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Exercise Can Affect Menstrual Cycle

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The menstrual cycle is generally experienced by women on a regular basis each month. However, there are some women whose menstrual cycles are erratic.

Exercise Can Affect Menstrual Cycle

Exercise Can Affect Menstrual Cycle

Hormonal factors and emotional health is often the cause of irregular menstruation. But not only that, the habit of exercise or fitness training can be the cause.
In essence physical activity when your period is more beneficial than no exercise at all. Exercise can relieve cramps or domineer are often experienced by women when the first day of my period.

In addition, during periods of intense exercise that will facilitate the circulation of blood, thereby reducing headaches and pain caused by lack of blood. In fact, exercise helps you control your appetite.

But before exercise schedule when your period you must know in advance the level and type of exercise. The lack of proper exercise it can create an irregular menstrual cycle. What kind of exercise can help launch and / or inhibit the menstrual cycle?

1. Too Little Exercise

If you are a woman who rarely exercise menstrual cycle usually be felt long and quite painful. For that make your exercise routine gradually especially when you are menstruating. Ranging from mild exercise such as brisk walk or jog. Doing household chores such as sweeping, mopping or washing clothes is also a small gym which is quite useful to make the body active.

2. Gym with Medium Intensity (Moderate Fitness)

Women who exercise including moderate levels of fitness generally normal menstrual cycle. You can add variations in practice for 45 minutes to 1 hour each session such as cardiovascular training, pilates, dance, yoga, or stretching. By doing more than three times a week to make the body more healthy and regular menstrual cycles.

3. Too Much Exercise

Women who exercise too often usually delayed menstrual cycle, especially if not accompanied by adequate intake of nutrients. When the levels of body fat below 20 percent, your menstrual cycle becomes irregular.

“Fatigue, depression, acne is growing physiological effects of menstruation. That is because the metabolic rate to decline over the coming months. You can handle it with strength training and increase the caloric intake of about 20-25 percent of normal during the menstrual period,” explained Dr. Archana Dhawan Bajaj, consultant Obesity / Gyne, Fertility and IVF Expert at Nurture, New Delhi, India.

Too Extreme Sports danger to Lose Weight

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Have a slim and beautiful body shape so nearly everyone’s dream. Therefore many of them are willing to do the exercise too hard and extreme. But keep in mind, excessive exercise will be more negative than positive impact in weight loss.

Too Extreme Sports danger to Lose Weight

Too Extreme Sports danger to Lose Weight

Shetty Jivesh fitness experts, as reported by the Health Me Up says, People who want to lose weight quickly or be too enthusiastic to the extreme exercise routine to maintain her fitness and form should be alert to the type of sport they choose.

Forms of extreme sports in this context, is not the activities that trigger adrenalin such as rock climbing mountain climbing or paragliding. But rather the combination of lack of proper exercise the frequency is too frequent and too long duration that exceeds the ability of the body.

1. Expenses and jump with dumbbell

There are some who suggest a fitness class participants to perform plyometrics (type of exercise that is designed to produce rapid and powerful movements) with a light load. For example, jumping lunges while holding dumbbells or (bend knees) with a dumbbell above your knees. Although the movement is great for burning calories jumping quickly, but if done while sustaining the load can cause muscle tissue or ruptured, or torn ligaments.

Althea Shah menyaranka fitness experts, sports movements with dumbbells and barbells should be undertaken only for resistance training program or exercise endurance. Every movement must also be monitored by an experienced instructor.

2. Exercise on an empty stomach

If you believe that the exercise on an empty stomach in the morning will help burn the calories consumed the night before, you are wrong. According to Althea, “When you wake in the morning, a low level of glycogen in the body and although the body tends to burn more calories, you do not realize there is most likely your body lowers calories from muscle tissue, not fat.”

Before the exercise, first fill your stomach with snacks such as sandwiches, fruit or yoghurt.

3. No Limit Ability Body Care

Actually there is nothing wrong with a hard workout at the gym to lose excess weight. But if it is outside the limits of your exercise routine, results will not be good. Especially if you tend to push themselves beyond limits, you could injure yourself.

If you are forced to exceed its own ability to exercise hard, your body will falter and the sports movement was disjointed. Some fitness experts say, excessive exercise can cause injury to muscles and soft tissues.

