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Having a beautiful and healthy body is the dream of all women. One way to make it happen is to do a fitness or exercise. Before starting the gym, there are some facts you should know in order to maximize the sport.

What to Look For More Maximum Fitness Results
What to Look For More Maximum Fitness Results

How to get the best results from your workout? The following facts are the basis for having healthy and beautiful body you want, as reported by the Health Me Up.

1. Gym Bantu Disguise Cellulite

Cellulite is the white streaks that appear due to impaired metabolism of skin. Cellulite can be experienced by anyone whether male or female, can also obese people or even the skinny ones. Many treatments are offered to eliminate cellulite. However, medication or treatment against cellulite will be useless if not accompanied by a healthy lifestyle. Even the surgical procedure to remove cellulite is not too effective, because it will only cause your body to produce more cellulite. Therefore, regular exercise should be done to reduce the production of cellulite.

2. Avoid Strict Diet

Lose weight by exercising; there is a process of 'give and take' between nutrient intake and energy expenditure. By deliberately making the body starving, your metabolism slows and you would be hard to lose weight but that does not mean you are encouraged to eat a lot but have to find out how many nutrients from the foods you need each day, For example, if the average of 1200 ranged metabolism and you burn about 500 calories per exercise session. Then maintain a diet that meets energy needs and essential nutrients needed daily. Hunger means eating only 500-800 calories, which will cause problems when you start eating healthy again.

3. Note Selection of Shoes

Shoes that do not match the type of exercise are a common mistake beginner’s fitness. Sound trivial but the selection of the wrong shoes can cause injury to your foot, For example, when you are running on a treadmill with the oversized shoes that will injure the shin and ankle. As with dancing, kickboxing and other types of exercise that has a shoe with a special design. Therefore, before starting the exercise routine make sure to choose the type of shoes that fit and comfort for your feet.

4. Do not See Weight of Scale

Measuring the weight loss is not the only measure to ensure the fitness and your ideal body. Your body is building muscle. By the turn of the muscle metabolic processes become faster, thus helping you lose weight in the long run. Measure compared with the scales, more precisely you measure by inches, body fat percentage and body mass. When you start training, make sure you measure the thighs, hips, arms, wrists and neck, then measure again after three months of training. So even though weight is not too visible changes, but you certainly inch size is reduced.

5. Long duration of Exercise Do It

You are not a robot, so exercise your daily schedule. If that means 3 times the high-intensity exercise for 15 minutes, then do it. Or walk in the morning do 5 sets (after 7 minutes heating) in the evening, with small streets before going to bed. That way, you still have time to do other activities.

Fragrances will raise the mood is right to work and attract the opposite love. Just follow these steps to get a perfume that best suits you.

5 Steps to Perfect Shown with Right Fragrance
5 Steps to Perfect Shown with Right Fragrance

1. Lightly spray

Apply the perfume on certain points such as the neck, wrists and behind ears. These areas which diffuses the heat release or emit scents. Do not spray too much, just one or two drops of perfume or three to five spray eau de perfume / eau de toilette. If you apply too much, you can reduce the smell by wiping the area with a damp cloth or a little sprinkling of baby powder.

2. Aroma Younger

You can try the fragrance of flowers such as orchids or a blend of lavender mixed with musk or perfume emanating from the wood" as expressed by Laurent Le Guernec, a senior perfumer at International Flavors and Fragrances for the soft fragrance.

Yann Vasnier, a senior at the scent of perfume house Givaudan, also said that "men mtertarik with the smell of food such as wine and vanilla. You can try the Prada or Marc Jacobs Lola Candy. A study found that men think women who wear this fragrance six years younger than their actual age. She favored Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker.

3. Not Repeated

If you want to attend an event after the move out day, it's better not to spray perfume over and over. Fragrant way to keep performing without the smell became too much is made by rubbing body lotion on the area you want. This will make the fragrance last skin and does not evaporate.

4. Aroma in the Office

If you are a career woman, probably never thinking whether it is appropriate to use the perfume in the office? as expressed by Alan Hirsch, MD, founder of the Smell-Taste Treatment & Research Foundation in Chicago. For that to work all day in the room, they will be more comfortable for baby powder scent, while the scent of green apple and cucumber will help reduce anxiety in the work.

Therefore, the choice of the right perfume for women is DKNY Be Delicious career. the fragrance with the scent of apple and cucumber. Or you could also try Demeter Baby Powder (which smells exactly like a baby's skin).

