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Miss World 2013 Finalists Know your Expected Textiles Bali

Holding of the Miss World event in Bali in 2013 and 2015 brought pride for Indonesia. To support the promotion of the island, the finalists will be expected to know more about Balinese products and souvenir items.

Miss World 2013 Finalists Know your Expected Textiles Bali

Miss World 2013 Finalists Know your Expected Textiles Bali

Plan of convening the Miss World in Bali not just a mere discourse, the international event will be held in Bali in 2013 and 2015. It is based on the resolutions set forth in the signed MoU and joint CEO of MNC Group Hary Tanoesoedibjo and chairwoman of Miss World Organization and the International President of Variety, The children’s Charity, Julia Morley in Jakarta recently.

In response, Ketut Keneng Bali Provincial Government as the Public Relations welcomed the plan.

Obviously we are very proud and grateful to have been entrusted Bali elected to place the delivery of Miss World 2013 and 2015. It is hoped this can develop the potential of tourism arts and culture, “he said when contacted via cell phone Okezone, Tuesday (05/08/2012).

The existence of the plan not only led to pride alone but also great expectations for the Bali extensively.

Hopefully Bali not just be a place to be, if possible they may know of textile products, as well as the participants will be able to demonstrate a souvenir of Bali concluded.

Miss World 2013 Co-Promote Local Fashion

Miss World 2013 event to be held in Indonesia will be presenting local diversity. The reason, the finalists will be invited to visit some cities to get to know more in the Indonesian tourism.

Miss World 2013 Co-Promote Local Fashion

According to Liliana , Chairwomen of Miss Indonesia Organization that Bali will be selected to be the first city holding of Miss World 2013 and the final night will be held in Jakarta. However, in addition to the two cities will be two additional cities visited 125 finalists of Miss World 2013.

“In addition to Bali later there were two more to the city we visited, but now can not be called because there are still some that need to be discussed at the relevant parties,West Jakarta, Wednesday (13 / 2/2013).

He also added that the election of Bali as a starting place quarantine Miss World 2013
because Bali has been able to meet the international infrastructure. And Bali is also known as a world tourism.

Questioning packaging event for the Miss World 2013 later, Liliana said that the event will be very spectacular.

“A lot of the beauty of the culture that will be served. We promote as much as possible in Indonesia. Not only culture, but the fashion trends of the country we will also engage in a show of Miss World 2013. Due designers Indonesia has great potential to be promoted to foreign countries. his level par with international designers, “he concluded.

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Airing in 140 Countries Miss World 2013 Beauty Show off Indonesia

The election of Indonesia to host Miss World 2013 is an event to showcase the beauty of tourism and culture because this event will be broadcast by 140 countries in the world.Airing in 140 Countries Miss World 2013 Beauty Show off Indonesia

Believed to be an international event organizer is certainly not easy. It takes hard work and preparation for a successful event. This is the challenge for MNC Group as an organizer Because Indonesia is the host of the Miss World 2013 and 2015.

This event is not just a beauty contest, but Indonesia can be used to expose the natural beauty and cultural arts.

The event was attended by approximately 120 countries but will be broadcast in 140 countries to send representatives though not all,” said Kanti Mirdiati, Managing Director RCTI press conference Wednesday, September 12, 2012.

Not only up there, the Miss World event held in Indonesia also means the right to show the world how the people of Indonesia.

This is a tremendous opportunity to introduce Indonesia as a country with high dignity, said Kanti.

Miss World 2013 will be history because for the first time held in Indonesia after the last 62 years. In addition to 2013, Indonesia is also believed to host Miss World 2015.

The plan, in addition to Bali and Jakarta, the finalists of Miss World 2013 is also invited to visit two cities in the country.

So, not only Jakarta and Bali Indonesia’s culture and beautiful nature, and that are that we are looking for two more, “said Kanti exclusively to media after the event.

Until now I have not decided which areas to visit the contestants of Miss World 2013. According to Kanti, it depends on the local government who are ready to work with.

However, Kanti suggests that the two cities are used as stopover of the finalists of Miss World was in the area of Sumatra and eastern Indonesia.

We want to show the video from other areas, in addition to Bali and Jakarta, so guests who came during the final night will get an impression. In addition, they can also promote more our country.

Liliana Want to Miss Indonesia Wins Miss World 2013

ACHIEVEMENTS daughter who was ranked 13 in the Miss World 2012 makes Liliana Tanoesoedibjo happy. She also hopes to become Miss Indonesia 2013 winner in Miss World.Liliana Want to Miss Indonesia Wins Miss World 2013

This year for the seventh time in Indonesia sent a representative at Miss World. Each year, the better the quality of candidates, the climax of this year, Ines Chandra Tjiptadi daughter entered the ranks of the 13 Miss Worlds. In addition, Miss Indonesia 2012 is also performing in the round of fast track Miss World held in Ordos, Inner Mongolia, China, among the Runner Up III Beauty with a Purpose, Top Model quarterfinals and semifinals Beach Fashion.

Seeing glorious achievement every year, this gracious woman of achievement optimistic Miss Indonesia 2013 “Of course my goal is no Indonesian woman who became Miss World,” said Liliana exclusively to media after a press.

To realize her dream, the wife of the CEO of MNC Group’s Hary Tanoesoedibjo wants more standards for candidates of Miss Indonesia before “If possible, it is 170 centimeters tall to the top. If less than that will be lost to other contestants that high.

Founder of Miss Indonesia, said the Miss World does not provide specific requirements contestants minimum height 170 centimeters But, we are trying to filter out candidates with ideal height, so I can look stand out on stage.

To note, next year Indonesia to host Miss World 2013 Bali was chosen to be the location of quarantine, while Jakarta will be the location of the evening peak of the Miss World 2013. The world beauty contest winner will replace Wenxia Yu, from the Republic of China and a year traveling the world to run the main program in the Miss World Beauty with a Purpose.

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