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Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton Make friends again?

In the past, Lindsay Lohan is known as a close friend of socialite Paris Hilton. Both girls are often moved from one party to another party together.

Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton Make friends again

Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton Make friends again

After completing a cameo role in a series of music events ‘Glee’ on the weekend, Lohan was seen leaving the set to the Bar Marmont. In the early morning local time, the actress was sliding into a house to enjoy the feast that was held until morning.

According to X17Online.com, formerly Hilton is a friend of Lohan was also seen entering the house the same evening and the night before. This raises a presumption that the two girls are friends again.

Lindsay also made news odor problems while undergoing filming ‘Glee’. In addition to being late, she also did not know the part played by. Quoted from MSN Xin, a source said, “Lindsay is a nightmare. She delayed three hours and when it finally came, she did not want to be there,” she said.

However, a spokeswoman for Lohan, Steve Honig claimed it was just a misunderstanding. “The production team came to us and said the Lindsay at 2 o’clock after lunch. They want to shoot Lindsay at 3 o’clock, that’s why no one saw it. Hair styled and makeup done and start a new part at 3 pm.”

Lindsay Lohan In A Club Soon Striptease?

Knowing that Lindsay Lohan is struggling to pay her rent various proposals available to it even crazier and if it was already too late for Lindsay Lohan? The young 26 year old woman can not seem to get out of this spiral of failure in which it is for some time Best known for her antics than for her acting career, Lilo is also struggling financially. So she just received a very special opportunity to earn money.Lindsay Lohan In A Club Soon Striptease

Indeed, the New York Strip Club, a club striptease therefore offered an opportunity for the woman to give him 16,000 dollars to help pay the rent of 8000 dollars a month for her house Beverly Hills But beware, in exchange, it must agree to submit a video chat on the club website that offers online rogues lives.

Lindsay Lohan In A Club Soon Striptease

For now, the star has not yet accepted this contract but her father said that her entourage had refused offers handsomely paid to the pub for a mobile application or to turn into a spot that promoted not drink alcohol before getting behind the wheel of her car For her father, refuse these opportunities is a grave mistake.

Lindsay Lohan In A Club Soon Striptease

Awaiting the verdict in her trial for dangerous driving and resisting a police officer who could extend behind bars, Lilo would do well to try to rebuild their financial health.

Lindsay Lohan Arrested Have Damages

Some time ago came the news that Lindsay Lohan was arrested because the police hit a man. Now the MEAN GIRLS star was even counterattack.Lindsay Lohan Arrested Have Damages

As reported by Digital Spy the 26-year woman plans to sue Jose Rodriguez on charges of defamation. The reason she considered giving false testimony related to the incident.

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Earlier Jose admitted wounded in the knee due to hit Lindsay. She was also revealed that Lindsay was drunk at the time so the police immediately secured.

A paparazzi sitting on the hood of my ca and then I was arrested. Makes no sense not fair, not fair,

The problem does not seem to ever be separated from life. Some time ago she had reportedly stolen necklace at a party held in Hollywood. Previously various legal problems ever face.

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Lindsay Lohan and Assistant Rumored So Theft Suspect

Legal affairs never are separated from the life of Lindsay Lohan, Now she and his assistant, Gavin Doyle, a suspected theft of watches and sunglasses. The stolen goods were estimated to be worth USD 100 thousand (USD 951 million).

Lindsay Lohan and Assistant Rumored So Theft Suspect

Lindsay Lohan and Assistant Rumored So Theft Suspect

Actress “Liz & Dick” was in the house reporter, Sam Magid, when Sam called the police and reported the theft. Police suspect Lindsay because she was seen partying in there but Sam then suddenly change report.

Police are still examining suspect 26-year-old actress. Police also asked for time to interview Gavin,Lindsay and attorney rejected by both. Until now spokeswoman Lindsay can not questioning.

This news pushed allegations to tarnish the name of Lindsay as Sam pulled back the report. However, if this news is true then aggravate the situation Lindsay is still lodged in the case of theft Venice jewelry store, could be back languished in jail because it was stolen again before his trial was completed in May 2014.

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Lindsay Lohan I’m Sad When the Medical Team Was Cute

Inexhaustible the ‘stunned’ Lindsay Lohan make a scene. After experiencing an emergency, the Twitter account, Lindsay Lohan was singing about her salvation officers are less cute.

Lindsay Lohan I'm Sad When the Medical Team Was Cute

Lindsay Lohan I’m Sad When the Medical Team Was Cute

A Friday event (15/6) is to make networking celebrities and Twitter so excited. With unconfirmed reports that children of celebrities Dina Lohan, who fights against drug and alcohol addiction, it was immediately taken to the hospital.

But her spokesman denied, bloody Irish and Italian actress was admitted to hospital and said she was treated only in the hotel because of exhaustion and dehydration.

As reported by Reuters, because Twitter is, Lindsay, on Saturday morning (16/6), has its own explanation. After working for 85 hours in four days, staying up all night for the filming, we can be sure someone could pass out from exhaustion. “I wish they (medical staff who helped) were cute. Otherwise, it would make a really sad,” said Lindsay

Lohan is working on a television movie, Liz and Dick, the love story actress Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, who was appointed to the movies

Lindsay Lohan joked Medical Team Problem After Fainting

Lohan LINSDAY use social networking twitter to explain the fatigue problems that befall him. However, she even joked about the emergency medical team sent in such cases is “cute”.

