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Simple Tricks to Make-up For Eid Festival

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The face is clean healthy and fresh look should be presented at Eid. Instant way to make the face look beautiful is with make-up application. The following make-up tricks fast and simple that can be applied.

Simple Tricks to Make-up For Eid Festival

Simple Tricks to Make-up For Eid Festival

1. Face Primer

Using the primer is very important before starting the dress. After using a regular moisturizer used daily apply a face primer all over face. Primary function is to shrink the pores thus making the skin look smoother appearance. Primer also makes a perfect foundation can stick to the skin as well as durable.

2. Liquid Foundation

Use a liquid foundation or liquid foundation for the type of make-up is simple. Liquid foundation is also more quickly absorbed in the skin, making the face look more glowy. Pulaskan foundation with the help of a special foundation brush to color the skin evenly.

3. Talc Powder

In order to absorb the oil on your face use a powder. Powder is also thin on the face so you do not face does not look white.

4. Eye Makeup

Gariskanlah thin eyeliner on the eye line slightly at the top and bottom. Then let pastel eye shadow colors like pink, peach, lilac or light brown on the eyelid. If you could set it up use false eyelashes that have hair that is thin and not too long. False eyelashes can make your eyes more sparkle. But if you hassle in installing it just use mascara to the lashes more flicks.

5. Brow

Makeup trend today is a bit thick eyebrows and thick. Bingkailah slightly thicker eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil brown or gray. Then, brush your eyebrows with a brow brush to blend the color.

6. Lipstick

Lipstick pink, peach or chocolate will make your makeup look more natural. So lips look fuller, add lip gloss.

7. Blush On

Last let blush on your lipstick matches the color (pink, peach or chocolate). For a fresh impression you can choose to have blush on the shimmer effect.

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Make-up & Hair Arrangement Celebrities At The Golden Globes 2013

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Golden Globes awards show could be your reference in appearance ranging from clothing make-up and hairdo. If you have previously discussed the best of the celebrity fashion these references make-up and hairdo of the film awards event held on Sunday (13/01/2013).

1. Naomi Watts Classic Style Make-up With Hair Style

Naomi Watts Classic Style Make-up With Hair Style

Naomi Watts Dress inspired by retro style. Her hair was in a break off with a wave texture. Supported with classic style make-up simple.

2. Kelly Osbourne Her Retro Style

Kelly Osbourne Her Retro Style

With her bold hair lavender Kelly Osbourne set it to the side of her retro style. It looks more perfect with pink lipstick and eyeliner jet black eyes adorn.

3. Nicole Richie Eye Makeup

Nicole Richie Eye Makeup

Do not be afraid to use colored eye shadow. Adopt Nicole Richie sets that decorate the eyes with blue-silver eye shadow. To the bottom of her eyes were decorated with blue eyeliner. Heavy eye makeup is quite balanced with hot lipstick.

4. Zooey Deschanel Hair Ponytail

Zooey Deschanel Hair Ponytail

No doubt Zooey Deschanel always amaze wherever she is. Zooey hair ponytail and disasak in the middle to get the vintage effect, That always works from display star of the series ‘New Girl’ is her beautiful eyes by putting false eyelashes.

5. Adele Cat Eye Makeup

Adele Cat Eye Makeup

Adele amaze with air volume bun. Display singer of ‘Sky Fall’ is more interesting with eye makeup cat eye.

6. Anne Hathaway Her Retro Style

Anne Hathaway Her Retro Style

Without the need to make up for hours Anne Hathaway still looks gorgeous. With hair fixienya, star of ‘Les Miserables’ it looked fresh. Make-up is also made simple just make use pink lipstick and false eyelashes.

7. Kate Hudson Glow With Make-Up Shades Her Hot

Kate Hudson Glow With Make-Up Shades Her Hot

Kate Hudson seems to glow with make-up shades her Hot. With a good basic foundation, face star of ‘Something Borrowed’ it looks smooth and shiny. Only a thin sprinkling of eye shadow and mascara which ended with glossy-nude lipstick, Kate looked glowing.

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Make up Pretty When Reflecting Eye

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Women often do not feel confident when you are wearing make-up and you also wearing glasses. You are afraid to experiment with your makeup for fear looks worse.Make up Pretty When Reflecting Eye

Glass eyes are sometimes disrupting your natural beauty. You should start by finding glasses that fit the shape of your face.