4. Marathon Running

“Running a marathon can indeed help you burn more calories. But the result, you will lose a lot of muscle mass,” said Jivesh.

If running is your exercise choice, make sure each session no longer than 60 minutes interspersed with rest and drinking water. Make sure you also consume foods or beverages that add energy. If you run more than 60 minutes, back and leg muscles can become sore or painful.

A time to practice running with the instructor, at least 45 minutes every day in the early days of practice. It is useful to build up stamina and capacity before you run in a longer duration.

Know the Types of Hypertension Disease

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High blood pressure or hypertension is a disease that causes increased blood pressure was above normal when examined using a blood pressure monitor blood pressure gauge.

Know the Types of Hypertension Disease

Know the Types of Hypertension Disease

Normal blood pressure is affected by the size of a person’s height weight normal activity levels and general health. In activities of daily living normal blood pressure is stable with a numeric value range But in general the rate of decline of blood pressure during sleep and rise at a time when activity or exercise.

A person who is experiencing high blood pressure and did not get the treatment and control on a regular basis can cause the patient experienced a serious condition that can even have an impact on mortality.

High blood pressure that occurs continuously also capable of causing a person’s heart to work extra hard which in turn can lead to conditions that damage the blood vessels of the heart kidneys brain and eyes.

Hypertension disease is also one of the most common causes of stroke and heart attack.

High blood pressure or hypertension can be divided into several classifications such as:

Primary Hypertension

A condition in which high blood pressure that occurs due to the pattern as well as lifestyle and environmental factors. System of irregular eating patterns or uncontrolled can result in overweight or even obese.

The initial condition is a cause of high blood pressure. Similarly the environment or conditions of high stress very likely exposed to high blood pressure including those who are less in a series of sports activities.

Secondary Hypertension

In these conditions an increase in blood pressure or high as a result of factors other chronic diseases. Other diseases such as heart failure kidney failure or damage to the body’s hormone system.

Whereas in pregnant women blood pressure can generally be increased at 20 weeks gestation. Especially in women whose weight is above normal or obese.

Pregnancy-induced hypertension (PIH) is a designation in terms of health care for pregnant women who were suffering from hypertension.

The condition of hypertension in pregnant women can be classified as moderate or otherwise can be severe or dangerous, a pregnant woman with high blood pressure may experience days of pregnancy Preeclampsia is.

Preeclampsia is a condition of a pregnant woman with hypertension so feel complaints such as dizziness headache visual disturbances abdominal pain facial swelling loss of appetite nausea and even vomiting.

Symptoms And Treatment inflammatory disease appendicitis

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To diagnose appendicitis (appendicitis) quite a bit tricky because the symptoms seen in patients with appendicitis (appendicitis) looks very similar to other diseases, such as problems in the gall bladder, bladder or urinary tract infection, Crohn’s disease, gastritis, intestinal infection and ovary problems.

Symptoms And Treatment inflammatory disease appendicitis

Symptoms And Treatment inflammatory disease appendicitis

Own symptoms of appendicitis can vary depending on the stage:

1. Acute appendicitis disease

In this condition the symptoms caused by the body will experience high fever, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain lower right, it will feel very ill when brought along so slightly terbongkok, but not everyone shows symptoms like this, it could also just be dizzy, or nauseated -sick.

2. Chronic inflammatory disease of the appendix

For patients who have reached this stage slightly resemble the symptoms caused by ulcer disease where pain can occur in the area around the navel and sometimes intermittent fever.

Often accompanied by nausea, sometimes vomiting, and pain that moves to the lower right abdomen with signs typical of acute appendicitis is pain Mc Burney point pd (medical term).

Spread of pain will also depend on the position / location of the appendix to the colon itself, When the tip of the appendix is ??touching the urethra ureter, the pain would be similar to the sensation of urinary colic pain, and there may be disorders.

When the position of the appendix leads to the back, the pain came on skewers rectal examination or vaginal puncture. In the appendix to another position, the pain may not be so specific.

To do the handling and care of patients suffering from appendicitis. The process of diagnosis is certain to be done, it is done to overcome the disease of appendicitis (appendicitis) is operating.

