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Divorce, Katie Holmes Take Suri Out of the House Tom Cruise

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Household Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise who has been scouted five years it finally has to end. The latest news star of ‘Dawson’s Creek’ has been out of her house with her daughter Suri Cruise.Divorce, Katie Holmes Take Suri Out of the House Tom Cruise

Saturday (6/28/2012) Katie and Suri have been moved to an apartment in New York. Reported by People the newest apartment close to their favorite places together including the studio where Suri gym workout.

Meanwhile the actress is 33 years old packing to move Tom Cruise still filming her upcoming movie Oblivion in Iceland an island in Europe. Katie’s departure in a hurry, it seems a sign that the eyes match a couple’s relationship was difficult to saved.

It is still not clear why she wanted a break from Tom. News circulated as an actor 49 years was too controlling.

Katie felt that her life changed after marriage. Katie no longer has the right to manage her or her household.

Tom has always made decisions in their relationship. He (Tom) decided all his films, making decisions about where and when they are going on holiday and organize what if Suri will grow up how Suri spoke to his parents where they will do the dinner all arranged by Tom, said sources as quoted by Radar Online.

Katie felt very constrained during the marriage she could not be himself. That is what may be the main cause of the Ohio-born woman to be parted from her husband.

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