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7 Lemon Benefits for Beauty

make money The materials of nature are believed efficacious for the skin. Like a lemon that can address various skin problems. Thanks to contain vitamin B, vitamin C, phosphorus and carbohydrates, lemon can treat acne, dark spots and much more. Compiled from Makeup and Beauty is her seven benefits of lemon. 1. Pimple Squeeze some fresh lemon and mix with ...

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4 Natural Ingredients That Can Whiten Skin

make money White and bright is often touted as the ideal woman’s skin. Moreover, for the face many women are focused to brighten the face and are willing to spend money to buy care products. In fact, using natural ingredients, safe for your skin because the skin layer is thinner, so it tends to be more easily irritated when using ...

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5 Natural Ingredients to Create a Spa at Home

make money After going home or vacation home from out of town, and the condition of the body is very tired, you also may feel the skin become dirtier because of solid activity while on holiday yesterday. Want to come to the spa for treatment, but was blocked by his lazy because they still want lazed at home. There is ...

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