Lindsay Lohan joked Medical Team Problem After Fainting

Lindsay Lohan joked Medical Team Problem After Fainting

Chatter is uploaded on Friday (15/6) and was, celebrities and Twitter makes networking scene. Therefore  many suspect celebrity Linsday Lohan rushed to hospital.

But a spokesman for the actress has denied the speculation. According to him Lindsay admitted to treatment in the hotel because of exhaustion and dehydration.

In the humorous messages on Twitter are posted on the page Lindsay, Saturday morning (16/6) the actress gave an additional explanation.

Notes to self: After working 85 hours in four days, and awake all night for the filming, we can be sure you can pass out from exhaustion and seven paramedics may appear at your door,” so the message Lindsay. “I wish they were cute. Otherwise, it would make a really sad,” said Lindsay.

Currently, Lindsay is working on a television movie, “Liz and Dick”. The film revolves around the amorous actress Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton – who was appointed to the film.

In a statement Friday, a spokesman Lindsay – Steve Honig – said the actress had been asleep for a while and all the producers called paramedics because of fear because she did not come out of her room on Friday morning.

Lindsay Lohan Found in Hotel Room Fainting

Lindsay Lohan is never far from the fray. After the accident yesterday, now she’s reportedly unconscious in a hotel room where she was staying. What’s the story?

As quoted by Contactmusic, Mean Girls star was discovered unconscious in a hotel room Ritz-Carlton, located in Marina Del Rey, California. At that time, it seems that Lindsay is resting LIZ AND DICK filming.

Seeing the condition of the medical officer immediately deployed Lindsay but in fact found no signs of serious illness within the 25-year actress.

Related to this, spokeswomen Lindsay also directly provide confirmation. It said that the current condition of Lindsay is fine.

Lindsay spokesman also revealed that the health condition of the star is decreased due to fatigue. Nothing serious and he did not even need to be hospitalized.

Hit-paparazzi, Lindsay Lohan Sued $ 150 Million!

After an accident some time ago, now Lindsay Lohan is back faced with new problems. This time Lindsay demanded a photographer because of an accident in 2010.Hit-paparazzi, Lindsay Lohan Sued $ 150 Million! Hit-paparazzi, Lindsay Lohan Sued $ 150 Million!

As quoted by Contactmusic, the unknown photographer named Grigor Balyan is claimed to have been hit by Lindsay in 2010. At that time their positions were outside Los Angeles nightclub.

Actually photographer has filed a lawsuit since last January but only this time he would mention it demands for the nominal case.

In the document, noted that the photographers are demanding the Mean Girls star to pay the cost up to U.S. $ 16,468 (more than USD 155 million, according to the exchange rate of June 14, 2012). These costs are considered to be worth the cost of treatment and the damages to be borne by Grigor.

E! News reports that the suit was delivered on Sunday (10/6) and is now being processed in court. Well, actually winding life drama.

Lindsay Lohan Experienced Car Accident

Lindsay Lohan in a car accident when she crossed the Pacific Coast Highway California. Porsche race car that collided with a truck driven by Lindsay Triton. she and her assistant was immediately rushed to the hospital.Lindsay Lohan Experienced Car Accident

According to sources as reported by the NY Daily News 26-year-old actress was not seriously injured. But the assistant reportedly got injured in the making should be examined more intensely.

She (Lindsay) fine. Injury is not too heavy but her assistant were injured seriously enough. she should do a scan X-ray,” said the source.

He also said that when an accident occurs, Lindsay is away from the pursuing paparazzi. Source of information was gathered through conversations with Lindsay on the phone while it was in the hospital in Los Angeles on Friday (06/08/2012) afternoon.

Fortunately she was fine. Her Porsche (strong) like a tank but it’s a rental car, added the source.

From the photos that circulated on the internet the car driven by Lindsay looks badly damaged in the front. On the right side missing bumper and side mirror broke the passenger seat.

Lindsay Lohan Car Accident Severe Natural

Hollywood celebrities are often struggling with the issue Lindsay Lohan, back in the accident. she had a car accident and now to be admitted to hospital because of it.Lindsay Lohan Car Accident Severe Natural

Lohan who was then driving a black Porsche vehicle reportedly collided with a truck 18-wheeler vehicle while driving on Pacific Coast Highway. Her assistant is believed to be in the car with him when the accident occurred.

Site TMZ reported that the accident was so severe to the point of the windshield shattered and the rear bumper of the car body apart.

25-year-old actress was immediately taken to the emergency room at LA Hospital. However Santa Monica police revealed that the injury suffered was severe Lohan.

Regarding the news of this accident a source of strengthening the police statement by saying that he had spoken directly with Lohan. “I just spoke to she’s fine,” said the source. While the assistant suffered bruising and slight bleeding wounds.

Lohan thrown a black Porsche is reportedly also does not belong to the actress but a rental car.