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Unique! Horse Carriage Shaped Perfume Bottle Lady Gaga

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After partying at the Guggenheim Museum now Lady Gaga continued her perfume launch at Macy’s Herald Square, New York. However, there are attractive in appearance this time Mother Monster.Unique! Horse Carriage Shaped Perfume Bottle Lady Gaga

As reported by Ace Showbiz the singer’s 26 years came with a carriage drawn by horses.Interestingly the train-shaped perfume bottle.

This design does not mess around. Train design is made as close as possible to the perfume bottle made Gaga Fame.Thus as the singer of Born This Way Looks out of the bottle.

Not only her chariot are interesting.Gaga costumes worn equally sensational. In addition to a sleek black dress and a gold mask she also wore high heels adorned with ornaments shaped mini men.Unique! Horse Carriage Shaped Perfume Bottle Lady Gaga

Fame is the perfume is arguably unique.Although the fluid is black but the perfume is not going to contaminate clothing or skin. As a result this perfume is a perfume first black ever made