5. Substitute Perfume

Compared to wear perfume to the entire body, you better wear body lotion from the collection of certain perfumes. In addition to smoothing the skin, the formula was made to seep into the skin so that the fragrance last longer. You could try: Burberry Body Milk, Yves Saint Laurent Body Lotion Parisienne.

Painful Muscles & Joints, Who says you have to exercise a break when she woke with a stiff neck or muscle pain? Even with mild exercise can help treat muscle pain and recover faster. You do this by doing one of several types of sports following, as quoted from the Health Me Up:

1. Yoga

Yoga is an effective way to fight the pain in the body. Deep breathing combined with the movement of certain asanas help to deal with muscle pain. But some doctors forbid do some yoga asana movements that involve the physical movement of a solid as it can aggravate the pain. For that ask for help from an experienced yoga instructor.

2. Walking

Walking is the simplest form of exercise you can do anywhere and anytime. Walking can be done in all conditions and there are only a few medical conditions that prohibit you to walk.

3. Pilates

Pilates is an excellent exercise to do for those who suffer from lower back pain because it can help train your body strength. Fitness experts also recommend Pilates to suffer from fibromyalgia. According to the Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Pilates is one of the best forms of stretching exercises, if done under the supervision of experts.

4. Swim

Swimming is recommended as an appropriate exercise for people with osteoarthritis, those who have musculoskeletal problems or other joint diseases. Swimming or other water activities are gravity resistant activities and help treat joint better.

5. Stretching

Simple stretching exercises can be done anywhere. Stretching exercises to help move the parts of your body and fighting the pain in the body. You can heal sore muscles with simple stretching exercises for 15 minutes.

6. Tai Chi

Tai Chi exercises can be done both by children and adults. Originating from China, Tai Chi is similar to Yoga because it encourages the integration of mind, body and soul. According to the New England Journal of Medicine Study, Tai Chi should be done twice a week to help get rid of body aches, fatigue, and muscle stiffness.

7. Light Weight Training

Light weight training in general helps prevent injuries such as sprains and muscle strain. Light weight training to help the healing process by strengthening the muscles around the joints in the injured area in a way to take dare load the injured joint. Only by doing simple push ups or sit ups at home you can say goodbye to the pain.

Pregnancy is one of the strongest and the most difficult thing for every woman, there are so many things which scars her, there are so many thing which make her feel like there are so many things she needs to deal with at the same time and during all these hard things, she start losing her looks too, even if she keeps her skin the best, still she gets so many skin issues:(

Skin Change During Pregnancy

Hatha yoga | Yoga Poses & Yoga For Weight Loss 18 Step

Hatha yoga,Yoga Poses & Yoga For Weight Loss 18 Step

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Weight Loss Tips In Stunning Style



Food for Christmas and the new year seems to tempt you to consume continuously. But you are afraid of weight gain after a day of celebration. Do not worry there are tips to lose weight do not go up when the holiday season.Tips For Weight Loss Not Up At Christmas & New Year

Cheese, cakes, roasts and a series of other food will adorn your year-end holidays. Therefore, you need to find a way to get a good meal without fear waist not enlarged. Follow this way that the weight remains balanced during the celebration of Christmas and New Year reported by Sky Bold.

1. Chewing Slowly

This is one clever trick to eat less but enjoy dishes that have been provided. Many people do not chew their food properly. It is one factor to weight gain. Make sure you chew food slowly. Let the food consumed more digestible and helps break down food while still in the mouth.

2. Dining with Small Portions

Control your appetite even cakes and other tempting foods. Eat smaller portions so as not to 'go crazy' when eating heavy meals and fatty foods. How it can make you feel full but the weight loss is maintained.

3. Sport

When the holiday busyness makes many women forget about their workout routines. In the holiday mood you have to keep exercising to burn fat in the body. If accustomed to going to the gym you do not have to do it when the Christmas holidays. Simply take the time to jog or run at least 30 minutes. You can also do a variety of cardio exercises that will make your body sweat. When the day is spent on weight and high-calorie meals make sure you do an extra workout the next day.

4. Eating Protein Snack Before Eating High Calorie Dishes

It's a trick to avoid weight gain at Christmas and New Year. Before eating food that's good to eat high-calorie protein snacks. Eating a healthy snack beforehand makes you full for a long time so it is no exaggeration when eating fatty dishes. Protein snacks that keep the ideal weight remains is yogurt, bananas, apples, strawberries, canned tuna, low-fat dairy, and nuts.

