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Hipanema LookBook Spring Summer 2013

Known for its colorful headlines, Hipanema launches into swimwear. This summer, we Hipanema provides colorful bikinis as her cuffs to the Brazilian atmosphere

Hipanema LookBook Spring Summer 2013

Hipanema we provide a range of 5-bikinis jewelry yellow, emerald green, coral, black, blue and plum. Hard to choose the “right” model, decision making very difficult. But if one believes Rihanna on Twitter the trend is yellow swimsuit. A tool that may be able to help you in your choice of the most decisive of the season. The top of the bikini is in the form of banner with bead work.

Hipanema LookBook Spring Summer 2013 1

On the sides of the bikini panties, there is the same spirit that Hipanema bracelets. With this line swimwear, Hipanema stains beaches and places of joy in our summer. Even if you spend your summer vacation in northern France, the sun will be with you through your bikini Hipanema. A dose of good humor Brazilian will follow you everywhere from May 2013. We are already seeing girlfriends, our sun, sipping a cocktail as colorful as our bikini Hipanema.

Signed Hipanema swimwear line will not discoverable before the month of May 2013, anyway we do not need before. In the meantime, you can continue to set the mood around your wrist shop pant news and trends colored Hipanema. And if you do not have the budget for headlines Hipanema go visit Amanda Love Vintage and shifted his creations.

Chanel Haute Couture Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2013 Backstage Beauty Parade

Fashion Week allows us to discover beautiful clothing creations, but not only.

Chanel Haute Couture Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2013 Backstage Beauty Parade Chanel Haute Couture Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2013 Backstage Beauty Parade 7

Backstage beauty parade Chanel Haute Couture Spring-Summer 2013, we discovered the secrets of intense smokey eyes by Peter Philips.
Chanel Haute Couture Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2013 Backstage Beauty Parade 1 Chanel Haute Couture Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2013 Backstage Beauty Parade 2

On January 22, Karl Lagerfeld has even created a buzz by presenting two married at the parade Chanel Haute Couture Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2013 to support gay marriage.

Chanel Haute Couture Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2013 Backstage Beauty Parade 5 Chanel Haute Couture Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2013 Backstage Beauty Parade 4 Chanel Haute Couture Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2013 Backstage Beauty Parade 3

A position along with some explanations from the Kaiser. Today is backstage beauty parade Chanel Haute Couture Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2013 as we go. At the show in the Grand Palais, Karl Lagerfeld presented the traditional tweed but also feathers, flowers or the tulle.

Nina Ricci Nina Eau Out Its New Fresh Scent For Spring Summer 2013

Nina Ricci launches’ Nina L’Eau “, her new fragrance, February 2, 2013. The editorial ‘EtcFashion Blog of you attended the launch of the new fragrance by Nina Ricci. Quickly discover “Nina Water!”

Nina Ricci Nina Eau Out Its New Fresh Scent For Spring Summer 2013

Nina Ricci today unveiled the ad campaign “Nina L’Eau”, her new fragrance, available tomorrow, February 2, 2013. It is this time the model Frida Gustavsson who plays Nina. EtcFashion  Blog was honored to attend the launch of this new elixir. In the editorial, it is unanimous, we are all fans of the feeling of freshness that emanates from “Water Nina» Nina Ricci! It is therefore directly placed in our top of the best perfumes shopper in 2013. After “Nina” and “Extract Nina” Nina Ricci offers us a new perfume, bottle still in his mythical apple is this time revisited pink frosted glass. For this new fragrance, Nina Ricci opted for a base note of white musk, neroli mixed with frosted, gardenia and apple blossom.

Nina Ricci Nina Eau Out Its New Fresh Scent For Spring Summer 2013

“Water Nina” by Nina Ricci is a fragrance with fresh and fruity accents. It is this range of perfume that is light and sweet, the flavors subtle but unforgettable.

Nina Ricci Nina Eau Out Its New Fresh Scent For Spring Summer 2013

It is in a magical setting that we met perfumer Nina Ricci, Olivier Cresp, who told us he conceived “Nina Water” with the idea of a “whirlwind” in the middle of a “garden” . Rightly, the advertising campaign for Nina Ricci shows us a princess soft and sensual, lost in a maze in the middle of a whirlwind. “Water Nina» Nina Ricci embodies the mystery and magic in the middle of a cold winter.

Nina Ricci Nina Eau Out Its New Fresh Scent For Spring Summer 2013

True to the spirit of Nina Ricci, who chose Arizona Muse for his campaign Spring / Summer 2013, “Nina L’Eau” is presented in a series of mini-films planted with a hint of romanticism and nature. It is a timeless fragrance, ideal for young women “sweet and discreet” an aura elusive. Indeed, Nina has a “Secret.” You want to know? Let yourself be guided by the owl in the world of “Water Nina” by Nina Ricci. The fragrance will be available in 30ml, 50ml and 80ml.

