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Pasaraya ‘Face Mode’ Dresses Show in 60 Indonesian Designers For Welcoming Ramadan

Welcoming Ramadan, Pasaraya again held ‘Face Mode’ which is part of the show Sheen Pasaraya Kingdom 2012′. The event was attended more stately fashion by featuring the work of 60 designers Indonesia.

Pasaraya 'Face Mode' Dresses Show in 60 Indonesian Designers For Welcoming Ramadan

Pasaraya ‘Face Mode’ Dresses Show in 60 Indonesian Designers For Welcoming Ramadan

‘Face Mode’ fashion show is a parade that has become an annual event, and typical Pasaraya. The event was held from July 10 until July 13, 2012, at ‘Designer’s, Ground Floor.

Still take the feel of Ramadan, the fashion show did not seem much different from the ‘Face Mode’ before. Only, this time more festive with the presence of 60 designers Indonesia, such as Ghea S. Pangabean, Kamea Danella, Amien Hendrawijaya, Ussy Sulistiawati, Ingrid Kansil and much more.

Face Mode Pasaraya held several choices for fashion. And Ramadan is an exciting event to showcase the personality through fashion. There will be 60 percent Muslim dress to be exhibited, the rest are everyday clothes, cocktail dress, Batik and others,” said Medina Latif Harjani, during a press conference in Pasaraya, Tuesday (07/10/2012).

‘Face Mode’ brings several themes, namely Ethicity, Glow on Earth, Dashing Youth and Glamorous. According to Medina, there will be 480 pieces of clothes that will be exhibited. Women are usually called ‘Dina’ is hoped that the event, local products will gain prominence and become the host country itself.

Besides the fashion show, “Face Mode ‘also held a’ Fashion Market ‘sejal which began July 1 and will end until August 31, 2012. In ‘Fashion Market’, the designers will display their design work so that visitors can enjoy it.

Stepping on the age of 38, Pasaraya also has his own clothing line called ‘Private Label’. The line consists of several labels that claimed no less quality international brands. Some of them are, ‘Groove9′ colorful clothing for those who are young at heart or ‘Estrella’ for working women.

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