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Each G-Dragon stretcher Opportunity Unique Fashion

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Holds the title as fashionista icon in Korea, the group leader of boy band Big Bang, G-Dragon, again showing a unique sense of style his dress, Most recently, he impose women’s clothing by changing the display to remain masculine. Like what?Each G-Dragon stretcher Opportunity Unique Fashion

G-Dragon is known to many people because it has a different and unique taste in fashion style appearance. As an artist, he knows very well how to use publicity to explore the style of dress.

In this photo, G-Dragon was seen wearing a black short dress with star prints adorning it. Overall, he looked very different with the addition of patterned scarf and t-shirt dog. He also wears a lot of necklaces and earrings to complete.

G-Dragon looking stylish one possibility that not everyone likes, however he always praised for his avant-garde.

No matter whatever weird looks, he always looks good,” said one Internet user who commented, as quoted from Oh Kpop.