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Tom Cruise Denies Perform Auditions Prospective Wife

Previously it was rumored that Tom Cruise is doing an audition to determine the new bride. But the news was denied outright by it.Tom Cruise Denies Perform Auditions Prospective Wife

Lies, although written with different characters will remain a lie. Only engineered to increase sales of the magazine, the representative said Tom.

The news that Tom is doing an audition first time bride Nazanin Boniadi presented by. The British actress was admitted as one of the women who auditioned.

Nazanin also explained that the audition was indeed very secret. The adherents of Scientology called a number of candidates on the pretext of looking for a movie star to Scientology.

But Nazanin claimed not wish jury. Since it is considered impolite she was admitted punished cleaning toilets. But Scientology representative has denied this claim

Mission Impossible Star Find A Wife! Tom Cruise Another Wife Secret Scientology

Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes divorce is not the end of everything. Mission Impossible star is rumored to start looking for another wife through auditions conducted through intermediaries secret Scientology.Mission Impossible Star Find A Wife! Tom Cruise Another Wife Secret Scientology

As reported by Digital Spy, the audition process is not done openly Scientologist calling a number of artists who are considered suitable, and asked them to audition for the film Scientology.

Nazanin Boniadi tells The Hollywood Reporter that she had called in the audition. She was asked to describe her past, including sexxxual behavior, as well as preparation to meet Tom Cruise.

Apparently, the star-blooded Anglo-Iranian was not in accordance with the expectations of Tom Cruise and Scientology. He made a mistake that put him clean the toilet.

However, the Scientology denies all the allegations. Scientology representatives stated that they had never punished people, especially with how clean the toilet.

Katie Holmes Did Not Get The Treoasure Divorce With Tom Cruise

Katie Holmes did not get the treasure gono-gini of divorce with Tom Cruise. Even so she still other assets securing such wedding.

Katie Holmes Did Not Get The Treoasure Divorce With Tom Cruise.

Katie Holmes Did Not Get The Treoasure Divorce With Tom Cruise.

In addition to jewelry Katie also get luxury items like bags given Tom as a gift.

Tom was very generous to Katie with lavish gifts during their marriage. And Katie will keep the treasures worth millions of dollars of jewelry Hermes handbags and other luxury items, a source told RadarOnline.

As per the covenant of marriage she could not claim the treasure gono-gini in divorce. However based on this provision Katie also has the right to secure all jewelry, handbags accessories and expensive clothes.

Tom gave Katie diamond earrings as a birthday present one year of marriage for U.S. $ 500,000. Chances are it will be given to Suri Katie one day, said the source.

In her divorce with Tom Katie does not require much other than for the benefit of Suri.

Suri has always been a priority for her. During talks divorce she just wanted to make sure that she and Suri will be guaranteed well-being, said the source.

As reported earlier Katie asks apart from Tom who had married since 2006. Katie demanded full custody of her Suri, Suri while Tom may visit at any time.

Tom Cruise Pay USD 3.8 M per year for Suri Cruise

Although divorced from Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise but the obligation of the children they do not fade. Although not succeeded in winning custody of Suri Cruise but he still had to pay the child support.

Tom Cruise Pay USD 3.8 M per year for Suri Cruise

Tom Cruise Pay USD 3.8 M per year for Suri Cruise

Reporting from Digital Spy the TOP GUN star ordered to pay costs of U.S. $ 400,000 (USD 3.8 billion) each year. Costs will be managed to meet the needs of Suri Cruise.

However, Katie Holmes will not get anything after the divorce. It has been clearly stated in their prenuptial agreement five years ago.

Katie Holmes Tom Cruise sued for divorce late last June 2012. Given their household relationships are always cool calm divorce suddenly shocking the public.

It did not take long for the couple to divorce. A few days ago their divorce in court is said to have completed.

Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes Officially Divorced

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes divorced, Pair of actors and actresses that officially ended the marriage that has existed for five years, after a New York judge signed a final decision on Monday (20/08/2012).Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes Officially Divorced

As quoted by Contactmusic of E! ‘News, Tom and Katie formally split just two months after Katie’s filed for divorce. Due to ‘flee’ Katie, Tom also reportedly had shock and collapsed.

The results of the negotiations between the two sides, it was decided and agreed that Katie will hold custody of their only child, Suri, who is now six years old While Tom was given the right to visit his daughter as freely as he wants.

Katie and Suri will be settled in New York, while Tom had to divide her time to live in two places, between New York and Los Angeles. For 50-year-old actor, this is the third divorce.

Tom’s first marriage to Mimi Rogers lasted only three years. While his second marriage with Nicole Kidman, ended after 10 years of marriage. Both have two children adoption outcomes, Isabella (19) and Connor (17).

