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How To Get Ombre Hair & Staining Ombre Hair Trend 2013

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Side hairstyle fashion is the Shadow Hair. Effects sunburn tips or pastel reflections fur for a long time or for a night of secrets hair coloring haircut or at home.

How To Get Ombre Hair & Staining Ombre Hair Trend 2013

The stars or in the street, haircut see all the colors. When Katy Perry Smurfit turns from blue to pink candy floss platinum or Kelly Osborne in purple, Drew Barrymore as Alexa Chung adopt the tie and dye class, dark roots, light to tip. Pastel or natural, Shadow Hair is a real “key brilliance” for the hair.

The Shaded Pro Haircut

It’s easy: we ask for a Shadow Hair, that is to say, there must be a difference between your two thirds of the root is left natural and tips.

Several styles of application are possible for this hair coloring. Some colorists sweep the surface of the hair brush following the movement of the hair and play on the exposure time to create a progressive lightening of the mid-lengths to ends without demarcation. Other crepent all lengths to train as a pad, apply a bleaching powder and untangle ask leave to extend the product for a super-soft gradation. If one is looking very fashion rendering the colorist will focus on the points for a more natural look, it will start at mid-length.

Where? Smooth oils of lavender and figs + color at Christophe Robin in olive oil and brush in Coiff ‘irst, clay in Roman Colors in sunlight with Jean Louis David crepe comb and brush discoloration, Jean Marc Maniatis at Galeries Lafayette.

The Shaded Classic Home

Today there are kits hair colorings Hair Shading to yourself. Tempting? Yes! Risky? A bit too but the advantage of hair is that it repels and with a little practice you can even discover true talent as a colorist & How to put the odds on her side.

Observe good foundation to offer a beautiful gradation her hairdresser. That there was only him who knows – well, it’s a job! Attention not too degraded anyway to keep the thickness of the ends.

Coordinate enlightenment with its “real” color root. If it is brown, opt for spikes mahogany dark honey. If it is between light brown and dark blonde, it mimics “three months of surfing” with the blonde and if you’re blonde platinum is chosen so that it stands out.

The evening, enjoy a bath of vegetable oil. Fading it is certainly aware to avoid straw texture, it is essential to feed the hair. So before going to bed, soak lengths and ends of one to two tablespoons of oil. Wrap a cotton scarf and provide a pillowcase that fears nothing! Shampoo in the morning and dry gently.

Cosmo choice: Lavender oil, Christophe Robin Mythic Oil L’Oréal Professional Subtle Elixir, Phyto, Oil Extraordinary Elsève; Elixir Ultime, Kérastase.

How To Get Ombre Hair & Staining Ombre Hair Trend 2013

Follow The Instructions

Once hair is dry, untangled and placed in the direction of the hair, we wish to clarify the points and drag the brush soaked lightening cream, instinct, the lengths and ends as if the sun had nibbled the tips. Never root! Think remain subtle in product application research on the effect of sunburn, sexy, something natural and certainly not the color bar.

Wait 25 to 45 minutes. No more: it is necessary that the clarification continues its oxidizing action in time.

Finally, rinse with warm water and repairing care required conditioner drop of vegetable oil, mask everything is good!

Cosmo choice: The kit ideal, bleach, liquid or pasty or too super brush designed to achieve its degraded without demarcation care based on sunflower oil, shadows, 3 references, Preference, L’Oréal Paris.

See Tips Bonus!

To be successful decolonization in the back a line is drawn on the back of the head and then back the hair mass on each side towards the front and are colored strands that tempt us. To avoid demarcations & Great, the bristle brush provided in the kit which is used to distribute the product in a very natural and target only the tips. If the hair is long, we start from the chin, if milongs, decolorized mid-ears.

To save the product is not reusable and must be reapplied each time the brush but if you have hair milongs. It pays only half of the dye applicator bottle. We keep the other party expenses.

The Shaded Fun To Do Yourself

Feathers arc-en-ceil scan or flash is another version of the hair coloring hair color of the season also a nice way to transform her hair into fashion accessories. All precautions for the classical shadow can be found here: good hair, good hair care But with pop colors, neon or pastel colors, this is another color code applies.

