Through Youtube Famous Model Acne Exist in New York Fashion Week

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You Tube to bring blessings to Cassandra Bankson. The woman known as the model with facial acne now successfully exists in the prestigious fashion event, New York Fashion Week.Through Youtube Famous Model Acne Exist in New York Fashion Week

Cassandra became famous after she gave a tutorial on how to cover facial acne until a smooth real-time in 2010. Through YouTube, Cassandra tells how she was polishing her many pimples. Video tricks make-up until now been viewed more than 11.5 million times.

Model 19-year-old Californian has now been able to overcome the problem of acne on her face. Thanks to the help of a dermatologist, her face was smooth and she was confident enough to perform at New York Fashion Week.

Cassandra will participate in one fashion show a retail brand. Women with height 180 cm were going to wear spring / summer 2012 of Boy Meet Girl’s.

As quoted by the Daily Mail, Cassandra managed to get a variety of contract work as a model after making a video tutorial covering the facial acne. She made a lot of tutorials, so if totalized whole blonde homemade video that was clicked more than 40 million times. No wonder the brand such as Sephora, Bebe and Range Rover interested in signing Cassandra.

In the New York Post, Cassandra expressed her happiness about the existence in the New York Fashion Week. “It’s like a dream come true, here during Fashion Week. I am now a different person than before because now I’m more confident.

It is said Cassandra, her condition is now 70% better than the first time tutorial with facial acne. Acne that used to adorn many cheeks now been very much reduced.

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