxi and headed for the nearest hospital. In the hospital she received 12 stitches for the cut (tear) in the two arms. She also received a tetanus shot.

According to Solano, Friday Lucy was questioned by New York police officer. Police also were collecting evidence to investigate the fight.

In addition to reporting the club, the Lucy, according to Solano plans to sue Chris Brown and Drake for the crime, we will seek every possibility to sue several parties,” said Solano.

Whoever he is, even though a famous person, he will not escape from responsibility and punishment.