In the early conditions when the conditions are immediately diagnosed appendicitis can be made possible by administering antibiotics, however the recurrence rate may reach 35%.

Surgery of the appendix itself can be either open or semi-closed (laparoscopic). After surgery the patient should still be given antibiotics for 7-10 days.

Next is to perform the surgery wound care should be protected from the possibility of secondary infection from contaminated equipment.

70% of Women Want to Lose Weight 10 Kg Coming to Marry

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Marriage to be one important moment in life so that not a few women who want to look as perfect as possible at the time, One of the ways in which to look ‘perfect’ is to lose weight.

Research conducted Universita Cornell, United States proves 70% of women want to lose weight at least 10 kg when getting married. Of the 272 surveys that followed the bride was also revealed, 14% of respondents bought a wedding dress a size two times smaller than their actual size. Other research even revealed 1 of 5 women is willing to delay marriage if they had not slim.

One of the women who underwent an extreme diet to look slim on your wedding day is the origin of Kerri Thomas Hungerford, Berkshire, England. 33 year-old women suddenly felt unwell as a party before the wedding with some friends at a restaurant.

I ran to the toilet. I fell in there with my head against the wall. I tried out, but fell again and this time my head hit the seat with a harder,” Gomez said. When subjected to the incident, Kerri knows what causes it. “I’m making myself hungry,” said the woman who works as an accountant.

Before encouraged to marry by her boyfriend, Dan, Kerri 61 kg body weight, Having spoken, she was determined to lose weight at least 12 kg. She became increasingly obsessed with weight ‘ideal’ when I started looking for a wedding dress.

Six months before the wedding I started to diet. I skipped breakfast and just eat a bowl of cereal for lunch. Dinner I eat only healthy food in small portions,” she said. She added, quite often she does not put any food into the stomach for 15 hours.

When the diet is unhealthy, Kerri actually began to feel uncomfortable things on her health. She often felt weak and headache but she did not care because she wanted was to look slim with her wedding dress. She’s even harder to lose weight by exercise in the gym for 45 minutes after work. Kerri did not listen to the advice of her fiancĂ©e.

Until after she suddenly fell while being held ahead of the wedding party. She was taken to hospital and doctors said her blood sugar level is very low. Kerri was dehydrated. This incident made him realize she had to go back to eat right.

Kerri is not the only women who do extreme dieting ahead of the wedding. Jessica Schnaider even eats disposable nose hose that connects to the stomach in order to lose weight. Another woman named Samantha Clowe had a terrible incident. On a diet 11 weeks before the wedding, the happy day Samantha died suddenly in the middle of the show.

Psychologist Deanne Jade, founder of the National Centre for Eating Disorders, said the marriage could indeed lead to anxiety in women because it is very meaningful moment. So to lose weight ahead of the wedding to be mandatory and be a challenge,” she added.

Author of ‘The Way to Healthy Weight Merey’, Daisy Merey, MD, PhD added, the bride and groom should have a healthier diet. They also must give reasonable time to lose weight the healthy way.

Start from the beginning so that weight loss is gradual. You will feel better and can maintain the weight loss,” she advised.

5 Exercise Can Extend Age

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Exercise not only helps streamline the body, making the body more beautiful and healthy skin. Regular physical activity also can extend life.

5 Exercise Can Extend Age

5 Exercise Can Extend Age

A study quoted by the Huffington Post reported that jogging can increase life expectancy. Researchers from the Copenhagen City Heart Study found that jogging for 1 to 2.5 hours per week can add up to the age of 6.2 years for men and 5.6 years for women. The experts also recommend that adults get to do low intensity exercise for 2.5 hours in three sessions, plus two or more days per week strength training.

But it turns out, exercise can prolong life expectancy is not just jogging. There are six kinds of other sports are very beneficial in improving health. No need to exercise for a long time, just a few minutes of physical activity on a regular basis and you will see the difference.

1. Stairs rise

A study conducted in Switzerland found that people who change her habit up the escalator to climb the ladder, the risk of dying at a young age was reduced by 15 percent. Lead researcher Dr. Philippe Meyer said the rise tanga big impact on a person’s health. Data from the Harvard Alumni Health Study also found, climbing 35 steps or more a week, life expectancy is significantly longer than those who only go up 10 steps per week.

