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Victoria Beckham Soon Open First Boutique in London

Victoria Beckham is really the total in the world of fashion. Fashion line has worldwide and was named the Designer Brand of the Year at the British Fashion Awards 2011.Victoria Beckham Soon Open First Boutique in London

Following its success, the former singer of the vocal group ‘Spice Girl’ is planning to open its first boutique in London. During this time, she was just 38 years selling designs in department stores and online boutiques, including Net-a-Porter.

Vic not only plans to open stores in London, but also in some Asian countries, like Hong Kong. But this time, the mother of four children was the focus for the release of its first store in London.

“People say, ‘if I’ll have my own shop?’ I’ll be happy. And that’s what I’m doing now. Shop will be present in London, and in time may not be too long also will be in Hong Kong, “said the wife of footballer David Beckham, as reported by Female First.

Vic is very interested in expanding its wings into Asia, but she did not want to rush. Expanding too quickly can be risky business.

“I do not just focus on U.S. and UK alone. There are many areas of Asia are very numerous and very interesting. I just want to go little by little in the business, I do not want to run before I could walk,” she explained.

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Oops! Forget, Victoria Beckham Leave a son at home

Victoria Beckham is known as the woman who was not just busy being a mother but also her career as a designer. I was so busy, Victoria to never leave their children at home.

Oops! Forget, Victoria Beckham Leave a son at home

Oops! Forget, Victoria Beckham Leave a son at home

Shamelessly, David Beckham’s wife tells the events that happened. Once a day he drove her son Brooklyn to school.

On the way to school, Victoria realized there was Brooklyn. She was surprised because it was her son who is now aged 13 years were still left at home.

“I got into my Range Rover, put it in the car seat, its iPod and drove to school but then I realized I left Brooklyn in the kitchen,” says Victoria in Vanity Fair.

Victoria told again, he immediately drove to the school as Brooklyn was already seated in the car seat. “I talked all the way and suddenly I saw the front seat and I’m straight’s ***! S ***!, I was forgotten,” said a woman who is also the mother of Romeo (9 years), Cruz (7 years ) and Harper (9 months) it.

Victoria Beckham and Stella McCartney at the British Fashion Awards

Victoria Beckham is back to compete with designer Stella McCartney in fashion’s most prestigious awards show English. Both entered the Red Carpet Award nominee in British Fashion Awards 2012.Victoria Beckham and Stella McCartney at the British Fashion Awards

In 2011, the Victoria and Stella also compete in a similar event. Only once both nominated for the category of Designer Brand of the Year At that time the wife of footballer David Beckham who has won the trophy. In addition to Stella, she beat Tom Ford and Burberry.

A year passed, gait Victoria in fashion evolved and her works are increasingly recognized. In 2012, she also managed to be nominated for different categories at the British Fashion Awards Red Carpet Award.

Red Carpet Award is a tribute to the British designer who successfully made the whole world to know of their designs through the media. In that category, not just the rival Stella mother of four children. Another designer who is also a nominee is Alessandra Rich and Roksanda Ilincic.

In addition to winner’s jury selection, the public could also participate to choose the category of the British Style Award. Presenter and fashion icon Alexa Chung has twice won the award. In 2012 she went back to being nominated to compete with Victoria & David Beckham, Kate Moss, Kate Middleton and Tom Ford.

British Fashion Awards nominations announcement made at the Savoy Hotel, England on 3 September 2012. The highlight of the event will be held appreciation on 27 November 2012.

8 Celebrities Erotic Novel Fever ‘Fifty Shades of Grey

Erotic novel ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ middle so a byword throughout the world. To date the novel has sold more than 40 million copies. Fever novel E.L. James is also involved eight celebrities descend below. They all also really like the novel that will be appointed to the big screen were anyone?

1. Hilary Duff Fifty Shades of GreyHilary Duff Fifty Shades of Grey

Artist who had just given birth that took time to read the novel “Fifty Shades of Grey ‘on the sidelines busy taking care of her son Luca. “I feel a bit naughty reading the book, with the presence of the baby. But I did it and loved it,” she told Celebuzz, told MSN.

2. John Mayer Fifty Shades of GreyJohn Mayer Fifty Shades of Grey

The singer is well known playboy fever Fifty Shades of Grey. In an interview with Jimmy Fallon on Late Night show, Mayer admitted he liked the novel and makes one article in the book to seduce women. But he failed because Mayer said, she even laughed.

3. Bar Refaeli Fifty Shades of GreyBar Refaeli Fifty Shades of Grey

Through her Twitter account, sexy models on the rise after the cover of Sports Illustrator’s claims to include people who are crazy about the novel trilogy. She even had to read until the third novel “While reading the last 100 pages Fifty Shades Freed – a sad day very sad. I do not want to finish it,” she wrote.

