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Queen Elizabeth Like Colors Blue, Green and Black Youth

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Over the past 60 years occupied the throne of England Queen Elizabeth’s style of dress is always commendable but until now no one knows for sure the Queen’s favorite color.Queen Elizabeth Like Colors Blue, Green and Black Youth

This is the reason for Vogue to do research through the observation that the color of clothing used by Queen Elizabeth at social events and the state over the last 12 months
The results of Vogue declared that blue is most likely the Queen’s favorite color it can be proved through the table Vogue ‘Rainbow Queen’ who made the magazine’s fashion over the past 12 months after seeing the Queen’s appearance in various events.

Ranging from coats dresses, suits, even the hat worn by the Queen is always dominated by the color blue to 29 percent.Queen Elizabeth Like Colors Blue, Green and Black Youth
Other colors for the last 12 months dominating style of dress the Queen is the color green and brown the percentage reached 11 percent, below the flower motif that reach 13 percent usage in the last 12 months.

Pink and purple usage reaches 10 percent, while the rest are red, yellow, orange and black
Color ‘beige’ color is thought to be less favored by the Queen because its use to only one percent in 12 months.Queen Elizabeth Like Colors Blue, Green and Black Youth

“The queen loved clothes and she is a very adept in choosing fabrics,” said Queen Elizabeth’s personal assistant Angela Kelly as quoted by the Telegraph.

“The queen always consider my opinion but in the end it was she who determines the overall appearance,” said Kelly.

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Beautiful Style Of Queen Elizabeth

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With the appearance of a charming and attractive you will be able to make people feel amazed and admire you. As someone who is known by the whole world the appearance of a Queen Elizabeth has always been a concern of many people.

Beautiful Style Of Queen Elizabeth

Fashion clothing is a particular hallmark of the Queen of England’s style.
Since from the beginning the style of dress of Queen Elizabeth has been widely discussed and addressed.

Distinctive style of dress and no one else has made the British people and the world has always admired the appearance of the queen. Here are the accessories and fashions of Queen Elizabeth style that can give a beautiful impression to you.

Hat brim

Each appeared before the public; Queen Elizabeth did not forget to always wear a distinctive hat. British nobility since the past is always a fedora hat brim or unique to add to their looks sweet. Hats are unique but still beautiful this always adds elegance to the appearance of the Queen.

Today many nobles impose hats with the other decorations and unique from the others. At a meeting held between members of the British royal aristocratic women including Queen Elizabeth will wear a hat with an amazing and beautiful decorations.

Many British milliner who made hats inspired designs from him. They make a felt hat that would be suitable to be worn by Queen Elizabeth. Most hats are sold in the market newfangled cap hat similar to the queen.

Clothing Gracefully

Just like the artists and public figures who have their own fashion style pinata, Queen Elizabeth also has a regulatory fashion and designer clothing that will make a fashion that suits her body shape. Queen Elizabeth’s body shape is rather small can look elegant and amazing with this exact outfit.

In the UK, a lot of women who want to follow the style dress and everything worn by the Queen. Many designers who claim to have a nautical inspired clothing trends in the UK after the appearance of Queen Elizabeth on the occasion.

The colors are bright turned out to be the Queen’s favorite that has rule since 1952. Almost all buasan worn by Queen Elizabeth and brightly colored light. With bright colors, he can still look cheerful and fit even at that age is not young anymore.

Handbags Program

As a complement to her appearance, Queen Elizabeth was not only wearing a distinctive hat, handbag beautiful ornament is also important to increase the elegance of the Queen. High quality handbags are always adorned the arms of the Queen.

Each year, Queen Elizabeth has always found time to buy a bag a new handbag more than one piece to enhance your appearance. Handbags are the new chosen according to the dress worn by the Queen.

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