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Marriage, Anne Hathaway Wearing Valentino Gown Design

Aftera year of engagement, Anne Hathaway was eventually married to Adam Shulman. On this special day, Anne wore a famous designer, Valentino.Marriage, Anne Hathaway Wearing Valentino Gown Design

Familiar with designer Anne Hathaway makes no difficulty to prepare her wedding dress. Although held closed, the marriage ceremony with Adam Shulman, note that the dress is a legendary designer, Valentino.

Dress with off-shoulder neckline with cute lace and a veil deliver this 29-year star walked down the aisle. While Adam was only wearing a traditional tuxedo, so like cited The Huffington Post.

She (Anne) is a very nice person. She was like my own son, “said the designer Valentino Garavani at E! News, Designers 80 years were admitted to make their own special dress for the star that is now short-haired.

She was sensational and fantastic. She deserves the best in the world, said Valentino.

Just to note, the sacred marriage of choice The Devil Wears Prada star, Anne Hathaway. The wedding was held behind closed doors in the Big Sur area in front of 180 guests consisting of family and friends.

Latest Collection Valentino With Monochrome Color Domination

The color red has always been the main color in clothing and accessories fashion house works Valentine. However, for the collection of Fall / Winter 2012, the monochrome color appears to be greater.

Latest Collection Valentino With Monochrome Color Domination

Latest Collection Valentino With Monochrome Color Domination

Thursday (09/14/2012) Valentino held a presentation event to show off her latest collection which already can be found in Indonesia. Almost all of the clothing and accessories from Valentino fashion show in Paris can be found at Valentino boutiques.

As usual Valentino always offer fashion ‘rather heavy and warm’ to winter collection. The word ‘heavy and warm’ here does not mean the selection of materials such as fur leather and wool. For Asian countries Valentino gives another option in the form of lighter materials such as viscose, cashmere and cotton.

Display ‘heavy and warm’ presented through a game here and there embroidery smock detail, stitching thread, and of course monochrome color. However roses and ribbon detail size which is the ‘signature’ Valentino can still be found in this latest collection.

Long-sleeved overalls, overalls maxi with rose detail on shoulders cardigans and jackets with a big ribbon embroidery ala Napoleon Bonaparte palette comes in black with white as an accent color. But still presenting Valentino dress wrapped like a bright red color and the new color, coral.

Collection Fall / Winter 2012 Valentino, seems very suitable for Indonesian women who do not want to appear too open. Most evening dresses present in the piece long sleeves and maxi dress. But for those who want to show off skin made of transparent dresses can be an option.

As for the collection aksori, Valentino presents new colors are dark purple and dark green peacock style. Both colors can be found in a series of handbags, tote bag, flat shoes and boots pumps. In this season, Valentino also offer small leather goods rangakan crate bag for iPad and wallet were on average sold at Rp 6 million.