Katie Holmes Happier divorce from Tom Cruise

Katie Holmes is now a new woman and claimed to be happier after the divorce from Tom Cruise.

Katie Holmes Happier divorce from Tom Cruise

Katie Holmes Happier divorce from Tom Cruise

Katie filed for divorce from Tom in June. Katie is now said to be happier because she is no longer at the mercy of Tom and freely embraced the teachings of Scientology Tom.

She can now look at her family again. She feels free to concentrate on her career and no longer live in fear because of the teachings of Scientology, said a close friend Katie as quoted by RadarOnline.

Katie has become a new woman she feels more fresh free from Tom and does not have fear anymore in this world, continued the source.

Since her marriage to Tom Katie famous through would ‘Dawson Creek’ as it gets stuck in a career. Tom did it because strict control over his career. Katie is now free from it, and ready to resume her career.

Tom is also affecting his in a career in film so that he could not steer his career the way he wants. Tom has complete control over what he wants to do and Katie loses their liberty, continued the source.

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Suri Tom Cruise Select Living DOC

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise tried to divorce amicably. In order not to reap the fray custody of their child Suri Tom Cruise was handed over to Katie.

Suri Tom Cruise Select Living DOC

Suri Tom Cruise Select Living DOC

However new problems come up. According to reports Suri does not want to live with her mother the girl was 6 years old with her father prefers.

I am sure Suri asked to Katie ‘I want to stay with my father, said an insider as quoted by the tabloid In Touch.

Many people believe that the Queen would prefer to stay with Tom because the long-haired girl was very spoiled by her father. There are people who have been spying on Suri together with the stars ‘Rock of Age’ when they were in New York.

Private Jet and helicopter a beautiful home pampered with a variety of dolls are cute. What child does not like it? said the source.

According to sources Tom Cruise has the ability to seduce Suri. Not to seek sympathy for his daughter but he was 50 years old really loves Suri

Tom Cruise Could Finally Meets Suri

Tom Cruise was finally able to meet with his daughter, Suri. Since a divorce Katie Holmes, Tom had never met Suri since a few weeks.

Tom Cruise Could  Finally Meets Suri

Tom Cruise Could Finally Meets Suri

As quoted Dailymail, Tom who was filming in Los Angeles immediately flew to New York to meet Suri.

Tom is wearing a dark blue shirt and jeans clutching Suri looks. While Suri looks so spoiled by her father with Tom hugging and holding her favorite doll in her right hand.

Shortly thereafter replacing Tom shirt with light blue shirt. While Suri is only replacing the slop shoes with red slippers.

This event is an emotional look for the father and daughter who had been communicating by phone and video chat in recent weeks

Want Tom Cruise Katie Holmes Suri Live Together

One of the biggest problems for couples who divorce are child custody battle. But not for Tom Cruise. He just did not want to separate from his wife Suri, Katie Holmes. Why?

Want Tom Cruise Katie Holmes Suri Live Together

Want Tom Cruise Katie Holmes Suri Live Together

As quoted in People, Stars ‘Rock Ages’ it’s thought that Suri is Katie Holmes. Both Katie and Tom have agreed that the 6-year-old son had to live with her mother in New York.

But the condition, Tom Suri may visit anytime. Child custody provisions of a divorce reason from the completion of the preparation of Tom and Katie were announced on Monday (7/11/2012), a few days after the actress was 33 years filed for divorce.

“They both loved their daughter and Tom thought that he (Suri) should be shared with his mother. Reason, because Tom did not want his family getting smashed. Not one of them who want this to be public consumption,” explains a source.

Meanwhile, Katie is now in New York has made a new plan for the future of Suri. Katie previously send Suri at home (home schooling), is now planning to enroll Suri in a private a private school in Manhattan in the early winter.

Want to Defend Tom Cruise Marriage

Tom Cruise wanted to defend marriage with Katie Holmes. Tom trying to refer to Katie where the conference will begin with their divorce next week.

Want to Defend Tom Cruise Marriage

Want to Defend Tom Cruise Marriage

Tom does not believe that his marriage had ended. He was still a time to sit down and resolve the problem with Katie, explains a source such as dikutup Contactmusic.

He knew that in a moment they will go to court and he was trying to stop it or at least they want peace. He was still able to communicate with Katie and want to sit and bericara from man to man,” continued the source.

Tom also is law to instruct to not make public statements related to divorce until they talk to Katie.

Very shocked when Katie filed suit for divorce after five years of marriage. And attorneys for both sides said the talks to solve the problems including child custody visits and support for their daughter Suri (6), continued the source.