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Latest Collection Valentino With Monochrome Color Domination

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The color red has always been the main color in clothing and accessories fashion house works Valentine. However, for the collection of Fall / Winter 2012, the monochrome color appears to be greater.

Latest Collection Valentino With Monochrome Color Domination

Latest Collection Valentino With Monochrome Color Domination

Thursday (09/14/2012) Valentino held a presentation event to show off her latest collection which already can be found in Indonesia. Almost all of the clothing and accessories from Valentino fashion show in Paris can be found at Valentino boutiques.

As usual Valentino always offer fashion ‘rather heavy and warm’ to winter collection. The word ‘heavy and warm’ here does not mean the selection of materials such as fur leather and wool. For Asian countries Valentino gives another option in the form of lighter materials such as viscose, cashmere and cotton.

Display ‘heavy and warm’ presented through a game here and there embroidery smock detail, stitching thread, and of course monochrome color. However roses and ribbon detail size which is the ‘signature’ Valentino can still be found in this latest collection.

Long-sleeved overalls, overalls maxi with rose detail on shoulders cardigans and jackets with a big ribbon embroidery ala Napoleon Bonaparte palette comes in black with white as an accent color. But still presenting Valentino dress wrapped like a bright red color and the new color, coral.

Collection Fall / Winter 2012 Valentino, seems very suitable for Indonesian women who do not want to appear too open. Most evening dresses present in the piece long sleeves and maxi dress. But for those who want to show off skin made of transparent dresses can be an option.

As for the collection aksori, Valentino presents new colors are dark purple and dark green peacock style. Both colors can be found in a series of handbags, tote bag, flat shoes and boots pumps. In this season, Valentino also offer small leather goods rangakan crate bag for iPad and wallet were on average sold at Rp 6 million.

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10 Wedding Dresses Latest Collection by Tina Andrean

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Tina Andrean recently held a fashion show to showcase her latest collection, titled ‘The Endless Bride’ for three days, starting on 1 to 3 June 2012 at Main atrium Gandaria City, Jakarta.

This time she got the inspiration from the wedding dress of the world’s leaders are iconic. What kind of wedding dress collection of works of Tina Andrean?

1. Versatility wedding dress gown

This beautiful wedding dress gown categorized as ‘Simple Elegant’. With a modern kebaya design that can also serve as an international modern dress tube models, if the boss kebaya opened.

2. Simple Elegant cross pleated detail gown

Simple Elegant cross pleated detail gown

Collection is still in the category ‘Simple Elegant’, this time she played with champagne color satin mermaid model line and cross pleated detail on waist detail.

3. Lace & Organza skirt volume gown

In the design of this dress, she tried to be creative with the mix of lace with organza in the skirt volume.

4. Wedding dresses Ala Korea

In the category of collections of both ‘Extravaganza’ Tina opened with a collection of Korean-style wedding dress made modern with a decorative ribbon on the chest.

5. World Leaders & Bridal Gown Iconic

The inspiration of this collection is a wedding gown from world figures such as Jackie Kennedy, Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn. Semi-cut dress with A-line organza material was inspired by Elizabeth Taylor’s gown.

6. Audrey Hepburn large flower motif gown

Still in the same collection, this time she uses a soft color other than white, the green peppermint in her large flower motif. This dress is inspired by Audrey Hepburn dress.

7. Lady Diana wedding dress

Beautiful dress accented with classic one-shoulder ruffle detail that comes with this long train, inspired by Lady Diana wedding dress.

8. Extra Ordinary bustier dress

For the category ‘Extra Ordinary’, Tina displays a piece bustier dress adorned with flower accent at the bottom of the dress. In addition, the dress is also given a crystal detail to look glamorous.

9. Grace Kelly

Next up is a dress made of lace that is inspired by Grace Kelly. This dress looks elegant with silk duchess satin material with a soft blend of thin lace.

10. No Ordinary tube dress

Tina also played with the creation of an unusual wedding dress, by adding a jacket with delicate tulle material with a hand model inflates. If the jacket is opened, the dress will instantly turn into a beautiful tube dress, made of lace and crystal detail on the chest.

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