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Dior Fashion Week Haute Couture Spring-Summer 2013

Christian Dior presented its collection Spring / Summer 2013 in Paris this January 21, 2013. Expected to Tournan Raf Simons continues to dazzle us with the artistic direction of Dior.

Dior Fashion Week Haute Couture Spring-Summer 2013

That was yesterday, January 21, 2013 that we Raf Simons presented his second collection for Dior. The creator was expected to turn after the critical acclaim has for its Fall / Winter 2012-2013. Raf Simons has opted for caution in giving us a collection very close to the spirit of Christian Dior himself. The silhouettes were thus marked by Basque held and flared skirts as at the time of the “New Look”.Dior Fashion Week Haute Couture Spring-Summer 2013

Girls Raf Simons has prevented us with this collection Spring / Summer 2013 bustiers dresses will be this summer. Unlike Marc Jacobs declined the position at Dior, Raf Simons put on pastel colors such as light pink and green water for a decidedly romantic collection. Christian Dior we therefore proposed for its haute couture Spring / Summer 2013 a return to childhood as it was inspired by fairy tales. The garden of the Tuileries had been converted into a maze of Alice in Wonderland for Haute Couture Christian Dior.Dior Fashion Week Haute Couture Spring-Summer 2013

But if Raf Simons offered a resolutely Haute Couture collection in the traditional spirit of Dior there are some models that contrast with this philosophy the image of the black suit for women very Jean-Paul Gauthier or bright orange trench coat trend oversize. Raf Simons for Dior also shows it’s know how on a ball gown with floral panels that require cuts so precise that it can be achieved at laser. As for accessories the Haute Couture Spring / Summer 2013 Dior confirms the return of the veil revisited as a cocoon that had seen in large hat.

Dior Fashion Week Haute Couture Spring-Summer 2013

We therefore look forward to further parades timing of the Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week 2013 to confirm or refute the trends suggested by Christian Dior.

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Campaign Mulberry Spring-Summer 2013

As winter has just begun, yet the summer is already being felt through the Spring-Summer 2013 campaign that began to reveal the fashion houses. This week is Mulberry gives us her vision of the summer through an advertising campaign girly and pastel.Campaign Mulberry Spring-Summer 2013

After the Wild Things Lindsey Wixson for Autumn-Winter 2012-2013, the English brand reveals Meghan Collison, immortalized in the lens of photographer Tim Walker. Campaign Mulberry Spring-Summer 2013The top Canadian took the pose in London aquatic decor signed Shona Heath famous for her designs that can be seen in the advertising campaigns or series mode. A reproduction of the seabed in a watered down version like the collection of designer clothes Emma Hill, creative director of the brand.Campaign Mulberry Spring-Summer 2013

This season, I wanted to give the muse RINTING integral part of the landscape and therefore, the casting was crucial, said Tim Walker.Campaign Mulberry Spring-Summer 2013 Meghan Collison proved to be the ideal choice she exudes a certain strength confidence she inhabits this landscape straight out of a dream.”Campaign Mulberry Spring-Summer 2013

Mainly famous for its iconic bags Mulberry also revealed through this campaign her new baby Willow Tote who made her first steps on the catwalk last September.

OPI Unveils Spring / Summer 2013 Called Central Euro

While are not yet in winter, OPI Unveils Spring / Summer 2013 called Central Euro. Very different colors that should delight fans of the brand.OPI Unveils Spring Summer 2013 Called Central Euro

The famous brand OPI nail polish has unveiled its next collection via the Official Facebook Account of the brand. After Berlin inspired for new shades of OPI collection Germany, the world’s number 1 professional nail products has decided to dedicate this new collection in Central Europe.

It will be a collection inspired by Poland, Czech Republic and Romania and Hungary, which is none other than the country of origin of Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, the creator of the brand. OPI decided to bring up to date the Central Europe and it works pretty well for this first glimpse of the Central Euro collection is very promising for all fans of nail polish.OPI Unveils Spring Summer 2013 Called Central Euro

This single photo, OPI offers us discover a collection of 12 nail polish names always original “Polka.com”, “Vant to Bite my Neck”, “Can not Find My Czechbook”, “You’re Such a BudaPest “or” My Paprika is Hotter than Yours “. Regarding colors, beauty stars will be happy because there is something for everyone.

The colors are varied from dark purple to pale pink without forgetting varnishes and iridescent sequins. This summer will be colorful at OPI and thus our nails too! Having fallen for the collection in homage to James Bond OPI, we may fall for this collection very tempting. And you, what do you think of the new collection of OPI nail polish?

Paris Fashion Week Spring Summer 2013 & Final Showdown The Key Looks

Paris fashion week finished a magnificent cover. Some brands are involved ‘duel’ in one of world’s most important runway circulation. Debut Hedi Slimane for Dior runway or Saint Laurent by Raf Simons who talked about? We do not come to decide, we just want to savor the clothes.