5. Keep Eating Food That Can Burn Fat

If you do not want to gain weight add extra menu in your meal such as fruit or a glass of lemon water. As for other foods that help burn calories such as low-fat yogurt, garlic, and green chilies. When the day is too much weight or eating foods high in calories the next day boil and select low-calorie dishes.

I'm sure you never thought of eating a Christmas tree...! So, for the sixth recipe I concocted just for you, pretty cupcakes shaped tree with nice Christmas baubles decoration, it is not nice this girl?!

Christmas Tree CupCakes

A chewable, you can not find?!

And as its Christmas, we have prepared an additional gift, pretty Christmas labels to download here or just find in the right column. Perfect to beautify your gifts!

Christmas tree CupCakes Ingredients

For the Base

100 g flour
80 g ghee
80 g of cane sugar
2 eggs
2 c. in s. milk
1 c. to c. yeast
Vanilla powder

For Tree Topping

125 g mascarpone
70 g butter
100 g sugar
Coloring glass
Sugar beads
Star sugar paste recipe here

Christmas Tree CupCakes


For the realization of the sugar paste you can use the homemade recipe here by halving the quantities and adding yellow dye to the mixture. Spread the dough with sugar and cut stars using a cookie cutter. Otherwise, you can still get the yellow sugar paste ready made.

Preheat oven to 180 °.

Christmas Tree CupCakes

Mix butter and sugar with a whisk then add eggs. Beat well together. Stir in the flour and the yeast mixture and stir with a spatula. Dilute all the milk.

Divide the mixture into muffin trays and bake covered 13 min. Remove from oven and let cool.

Christmas Tree CupCakes

For the frosting, beat together sugar and butter for 3 minutes to obtain a light mixture. Then add the mascarpone and beat the dye and a few seconds to fully incorporate everything. Put the frosting in a pastry bag with a plain tip to tip.

Train trees in poaching the icing on the cupcakes from the bottom to the top.

Then decorate with sugar paste stars and balls of sugar as a Christmas balls.

Keep cool before serving.

Blink not only prevents our eyes from drying out. This gesture would send a signal to our brain that it can release its attention.

Anti Stress Blink Relaxes Your Brain

Naturally blinking eyes (when it is not a nervous tic) responds to biological imperatives it rids the cornea dust and other residues. In addition to this scan function blinking acts as a "flushing" by moistening the eye.
But if you blink nearly 1,200 times in an hour is not only to pamper our cornea. Japanese researchers have glimpsed behind this movement reflex antis tress well oiled.

Blinking allow the brain to rest fractions of a second and demobilize its attention. Sleep mode basically allows the brain to "blow" to work better. Specifically when we need to focus our attention on a given task we tend to fight less eyelids.

Researchers have noted a change in brain activity by magnetic resonance imaging as the voluntary eye blink a lot or not. Thus when the volunteers fighting the eyelids the brain areas responsible for attention seem to put to rest. This occurs when the subject does not undertake any effort or any particular activity. Therefore whether your partner listen carefully to what you say watch her eyes!

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Want to get the benefits of physical fitness as fitness in the gym but the time or limited budget? To stay fit and have the ideal body you do not have to always go to the gym workout. The benefits of physical exercise also can be obtained for a maximum outside the gym such as home office or your surroundings are, Here's some tips as quoted from She Knows.

Fitnes Tips That Can Do at Home

1. Concentration

If you want to exercise at home with fitness equipment that you have make sure concentrate well. Do not get a lot of distraction while exercising. If you need to turn off cell phones and other gadgets. Turn the music up beat tempo in order to exercise more spirit.

2. Variation

Look for variations in reducing calories. If you are accustomed to the treadmill try switching to a high hill cycling or jogging with a pet. Thus, you will get a new atmosphere in the benefits of exercise and a lot more.

3. Increment your strength!

Add a bit of your power to light exercises such as jogging. For example, if you're jogging give variations in stride. Add little small jumps while jogging in order to burn more calories.

4. Enough energy

Make sure your body has enough energy. Go to sleep eight hours per day the consumption of healthy food and inadequate nutrition for your body. Do not forget to drink lots of water for ion replacement later on when you exercise. Do not get dehydrated when you are exercising.

5. DVD Fitness

If you need professional help you can buy a DVD containing your fitness and exercise. Currently sold in the market to guide your video aerobics strength training, Pilates, and other exercises.