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Watch out How Can Make Scrub Skin Wrinkles

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By scrubbing removes dead skin is very important But be careful when rubbing the skin with a scrub or a product containing natural ingredients that made their own coarse, because it actually can make the skin becomes wrinkled.

Watch out How Can Make Scrub Skin Wrinkles

Make Scrub Skin WrinklesThere’s nothing wrong with the body scrub with a scrub. Which can make the skin make scrub skin wrinkles problem is an improper way of scrubbing. Scrubbing the wrong way, like rubbing the skin with a move up and down and using strong pressure.

“One of the scrub (scrub time), five to 10 years may wrinkle the skin. So, if we keep the massage and scrub the correct technique then it can maintain skin elasticity,” said Linlin Herliawati, product manager Mustika Ratu, when found Wolipop the show “Modern Women Loves Traditions’ in Housing Village, Jakarta, friday (21/03/2014).

Linlin revealed, when the scrub wrong move can make the skin so easily loosened. In addition, the skin can also be irritated. Linlin also provide the right advice to scrub, the can be more toned and youthful.

“Move your hand turn from the ground up as a scrub, in a clockwise direction and leads to the heart. Movement can tighten the skin, ‘Linlin closed skin make scrub skin wrinkles.

Knowing how to properly scrub can provide more effective results for the skin. The advantage to the body is dead skin cells will be lost, the skin smoother and more toned and radiant skin make scrub skin wrinkles.

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Prevent Premature Skin Aging And Damage

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UV rays are one of the main causes of premature skin aging But it may be canceled the skin preventing the proper care of the following

UV rays are one of the main causes of premature skin aging But it may be canceled the skin preventing the proper care of the following

Our skin, our body, the heart, lungs, kidneys, etc but all other organs within the body as well as other organs of the body and environment protection are under the skin But how to protect your skin from environmental factors, our duty is to protect your skin.

The most severe ultraviolet rays UV rays. UVA and UVB, the skin may be harmful. Will cause damage to the skin, freckles, wrinkles, fine lines, sun spots and premature aging manufacture. UV rays are one of the main causes of premature skin aging But it may be canceled and the skin preventing the proper care of the following ways:

In the first step protecting skin from the sun and ultraviolet rays. To do this, use a sun block, while the Sun shines hot and the cold winter living out of play or outside in the summer sun between 10 am and 4 pm, Always try to avoid And her face is covered, some or all caps or Veils your skin from the sun directly affects barrier

Vitamin C and vitamin A With the help of a diet rich in this to make a quick recovery and re-growth of damaged skin cells. To do this, you can take internal and external citrus orange juice can be used to mask and a mask of honey and eggs to restore the damaged skin to remove wrinkles.

Moisturize the skin as it is to protect your skin, forms a coating, UV rays and prevents the skin and nourishes the skin and prevent dehydration. Moisturizer for summer twice a day, morning and evening before sleep but often in the winter.

Avoided the junk food and spices to your diets and add products to your diet, multivitamin antioxidant and therefore, is to strengthen the internal surface of the ultraviolet rays. Green tea, tomatoes, cherries and premature aging and skin damage from sunlight all the work.

Chemicals peels and lasers processing is an effective restoring the skin and the skin layers to produce a smooth and even texture.

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Five Rules For Beautiful Skin

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Five Rules For Beautiful Skin

Five Rules For Beautiful Skin & ideas

The Skin body is the bridge between the inner and outer environment. Smooth, younger looking skin is a blessing from God. As a cover to each child, as that is, looking for soft and delicate touch. It really adds a lot of your beauty. The aim is to try to achieve their own life but a good diet and adequate intake requires constant care. Both of these factors to delay the process of change in skin texture as we grow.

However, the beauty of the skin to keep some Five Rules For Beautiful Skin

Proper Series Skin Care

Usually we take care of the skin to do what (s) do not know.Therefore, skin care is a stepwise action helps to maintain the beauty of the skin will be attending. We need the whole day to clean the dirt from the skin before going to bed every day. Secondly, we need exfoliation twice a week, to keep skin pores open and well oxygenated. Then, appropriate and compatible toners and toning the skin, the skin tighten pores to keep the use of masks. All products used to cover the needs and compatibility with the skin.

Facial Skin Care,Beautiful Skin

Use Of Stuff Nutritious Skin
Has been observed our food, plays a key role, the texture of our skin. Used in foods rich in vitamins A, E, and fiber elements for young skin.

Exercise Limitation
Exercise plays an important role in surface brightness. It is not necessary go to the gym and aerobics, or strenuous exercise but the half-day spending hours of exercise you do to make your skin beautiful. Terms only

Facial Skin Care,Beautiful Skin

  • 10 minutes on foot
  • Morning 10 minutes to inhale all the healthy waves, as you exercise.
  • 10 minutes massage the skin.
  • Regular basis to the wonderful original works.

Facial Skin Care,Beautiful Skin

Fluids In The Proper
The texture of the skin to be hydrated. Dehydration of the skin in any kind of withered away and its beauty. Therefore, three liters of fluid to drink each day of the program and mineral water may be normal or in the form of juice. Usually, it is better to water, juices and antioxidant proper ratios that include parts of the distribution of fluids.

Facial Skin Care,Beautiful Skin

Environmental Factors To Show Unnecessary
important for healthy skin from the sun’s rays and unhygienic environmental factors or to maintain adequate protection of surface contamination.