Sixties by Louis Vuitton

We never got bored with the sixties, Paris Fashion Week partially sort a tribute to the era’s famous muse. Marc Jacobs Spring Summer collection for 2013Twiggy, Jane Birkin as the inspiration for Marc Jacobs Spring Summer collection for 2013. Louis Vuitton motif accents thick felt on draft filled with boxes. Not to mention comes in a striking color.

Christian Dior

Raf Simons won praise from across the fashion mogul for being able to bring the fashion house Christian Dior to a fresh level.Christian Dior Spring Summer 2013 Collection Feminine, sensual, as well as minimalist androgyny in silhouette. We have eyes on the tuxedo style dress from the Spring Summer 2013 collection of those who are likely to be high rotation next year.


Haute collars, beautifully structured ruffled dress, heels are super edgy fashion house Givenchy is making one of the high notes at Paris Fashion Week last year.Ruffles Haute Collars Dress at Paris Fashion Week Limited color palette, but it feels firm to our firm and very modern.

More ruffles look at Balenciaga. It seems to be circulating very fast in the next season. Ruffles Haute Collars Dress at Paris Fashion Week-Nicolas Ghesquiere brings ruffles in a very sensual silhouette. Not to mention the super alloy edgy cropped jacket. Nicolas speaks … and we love sex.

Alexander McQueen

Everyone is also looking forward to the creation of Sarah Burton for fashion house that be an option for Kate Middleton’s wedding dress. Alexander McQueen fashion Runway at Paris Fashion WeekAlexander McQueen Runway like beekeeping, where models wore peplum suit jacket with a honeycomb pattern. The looks of strong women, with hints of royalty.

Saint Laurent

Collection Spring Summer 2013 Saint Laurent fashion house under Hedi Slimane seems to make Taylor Momsen as inspiration. Goth look that is also going to be hit in the next season meets Saint Laurent runway. Saint Laurent Collection Spring Summer 2013 at Paris Fashion WeekA little dramatic, will be loved by those who love the gypsy look, and a twist of rock and roll of the same glum. Some love the collections, some do not.

Big wind at Chanel

Leave it to Karl Lagerfeld to show the majestic, poetic and memorable. Big wind at Chanel Collection for Next Season at Paris Fashion WeekThe models walked among the giant wind turbine machines while wearing a tweed jacket famous chanel maxi in size. Skirts above the knee and the bolero is the outline of Chanel collection for next season

Lanvin Revamped

Lanvin collection for Spring Summer 2013 color palette presents a very Lanvin (hope you know what it means), but with elegant silhouettes satin. The looks are provocative. If you have it, flaunt it. Lanvin Collection for Spring Summer 2013 at Paris Fashion WeekLess than that which might have in mind when creating Alber Elbaz dresses with simple silhouettes but with the brains to successfully prevent memikiran something trashy. We love.

Urban jungle

Trend Safari appeared in Paris Fashion Week as fashion houses like Kenzo, Loewe, and Hermes presents the khaki colors uniforms similar to the army. Urban Jungle Presents Army Khaki Colors Uniforms at Paris Fashion WeekOvercoat, trench coat, military belt, and of course pockets complement the safari trend will spread.

New York fashion week Spring / Summer 2013 World Top Model Fior Mendez

New York fashion week Spring / Summer 2013, which centered on the Lincoln Center, New York designers gathered up top model world. They eagerly watched the latest collections of designers show in New York.New York fashion week Spring Summer 2013 World Top Model Fior Mendez

Among the names of the senior models, mencuatlah name a few young top model potential, one of them Fior Mendez 22 years old from the Dominican Republic. She had just moved to New York two months ago and instantly gets a lot of prestigious jobs, one of which displays Nzinga Knight.

Who knew that behind her success as a new model, there is a fairly deep suffering. All started from her mother who left him at the Orphanage Orfanato Ninos de Cristo in the city of La Romana, Dominican Republic. At that time she was 13 years old and it was her mother because of limited funds.

In Latin America, orphaned children often fall into prostitution rings to free themselves from poverty But lucky for Fior who receive computer training from The Orphaned Starfish Foundation at the orphanage.

Unfortunately, she was fairly old to be deposited in an orphanage and she had expelled. Once again the good fortune to follow Fior, where Sonia Hane, co-founder of the organization asked her to go to New York to continue her studies.

From this offer to be a model in New York kept coming. Any casting that she came running smooth and she gets the job she dreamed of modeling. Since childhood, when she was watching TV about modeling, she aspires to be a model and now her dream is achieved.

With height 178 cm, she has become an inspiration for many girls who want merngubah fate. As quoted from Dailymail, she wanted to get revenge thanks to Sonia Hane. Because of Sonia, she had the opportunity to get to know Prince Riley, founder of Signature Model Agency, which supported a successful model.