Many models of glasses that are offered to you but you should know that most glasses you need at the same time supporting your appearance so that it looks more charming. Here are some tips on make-up while pretty glasses.

1. You must know which part you should highlight. For women with glasses, a very important part to find was the lips.

You should not hesitate to use a lipstick color that can attract many people. Even so, you still have to adjust the color of the powder and other makeup.

2. You can make use of thick eyeliner as part of your eye will not see clearly with glasses. You should not use mascara because it would interfere with sight glass and glass littering your eyes.

3. You can use eye shadow tip ensure that its use does not cross the line glasses. If you want to use blush on, also make sure not too much so as not to scrape the glass eye that will actually make things look bad.

4. You should keep your hair from your face so that your face is not too full of glasses and the hair that covered her face.

You want to look sexy with makeup and glasses, can use eyeliner on top and bottom of your eyes. With style smoky eyes can also make you more beautiful and aesthetically appealing.

Who says when you wear glasses you can not look beautiful? You can still wear makeup at will.

You can also make sure that your glasses you wear are not too long so as not to leave marks on your nose area, which may make makeup look worse. Used eyeglasses will not go away in a short time and you have to anticipate.

You can still hunt some tips to make it look pretty with your favorite glasses and wearing perfect makeup several sources. You can adjust the color of your eye glass frame with your makeup theme.

If you find it difficult to determine the makeup of interest you should replace with a contact lens for a while or on special occasions so you can look better with makeup and other accessories you want to use on your face.

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Make up For Chubby Cheeks

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Make up For Chubby Cheeks cheeks ChubyMempunyai no longer be an obstacle for you to continue to appear beautiful. Here are some makeup tips for Chubby Cheeks.Make up For Chubby Cheeks

Choosing A Foundation / Powder Covering The Right

In choosing the right foundation, you should know how to choose the right foundation color for your skin colors.

While in the applying foundation on face tone should be given a lighter color in the middle area of the nose and give a darker tone on both sides of the nose to create a sharp effect on the nose.

This method is effective enough to give the impression that your nose is more sharp-edged than before. So your face looks slimmer, you pat the foundation with a darker color on your cheekbones basin. Then smooth the foundation color that you do not see the color difference is too striking foundation.

Using Color And blush On the Exact Application

So your face looks slimmer, pat your blush on right under your cheekbones. With a sweep of blush on your face glance this would be narrower and you’ll see the cheekbones more prominent.

In using color blush on, should you adjust the color of your skin? Pink color can be applied to white skin and fair. Whereas for those of you who are black or brown, you can use the color orange for color blush on you.

Eye Makeup

The experts recommend for your grooming with a wide face and lucrative Chubby cheeks, you can apply eye makeup using the vertical technique so that your face could look more oval and tapered.

Eye makeup techniques oval is a technique that emphasizes the eyes arias tat point on the eye area like a curved eyebrows up and use eye shadow with a dark color.

Longitudinal eyebrow makeup eyelids with dark colors will create effects longitudinal shape of the face look more oval / oval.

And the most important thing is wear eye shadow out of the eyes so that the eyes appear less sharp and large. Eye makeup that will influence the shape of your face a Chubby to appear more narrow and oval. Use Mascara on the eye also can help you to appear more confident in front of the public.

So that your eyes look more beautiful and lovely, you can use false eyelashes then and aberi Mascara. Beautiful eyes would distract people will face a Chubby or your cheek. They will focus their attention on your eyes beautiful and beautiful.

The Application Of lipstick

To show up and face makeup perfect do not forget your lipstick color applied to your already adapted with eye makeup and your face.

When you need to refresh your lips look shimmery gloss application that you pat on the center of your lips. Merona fresh red lips will be able to remove those people will be your Chubby cheeks.

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5 Habits Make-up woman who hated Men

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Women always want to look beautiful especially if with her boyfriend. But apparently not all kinds of makeup that is considered beautiful by women also favored by men. Here are 5 makeup and makeup habits are hated by the men as quoted from She Knows.5 Habits Make-up woman who hated Men

1. Face Mask

Foundation was created to enhance your skin tone not to make you as if wearing a mask. Use of foundation is too thick and the foundation that much different tone than the skin color very unpopular man. According to the Adam mistakes it makes your face look like everyone else.