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Top 10 Remidies For Common Skin Problems

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Top 10 Remidies For Common Skin Problems

Top 10 Remidies For Common Skin Problems

Normally, our skin, our body’s organs and internal and external environment is always under the influence. Due to this reason each one or two or more of a problem for skin. Each woman to keep her skin in perfect condition, so it can be classified under the common skin problems, from acne to varicose veins could be modified. So, here we choose a common skin problems and the 10 remedies to solve these problems:


Antibacterial effect and the use of the centuries. It is used in raw for the beginning, taking care of their leaves and bark extract is used but today, the industrial development of cosmetic skin care is an essential ingredient of many cosmetics. Next to this is also an anti-inflammatory agent against any burn and wounds. Fatty skin is used remove the extra oil.


Re-cover a remedy for acne and anti-viral and antibacterial qualities may be. In addition, skin lesions and wounds that will be used. Calendula tea is used for skin acne face wash two or three times.


This is the best skin antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effects as a result of many problems. It is used or the herb or fruit extracts skin whitening, skin spots, skin blemishes, acne skin problem was a combination. It has a soothing effect on the skin a lot of problems.


Eczema and psoriasis and inflammatory herbs used. It is the best tea scented relaxing effect And a damp cotton clothe inflammatory or effected in two or three times in the relief of the problem very soon. Many moisturizers and eye puffiness and dark circles that form the basis.


Centuries is also used for cuts and injuries. Mostly its roots and leaves are used. It is used to stimulate the growth of healthy cells


Rejuvenating the skin cells is used. The skin cleaning agent and a great moisturizer for dry skin is used.


Immune and inflammatory re-use of these terms and conditions of the omega 3 fatty acid content. Eczema and psoriasis skin disease, is also used to manage.


Fro the old times is used to smooth the skin against infections with gram flour Scrubber and a good exfoliating agent when mixed with action.


They are effective, not only for internal use, but also the smoothness of the skin, and skin whitening. These are a mixture of honey and apply to face in the skin a natural glow


It works well for skin bleaching and the aging of the skin young and wrinkle and fine line scar removal is used.

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Skin Care Origin Korea with Herbal Ingredients Present in Jakarta

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Korean skin care products Belif just released in Jakarta. Skin care who inherited philosophy Duncan Napier an English concoction made from herbal ingredients without mixing chemicals.Skin Care Origin Korea with Herbal Ingredients Present in Jakarta

The results from a combination of traditional natural ingredients and makes science different from other cosmetic Belif.Belif believe the thing you need is honesty by stating the formula without exaggerating their efficacy.

Herbal ingredients used are calendula to prevent the sebum and skin problems provides and nourishes the skin. Other materials catnip flowering tops soothe the skin and roots of wild indigo content can prevent skin problems and oxidation.

While Belif not use hazardous materials, such as mineral oil that can hinder the skin to breathe, synthetic fragrances that can cause skin irritation. In addition it contains no synthetic dyes that can harm the skin. Belif also did not include synthetic preservatives and ingredients that come from animals which are often associated with BSE or mad cow disease.

There are four products Belif the favorites. The Aqua Herb Cream’ is a product of gel cream that can make skin fresh and moist. ‘Hungarian Water Essence’, a product that can transform dull skin becomes more radiant and healthy looking. Product is a lotion confidence Hungarian queen, Elizabeth in 1370 to make young.

Another popular product is the ‘The Anti-aging Essence Herb’. Is a moisturizing cream that is also effective to prevent premature aging.Another mainstay Cream ‘The Herb Moisturizing Cream’. This cream is suitable for you who have a very dry face, because it contains agents to hydrate skin. This cream can moisturize the skin for 26 hours.

Currently Belif can only be found at Sogo Plaza Senayan. Belif future will be present at a beauty shop in various parts of Indonesia.

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3 Myths Regarding Skin Care

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3 Myths Regarding Skin Careplastic surgeon reveals some of the myth to get healthy skin.
Everyone has skin problems respectively. There is acne, oily skin, dry or flaking. plastic surgeon reveals some of the myth to get healthy skin.

Sometimes, a product provides certain tricks that promise better skin condition. However, do not immediately believe the marketing tricks of beauty products. Ahmed Abdullah, MD, a plastic surgeon reveals some of the myth to get healthy skin.

1. You Need Different Skin Products

The skin needs moisturizer (moisturizer) a good, depending on skin type. Yet somehow do not need to buy a moisturizer that is different for each part. Was any effect on the eye area? Skin is skin, so what works with your face, it will match similarly to other skin areas, “said Ahmed.

2. Products that Say ‘Water-Based’ Better to Moisturize Skin

Do not immediately believe the product label says ‘water-based’ may work better for moisturizing the skin. Water-based products are not moisturize because the skin does not absorb water bia. Simply melt water content of active ingredients contained in the product,” said Ahmed.

3. Make-up Bad for the Skin

There are still people who think the make-up can cause further skin problems. Dr. Ahmed explained that the make-up does not contribute to the occurrence of skin problems.

Make-up does not have the immediate capacity to cause acne, but some cosmetic products might make dry skin, which can make the skin condition worse. For this problem, it is recommended to use make-up that is labeled non-comedogenic or non-acnegenic,” said the doctor who wrote the book ‘Simple Skincare, Beautiful Skin: a Back-to-Basics Approach’.

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