2. Riding a bike with Fast

Frequent cycling and bike ride is you quickly! A study done on cyclists in Copenhagen, Denmark found that men who pedaled quickly live five years longer than those with slow cycling. What about women? They are not worried about sweat-sweat due to ‘speeding’ cycling can live up to four years longer.

3. Swim

Results of analysis of data from the Aerobics Center Longitudinal Study found that people who routinely pool sudden death risk 50 percent smaller than that are not physically active.

4. Fast Way

In 2011, a study found that people who used to run fast 1 meter / sec, about 2.25 miles per hour, longer life than a sluggish pedestrians. But brisk walking should also be adjusted to the conditions and the ability of the body. For example, brisk young man with a brisk walk of course different from people who are middle-aged. Do not push the road as quickly as possible in order for a long life.

Your body will choose yourself how much speed the way that best suits you. Speed ??roads is an indicator of your health condition. Go out and brisk on purpose then you will not live much longer. Runs reasonably fast,” explained lead investigator Dr. . Stephanie Studenski.

5. High intensity exercise

High-intensity exercise such as aerobics, walking, running or riding a bike can quickly help extend the life of longer than low-intensity exercise. Five days following the program walks for 30 minutes, add 1.3 to 1.5 years of age. But The Washington Post reported, high-intensity exercise such as running for half an hour, five days a week extend 3.5 to 3.7 years.

Important to remember, five sports at the top only adds to the possibilities of human life expectancy of medical terms, does not necessarily make you live longer, because of age and of human life remains in the hands of God. It’s just a sport, and the body also become healthier and easier to run activities that require physical endurance.

5 Effective Food Control Appetite

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Many products in the form of pills or supplements that claimed to hold your appetite but you should be careful because not everything is safe for consumption. There are even some that contain hazardous chemicals and have not registered with the Food and Drug Administration.

5 Effective Food Control Appetite

5 Effective Food Control Appetite

Plus keep your appetite is not really the right solution for slimming. As a styptic appetite was not consumed again, the desire to eat it will be bigger than ever. Instead of taking a health risk due to consumption of drug safety is not yet clear, it is better to rely on natural ingredients that can control your appetite. As quoted from our vanity, the following five foods / drinks that can prevent you from overeating.

1. Avocado

The fruit is rich in fiber and monounsaturated fats, making it a natural appetite retaining the best, with a note, if taken in amounts reasonable and proper way. In addition, the fat contained in avocado can send signals to the brain telling you that your stomach is full. But limit their consumption, at most one item per day and do not mix the avocado with milk chocolate, sugar or other ingredients.

2. Apple

Eating an apple is the most appropriate way to control appetite. Apples contain plenty of fiber and low in carbohydrates are believed to control appetite naturally. The nutritionists recommend eating apples directly without first cut. Eating an apple in a form that is still intact makes you have to try harder to eat and chew. The brain was so have more time to submit a sign that the stomach is full. In addition, the fruit with a crunchy texture is also able to regulate glucose levels and increases energy levels.

3. Tofu

Tofu is a source of protein and contains is flavones, called genistein. This substance is a natural appetite barrier that is not harmful, when compared with the pills or supplements that are sold on the market. Enter the tofu into a salad, or can be processed by cah, or mixed with vegetables.

4. Green tea

A cup of green tea can also help you prevent excessive eating. The content of catching in green tea can slow down the formation of glucose into fat cells. So that blood sugar levels are decreasing and when blood sugar is stabilized, automatic appetite control.

5. Dark Chocolate

Keep in mind; this type of chocolate is dark chocolate with cocoa powder content of 70 percent of the original, not milk chocolate or white chocolate. Dark chocolate is a natural appetite barrier. A somewhat bitter taste sends signals to the body so that appetite can be controlled. Another advantage to eating dark chocolate could help you lose weight, increase libido and even slow down premature aging due to the high antioxidant content.

Have the Dangers Side Bangs

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We all know that a number of ways to look beautiful can be harmful to health. Starting from wearing high heels, a manicure to put breast implants.