4. Victoria Beckham Fifty Shades of GreyVictoria Beckham Fifty Shades of Grey

Victoria is not ashamed to admit she was very fond of the novel. “I’ve read the second half. I even bought her book but every time he tried to get me talking about the book, I immediately rejected,” she said in an interview with Glamour magazine September 2012 issue.

5. Ryan Seacrest Fifty Shades of GreyRyan Seacrest Fifty Shades of Grey

In an interview Ryan admitted she was obsessed with the erotic novel was published in 2011. “It is interesting to read. Novel I think it could be a lesson for a lot of people,” said the presenter of American Idol.

6. Kendra Wilkinson Fifty Shades of GreyKendra Wilkinson Fifty Shades of Grey

Women who had been a fun model were found erotic novel may be the right book for women to get sexxxxy ideas of lovemaking. “This book is useful for women,” she said.

7. Selena Gomez Fifty Shades of GreySelena Gomez Fifty Shades of Grey

Singer and actress 19 years also had a fever ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’. She never put a photo on Twitter that showed she was reading the book.

8. Kristen Stewart Fifty Shades of GreyKristen Stewart Fifty Shades of Grey

Stewart is touted as one of the actresses who played the heroine fits in the novel has been sold in 37 countries. When interviewed in Australia, this Twilight star admits she had read the novel. To play it, she wanted to see first whether it was suitable for her novel or not.

Victoria Beckham Release Line Glasses Worth USD 4.3 Million

Become successful fashion designer, it looks like Victoria Beckham did not make feel satisfied. Now, the former Spice Girls were said to have created a line of sunglasses with its own name.

Victoria Beckham Release Line Glasses Worth USD 4.3 Million

Victoria Beckham Release Line Glasses Worth USD 4.3 Million

Glasses seem to have become an important part of Victoria. Mother of four children was often seen wearing sunglasses on various occasions. But Victoria found it difficult to find reading glasses that fit her desire.

I am required to use reading glasses, but I did not find glasses that fit with me or that I love,” said the old woman’s 38-year-old, as quoted by the Daily Mail.

Because of that reason, Victoria decided to design their own reading glasses. “I am always conscious of myself, so I decided to do it myself,” she explained.

In making this line of sunglasses, Victoria in collaboration with Cutler and Gross and the company will be sold in January 2013. Victoria eyewear collection is available in six styles, and all of them decorated by the letter ‘V’ at the end of the handle glasses.

The collection consists of a model of aviator sunglasses. Some glasses are sold works ranging from 295 to 340 pounds, or about USD 4.3 million to $ 5 million, took a touch of masculine, feminine designs appear with the rest.

Victoria promised to always wear sunglasses designs at every opportunity. Is the Victoria line will be successful as glasses clothing line? We’ll see.

Victoria Beckham Perform At the Olympic Games Make Spice Girls Upset Personnel

Victoria Beckham is rumored to have a lot of requests when it will perform for the Olympic closing ceremony. It immediately makes the other members of the Spice Girls was upset and jealous.

Victoria Beckham Perform At the Olympic Games Make Spice Girls Upset Personnel

Victoria Beckham Perform At the Olympic Games Make Spice Girls Upset Personnel

As already known that the vocal group the Spice Girls reportedly ready to perform at the Olympic closing ceremony on 12 August. And like a diva wife of footballer David Beckham has so much in demand in the list ridernya.

Victoria Beckham has a lot demand outrageous, said a source told Hollyscoop.

Just tell them to pay at least U.S. $ 15 thousand (about USD 141 million) just for Victoria Beckham hair make-up and stylist. For comparison the budget for other members of the Spice Girl Victoria is only a quarter of the cost, added the source.

According to the same source rumors about the nature of ‘Diva’ Victoria Beckham is correct. So do not be surprised if she gets preferential treatment in contrast to Geri Halliwell, Emma Bunton, Mel B and Mel C.

Members of the other Spice Girl was really disappointed and upset. They were jealous and could not understand why she (Victoria) gets special treatment, added the source.

Victoria Beckham Deliberately Create Image “Acid Face”

Wife of soccer star David Beckham, Victoria Beckham reveals the reason that rarely shows a beautiful smile.

Victoria Beckham Deliberately Create Image "Acid Face"

Victoria Beckham Deliberately Create Image "Acid Face"

Former member of the Spice Girls decided to show a sour face when dealing with the media or in public spaces such as reported by The Sun.

On each occasion to deal with the media or the crew had to perform image capture image created of Victoria is a ‘sour and unhappy’.

Yes, I did create this imagery but I personally much different from that imaging, she said, who revealed that she was very happy with her life.
38-year-old mother revealed that she did not feel disappointed when the public assumes are unhappy because they always show a sour face.

You know, I was thinking the same when looking at pictures of my own, she is pleased with the imagery she gets it from the public.