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Louis Vuitton World’s Best Fashion Labels

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LOUIS VUITTON has been named the world’s best labels in the fashion sector by Interbrand, a global brand consultancy firm. Louis Vuitton beat Gucci, Hermes, Burberry, and Prada.Louis Vuitton World's Best Fashion Labels

Label is not just the name and logo mounted on the front facade boutique but an identity that distinguishes a label from one another. Not easy to set up a label, let alone maintain the image that has been established for hundreds of years. A label is not formed only of the name or logo pretty interesting but built of tradition and hard work. Interbrand knowing all the hard work behind a major label, appreciate it, was born prestigious list of Best Global Brand, which is extracted from annual research on the value of a holistic world-renowned label.

At this year’s list of Best Global Brand version Interbrand reveals only nine labels for fashion sector of 100 labels that go into the list. Top rated occupied by Louis Vuitton. The total value of economic Louis Vuitton USD23, 5 million, this figure is far less than the companies of information technology and motor vehicles like Apple, Google and Mercedes-Benz. In fact, among a number of major labels, the position of Louis Vuitton only at number 17, while the first place as Best Brand or labels of the world’s best is Coca-Cola with a total value of $ 77, 8 million.

But yet in the realm of fashion, Louis Vuitton remains the first. Moreover, Louis Vuitton is also a holder of the title of The Most Valuable Brand of the global research firm Milward Brown Optimor label for 7 years. The establishment of Louis Vuitton in the top ranks of the world’s best label indicates that the product is still a luxury investment option for many consumers.

From the research results of Inter brand’s well known that consumers prefer products classic style as an investment, not a collection of high fashion and seasonal.

They are capable of making luxury products not only as an investment of money, as well as investment and status symbol image. In practice, they will then encourage the people around them to purchase the same goods, “says Jez Frampton, Global CEO of Interbrand.

The position of both Best Global Brand label sector occupied high street giant retailer from Sweden, H & M with a total value of USD16, 5 million, followed by Zara who finished third with a total value of USD9, 5 million. In the overall list, H & M and Zara also ranks pretty impressive. H & M is the number 23, while Zara at number 37.

Behind these two high street label, Gucci stands which ranks fourth with a total value of USD9, 4 million, then Hermes in fifth position with a total value of $ 6, 1 million and in position 6 there is Burberry, which has a total value of $ 4, 3 million. Other fashion labels are included in the list of Interbrand’s Best Global Brand version is Prada, Ralph Lauren and Gap. Do not miss the exclusive jewelry label Cartier and Tiffany & Co…

The L’Oreal is the best label for the beauty sector. Burberry is very proud to again be one of Interbrand’s Best Global Brand this year. Being a label that holds fast to tradition and have a separate identity has always been our main goal, “says Burberry CEO Angela Ahrendts, Different from last year’s list, Best Global Brand in 2012 to bring the label names that are proven to overcome challenges.

Throughout 2011 and 2012, a number of the world’s biggest label experience many shocks, one from the global economic climate of uncertainty. However, even with the challenges, a number of labels that goes on the list, proving itself as the most formidable. They can increase the value of the label, not only in terms of the presentation of products and services to consumers, as well as a brand more cohesive and solid, “said Frampton, Interbrand’s annual list describing the strategy and analyze the performance of a number of major labels from around the world and how they meet consumer expectations in terms of economics.

The list also analyzed based on the role of labels in influencing consumer choice. On the other hand, two veteran New York fashion observers, Andrea Perini and Naveed Hussain, include Louis Vuitton and creative director, Marc Jacobs, in a list of the best in the world of fashion in the last decade.

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Louis Vuitton Various Collections Of Clothing by Yayoi Kusuma

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HOUSE Louis Vuitton French fashion polka explore the world with renowned Japanese artist, Yayoi Kusuma, contained in various collections of clothing, accessories, as well as pop-up stores in six cities.Louis Vuitton Various Collections Of Clothing by Yayoi Kusuma

Louis Vuitton has long had an affair with the arts. In fact, Louis Vuitton devotion to the art can be traced back to 155 years. “Of all modern luxury brands, Louis Vuitton can claim to be the label that always maintains the richness and diversity of fashion and art collaboration as it relates to the tradition that has been held by Louis Vuitton since its founding,” said Louis Vuitton creative director Marc Jacobs.

Since its founding in 1854, Louis Vuitton proximity to art brings its own traditions for the famous fashion house. Combining the elegance of French art de vivreatau spirit of art, Louis Vuitton has always collaborated with the best artists in their field. When Jacobs joined Louis Vuitton in 1997, the more intimate the relationship is established. Jacobs collaborated with world-renowned artists from Stephen Sprouse, Takashi Murakami, Richard Prince, and now Yayoi Kusuma.

Together Kusuma, Jacobs explores the world of the point, which is becoming the power of art from the legendary Japanese artist. Kusuma itself makes a point as the center of his artistic creations. “I see myself as a spot among the millions of other points,” said Kusuma, who has been exploring the polka for six decades. For Kusuma himself, his collaboration with Louis Vuitton gave him the opportunity to spread the “world point” of his that contains a moral message, love forever.

The collaboration Jacobs and Kusuma stated in a variety of works, ranging collection of ready to wear, accessories such as handbags, shoes, jewelry, knick-knacks, to watch. Do not stop there, it also expanded collaboration with Kusuma involvement in the decoration of shops pop up Louis Vuitton in six cities, located in New York, Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo, Paris, and London. Unlike Louis Vuitton boutiques more luxurious shouting, pop-up store in collaboration with the Kusuma actually accentuate the playful Louis Vuitton, which of course contained in the various definitions of polka.

Each store will stand for different periods from July to October. In Asia, the pop-up store Louis Vuitton Yayoi Kusuma open from July to November, with the longest schedule in Ngee Ann City, Singapore. The collaboration between Louis Vuitton and Yayoi Kusuma at once a celebration of art Kusuma retrospective exhibition for 60 years, is held at the Whitney Museum, New York, having previously toured with the Tate Museum to Madrid, Paris, and London. Both exhibitions are fully sponsored by Louis Vuitton.

The opening of the exhibition is held through Sunday (30/9) was attended by hundreds of celebrities, designers, fashionista too, like Sofia Coppola, Diane Kruger, Joshua Jackson, Dianna Agron, Scott Campbell, Martha Stewart, Michelle Obama’s favorite designers as well, Isabel Toledo.

Art Passion Louis Vuitton also shown last year through the exhibition A Passion for Creation Jacobs featuring collaboration with the artists. Organized by the Hong Kong Museum of Art, and with the collaboration of the Consulate General of France in Hong Kong and Macau, the exhibition that took place since last May was at once demonstrated a long history of Louis Vuitton and his associates in the art world.

Art and Louis Vuitton are two things that can not be separated. Both even inspire each other and show incredible creativity. Louis Vuitton gets past the boundaries of art and fashion, more than ever do other labels. And this exhibition is an invitation for people to see and discover artistic adventure Louis Vuitton, “said Hervé Mikaeloff, curator of the exhibition. The exhibition consists of two parts. Each shows a different aspect of the project and the activities carried out Louis Vuitton, of course within the framework of different art too.

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