Three Things To Know

This is great if you have light hair, streaked or scanned: lengths already sensitized, porous, this is what it takes for pink, lilac or red hang well. If you have dark hair and natural, it is essential elucidate where you want to color.

You want more fun, more must soigner. Soon shadier little pigmented or colored shock and tenacious, the lengths and ends will be abused. It will not escape but that is what will give them the candy floss texture super-easy to style and shape. If you want gloss, however, you will have to work.

Instructions On Dark Hair & Streaked Non

Clarify Take care to bleach hair and leave for 45 minutes, instead of the 30 regulations. To be a pro apply although massage and enclosing the wick in cellophane to push back the Enlightenment. Thanks to the transparency of the cello, you can see how the product.

Then rinse, wring and apply the mixture. Slip into a shirt that fears nothing: the strongest staining dyes lasting skin be between 10 and 15 minutes of break time after each shampoo, mask and tough mandatory before the straightened care thermo-active highly recommended.

Cosmo choice Masks: Nutri-Repair, Dercos Vichy Shea, Rene Furterer, Argan Oil, Dop, Nutritious, Bio Beauté by Nuxe, the pitaya, Camille Albano. Thermo-active care: Nutri-Thermique, Kérastase, Heat Protect ghd.

How To Get Ombre Hair & Staining Ombre Hair Trend 2013

Coloring tips

  • For a pastel: A few pigment base color and just last 3 Pearle scent shampoos. It is applied as a conditioner 15 minutes by entering your fingertips.
  • For a flashy effect: Among hairdressers suppliers we buy direct dyes that hang on the tips of thunder made porous by discoloration is left to stand 30 minutes.
  • Cosmo choice Candy: Color care, thanks to pearl extracts, Baum preference, pastel pink or peach, L’Oréal Paris. Flashy: Crazy Colors Manic Panic or, in MGC Diffusion For colorectal funny ephemeral of pigmented makeup water spray & Moistened wicks then rubs pastel on half-lengths and ends, it sets the color with a straightened and that’s it! Or doing this plan: a few drops of food coloring in his hair moisturizing mask. The whole can be removed with some water and lemon.
  • Cosmo choice: Color chalk Bug, Kevin Murphy the Bon Marché.

Help, I love it!

One solution, caustic but effective shampoo product with a muscular super foaming shower gel or even washing up liquid & We do not rinse it fits under a shower charlotte 15 minutes and heated kiln. Then back to square one with hair coloring in its original color (phyto Gloss, Phyto Paris; casting Gloss, L’Oréal Paris, Olya, Garnier) And again: care, care, care …

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10 Celebrities with Ombre Hair

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Hair models or Ombre dip dyed hair to the hair trend at the moment. If the trend of previous hair around the hair colored with bright colors, bright colors are now only visible at the bottom only so the hair is called Ombre.

As a recommendation the following 10 celebrities with hair Ombre.

1. Lauren Conrad

Ombre hair before popular as it is today Lauren Conrad has been used from long ago. The original hair color blonde, overwritten with the color pink on the bottom.

2. Kate Bosworth

The actress who is now better known in the fashion world is also color your hair underneath. 29 year-old woman using the color green as ombrenya.

3. Dakota Fanning

It also number teen star hair. Star of ‘Twilight Saga’ was dyed her hair pink at the ends of her hair.

4. Jessie J

Jessie J is characterized by thick black hair now the singer of ‘Price Tag’ has a new hair. After hair red underneath, it’s now 24 years old girl to change the color purple so ombrenya

5. Lady Gaga

Eccentric singer also dyed her hair with two different color tones. Gaga dyed her hair purple, starting from the center of the hair.


Hayden Pannettiere recently demonstrated its latest Ombre hair. Shades of blond hair is now a colorful like a rainbow


Stars ‘High School Musical’ is also following the trend of hair this summer. Vanessa number hair into shades of black and purple

8. Demi Lavato

19 year-old singer also changed her hair into Ombre. For the hair is now brown and shades of pink on the bottom of the hair.

9. Alexa Chung

Alexa Chung also number hair. But the socialite and fashionista that does not change the color of her hair to the extreme. Alexa is now a hair dark brown and shades of brown.

10. Nicole Richie

Actress and socialite is change the look of her hair. Now Nicole number hair with shades of brown and pink.

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