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Katie Holmes And Suri Cruise Reviews By Cold In New York!

It is freezing cold in New York … But Katie Holmes and daughter Suri ensure in all circumstances!

Katie Holmes And Suri Cruise Reviews By Cold In New York!

Winter is tough in the Big Apple. But this is not the blizzard, snow and freezing temperatures that will prevent Katie Holmes and daughter Suri Cruise the youngest fashionista Hollywood to be stylish!Katie Holmes And Suri Cruise Reviews By Cold In New York!

Paparazzies the streets of Manhattan, where Katie Holmes has a gorgeous apartment the mother and daughter were in their perfectly fitting jackets dark blue. But if the lovely Suri wore a pink pants her mother opted for the ear flap just to stay in cold weather fashion.Katie Holmes And Suri Cruise Reviews By Cold In New York!

And even if Dead Accounts the play in which she was to make her big comeback was not as successful as expected the former Tom Cruise can count on the noblest of roles to thrive the mom.

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Puppies do not buy Suri Cruise Crying

Unfortunately Suri Cruise. This baby tears must fall when the mother did not allow her to have puppies.

As reported by Ace Showbiz son of Tom Cruise is in love with a dog yorkshire black and white when in a pet store in Manhattan. Unfortunately the mother did not want to buy a dog. No wonder then if Suri cranky.
Angry Suri chose pouting when she did not get what dimau. She seemed to hide her face behind a blanket of goods and brought with her small hands on the way to the car.

Once inside the car probably because it had enough Suri crying uncontrollably. From a distance it appears Katie Holmes seem to calm despite succeed. Cup cup cup, Suri. Do not cry .

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Suri Cruise Changed So Kids 16 Years!

Suri Cruise is a new age of six years. But now, the daughter of the couple Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes actually looks like 16 year olds. How can it be?

That’s what this kid looks when leaving a coffee shop on Monday (21/5) yesterday. With red lipstick and make-up style teen, Suri really does not look like a child her age.

If her age is more often seen holding an ice cream while walking, but it looks Suri holds a coffee drink that in fact is not reasonable for her age. Besides decorating paint her nails also gives the impression that more teens.

The only accessories that may be most appropriate to the child’s age at the time Suri is a doll who is never far away. In addition, she also brings a smaller empty glass that seemed destined for the doll.

However, there was no denying that the style of dress Suri still impressive that the boy was growing faster than her age. And this is not the first time only; Suri’s been wearing lipstick since a year ago.

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