Have the dangers Side Bangs

If young people have bangs to cover one eye in a long time, they will not see detail clearly and if that happens from a young age

However, during the time we never knew that hair could also give a bad effect on health, particularly eye health. As managing bangs to the side, could lead to a myopic eye.

Famous celebrity who set her bangs to the side is Nicole Richie, Cameron Diaz and Jessica Alba. In fact, we often see women who bangs them shut eye.

According to an eye doctor Andrew Hogan, an associate member Optometrist Australia, side bangs that almost cover the eyes or to obscure the view, which causes amblyopia, the disorder is commonly called lazy eye or lazy eyes.

If young people have bangs to cover one eye in a long time, they will not see detail clearly and if that happens from a young age, the eyes become amblyopia,” said Hogan, as reported by the Huffingtonpost.

Dr. Hogan also explained the hair that covers the eye acts like blinders, which prevent access to sunlight. When the eyes do not get sun light, it can weaken the eyes and make the view distance becomes shorter.

Amblyopia occurs when the eye sends images to the brain that causes blurred optic nerve pathways are not developed. Under such conditions, most often occur at younger ages, including teenagers.

Amblyopia which occurs when the eye sends images to the brain causing blurred optic nerve pathways to never develop, most common in young children, including teenagers, but Dr. Hogan said research has shown the vision may be affected in the future.

Although the arrangement of the hair with bangs that sideways look cool and daoat cover a broad forehead but for the health of the hair should be avoided. Another option is set to be flat on the fringe or bangs can be extended eyebrows.

Snacking Foods Sweet But Not Make You Fat

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One thing that is hard to break when the diet is dessert. Yet when they want to lose weight, eating sugary foods should be avoided.

Snacking Foods Sweet But Not Make You Fat

Snacking Foods Sweet But Not Make You Fat

Fortunately, you do not have to leave all sweet foods. There are many delicious foods you can eat as a dessert without breaking your diet. Here are some sweets but do not make you fat as reported by Fit Sugar.

1. Ice cream substitute

Fruit is naturally sweet foods, and can help in weight loss. Eating an apple or banana is certainly boring. Try combining different types of fruit. You can add non-fat frozen yogurt, to provide a more savory flavor. Snacks are a substitute for ice cream.

2. Sugar-free Pudding

Brown one of the foods that are difficult to avoid, you can replace it with sugar-free chocolate pudding. Sugar-free pudding is available in the supermarket. A small bowl of pudding can be the perfect dessert but you still should not eat at night. Stop eating anything after 6 pm. If you want to snack, the choice is a fruit.

3. May Eat breakfast honey?

When your breakfast is okay to eat something sweet but still healthy. Cereal, pancakes or waffles. You can mix the cereal with milk and a piece of fruit or eat waffles and pancakes with honey sauce.

4. smoothie

More delicious smoothie compared with untreated fruit. Sweet and creamy taste will satisfy your desire of eating dessert. You can mix the strawberries with bananas added low-fat milk or yogurt. It would be like a milkshake.

5. Fill bread Peanut Butter

Other snacks are healthy but still have a sweet flavor is peanut butter sandwiches but choose whole wheat bread because the source of protein, fiber and carbohydrates is right does not make you fat. Whole wheat bread can make you feel full longer.

Jennifer Aniston To Appear Section Smartwater

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Generally the impression will arise through clothing hot like lingerie and bikini open but Jennifer Aniston proved that look attractive is not always synonymous with an open shirt.

Jennifer Aniston To Appear Section Smartwater


As reported by the Dailymail, boyfriend Justin Theroux is beautiful and fascinating at the time starring in advertising Glaceau. Uniquely, the woman who was familiarly called Jenny was able to show her inner beauty without having to wear clothes that are too hoty.

Black and white photographs made in the ad SmartWater products are increasingly providing the main attraction in themselves ex-wife of Brad Pitt with black clothes and a bottle of water next to it, the charm of a young Jenny is still clearly visible.

Jenny itself is not new in this Glaceau product promotion. THE GOO GIRL star has become the ambassador of mineral water products to these electrolytes since May 2010.

About the sexy pose, a woman 43 years has always been picky. Though never posed nde in GQ magazine but she openly rejected the offer when she gets fake activity in Playboy magazine. The reason, Playboy is a magazine that is identical to the obscene.