2. Eye Makeup Overload

Use eyeliner and mascara excessive was not liked by men. Most men look at a woman the first time in her eyes, so that if you use eyeliner or mascara is too thick then your eyes are no longer considered beautiful for him.

3. False Eyelashes

False eyelashes are widely used women feel less confident with the form of thin eyelashes and not tapering. However, using false eyelashes and thick excited, actually makes the eyes too wide. Not that interesting, you can actually look like a raccoon or panda eyes.

4. Lip Gloss

Many women wear lip gloss so lips look shiny and attractive. Unfortunately, it is not always shinny look attractive in the eyes of men. For them, aroma and texture of sticky lip gloss that is very disturbing. This yag be the reason, why they are lazy receives a kiss when you wear lip gloss.

5. Dress Too Long

Due want to look beautiful and perfect on a date, it is not uncommon to spend a long time when women dress up. To the extent that a lover who was picked to wait. In fact, men do not like to be made to wait just because you’re dressed up. In addition, men tend to like a natural facial appearance without excessive makeup.

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Make Up For the Veiling & Hijab Style

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Currently, many women who decide to decide to veil. Style veiled women today can be practically very fashionable. Besides hijab style, makeup style that veiled Muslim women is no less cool.Make Up For the Veiling & Hijab Style

This is evident from still manages to look pretty and chic – they are veiled. Tips make up for the hijab as below may be used as a role model in the air make-up so that we can still look beautiful and attractive for wearing a headscarf:


This is the first step we have to do. Find halal label on each package of cosmetics that we use. Using halal cosmetics be able to make us feel calm, away from the flavor was – was so that will have a positive impact on our beauty radiant aura.


As jilbaber, surely we should be able to adjust themselves in the affairs of appearance. Avoid heavy makeup so we will look less in front of people. By choosing the color – the color of natural cosmetics, can help us to look more graceful


Cosmetics are waterproof and fade can help us be spared of her stick cosmetic ingredients that we wear on our hijab. But this time the community is still going on the pros and cons of the kind of waterproof cosmetics basic idea that if we use waterproof cosmetics so when we ablution, then the water will not get into the pores – pore us. If we adhere to these schools, then we should avoid cosmetics are waterproof, and replace it with the use of foundation and cream is thin.

4. Use Sunscreen / Sun Block

The main problem for the veil is the color of the skin is discolored due in part to exposure to the sun and partly covered in veil. To avoid this, we should use a sunscreen / sublock long as we were out of the room.


We certainly have a lot of collection of hijab. Whether it’s the shape, color, model, etc… Let’s make up adjust color with the color and model that we wear hijab. Sometimes at certain times (when attending a party) we need to the make-up is a little thicker but still must comply with the dress and veil we wear.

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Make-up Release Light-colored Cosmetics

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Etude House is better known as make-up products with the colors of natural make-up that can be used as / daily makeup /.

Make-up Release Light-colored Cosmetics

Make-up Release Light-colored Cosmetics

However, now the Korean cosmetics brand that wanted to broaden the variety of colors from the make-up is to release light-colored cosmetics.
Make-up colors when the light is not only used at certain events. Young women are now more willing to use neon colors to display daily.

Determine the development trends that are hits Etude released ‘My Dear Talk Series’, which presents the bright colors, like neon pink lipstick, orange, red and many more. Not only is the lipstick, there are nail polish, powder and blusher.

“Make-up trends are developing more assertive and attractive colors to explore. Through this event, we introduced the product make-up ‘Dear My Talk Series’ to provide a choice of colors make-up for more. There was also the latest BB Cream,’ Bright Fit ‘and’ Skin Melgeum ‘as a facial care products, “said Chris Choi, Business Development Representative Etude House Korea, Friday (22/06/2012) at the’ Pink Burleque ‘Orchid Garden in the mall.

In addition to a series of make-up, the event also launched the latest BB Cream ‘Precious Mineral BB Cream Bright Fit’. BB cream containing mineral grains serves enlightening, as well as to treat skin that make skin smooth and soft. And the amount of ts SPF can protect the skin from the sun.

Another product launched, Skin Melgeum. A toner which can remove dead skin and clogged pores. Not only cleans the skin, Skin Melgeum can provide kelemababan and make the skin a fresher face. All series of products have been available throughout the Etude House spread in Indonesia.

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