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Katy Perry and Taylor Swift – Carrie Underwood Billboard Sparkle Red Carpet 2012

Event Billboard 2012 has ended, the winners have been announced but talks about the fashion of the stars are still hotly discussed. Anyone who is considered the best dressed?

Katy Perry and Taylor Swift - Carrie Underwood Billboard Sparkle Red Carpet 2012

Katy Perry and Taylor Swift - Carrie Underwood Billboard Sparkle Red Carpet 2012

Three names come to answer that question. Katy Perry, Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift stole the attention when walking the red carpet. Katy performed with lilac-colored dress, has wavy hair and dark lipstick that accentuates skin tones. She cried she came with her grandmother as her date.

In line with Katy, Carrie looks too inviting compliments. The singer who came accompanied by her husband was wearing a Cinderella-style gown soft pink color plated silver tulle Oscar de la Renta’s work. This dress looks very pretty, combined open-toe high heels silver.

Katy Perry and Taylor Swift - Carrie Underwood Billboard Sparkle Red Carpet 2012

Katy Perry and Taylor Swift - Carrie Underwood Billboard Sparkle Red Carpet 2012

Taylor Swift appeared with dramatic color, red. The dress is sleeveless cut, with detail on the chest and waist. The length of sweeping the floor, while the invisible accessories worn Taylor. Her hair was decomposed very simple, as simple as the color of her makeup.

Which one do you like?

Katy Perry

October 25, 1984, California, USA


Katy Perry was born Katherine Elizabeth Hudson by name on October 25, 1984 in California, USA. Katy decides to use her mother’s maiden name due to fear of mistaken with the actress Kate Hudson.

Since childhood, Katy was used to listening to gospel music. She often participated in activities in the church choir. Before deciding to move to Los Angeles, Katy actually got off of the album titled KATY HUDSON via the label Red Hill Records.

Katy has a long relationship with Travie McCoy, but in the end she married Russell Brand on October 23, 2010 in a traditional Hindu ceremony near the Ranthambhore tiger sanctuary in Rajasthan, India, the same location where Brand had proposed.

After 14 months of their marriage, there was a fight that resulted in a rift between Katy and Brand. Both decided to put their divorce papers before enjoying the Christmas holidays of 2011. Katy asked Brand to file for divorce, Katy honor parents are pastors.

Katy Perry was born Katherine Elizabeth Hudson by name on October 25, 1984 in California, USA. Katy decides to use her mother's maiden name due to fear of mistaken with the actress Kate Hudson.

Katy Perry was born Katherine Elizabeth Hudson by name on October 25, 1984 in California, USA. Katy decides to use her mother’s maiden name due to fear of mistaken with the actress Kate Hudson.


Katy never released a spiritual album, titled the same as the name in 2001 as Katy Hudson. However, the album was less successful. She later recorded an album with production team The Matrix and completed most of a solo album 2004-05, both of which none was released.

At the age of 18 years, Katy decided to move to Los Angeles and had joined the team The Matrix. With Glen Ballard, she had recorded three songs that bear the title The Next Big Thing given Blender magazine in October 2004. One of the songs she recorded with Ballard eventually released as the soundtrack to the film The Sisterhood OF THE TRAVELING PANTS.

In 2007, Katy signed with Capitol Music Group and changed her stage name to Katy Perry. She then released the first single Ur So Gay in November. The song is enough public attention although not included in the charts.

Early gained fame after the release of second single I Kissed a Girl in 2008, this time, Katy successfully topped the charts internationally. Later, in the same year, the first album ONE OF THE BOYS PERRY became the 33rd best selling album worldwide in 2008.

TEENAGE DREAM album was later released in August 2010 and debuted at the top of the Billboard 200. This album include the hit single California Gurls, Teenage Dream, Firework, ET and Last Friday Night (TGIF), all of which have topped the charts on the Billboard Hot 100.

With a single E.T. perched at the number one position on the charts on May 12, 2011, Katy became the first artist in history to spend a whole year, for 52 consecutive weeks in the top 10 Billboard Hot 100.

Not just struggling to sing and play music, Katy had the opportunity to be a guest judge on the seventh series of the British television show The X Factor. Katy also released a perfume called Purr. In the world of film, Katy also got the part to be the voice of Smurfette in the film in 2011, The Smurfs.

Katy Perry will visit Indonesia for a concert to be held at the Sentul International Convention Center on January 19, 2012. The concert of the series California Dreams tour will be the first concert Katy Perry in 2012.




Hello Katy Tour (2009)
California Dreams Tour (2011)


2008 Wildfire


2011 The Smurfs

Katy Perry A New Collection Of False Eyelashes For The Holidays

Doll before the eternal pop Katy Perry is adept delusions hair and other accessories necessary for its looks diva. In his vanity, false eyelashes of course the key accessory for a look Betty Boop sign. For the holidays the singer renewed her collaboration with Eylure and launching a line of false eyelashes XXL, 31 perfect.Katy Perry A New Collection Of False Eyelashes For The Holidays

Katy Perry is the phenomenon colorful waving American pop and world. Since she kissed a girl in her first hit the singer multiple appearances cheeky sometimes Smurfette, sometimes Cleopatra. Addicted to this color is sparing no efforts to get noticed posting Banana rock’n’roll electric blue or neon pink hair. The pretty brunette is not afraid of anything and a sacred addiction to false eyelashes she wears almost every exit on the red carpet. Normal accessory guarantees a pinup look without too much effort.

After a first collaboration in this area with the brand Eyelure and launch of the Pop Color Lashes Katy Perry is back with a new collection coming out this season. Menu, 4 versions of the thing for eyelashes to suit all tastes. Based on a classic black they are colored blue, purple or green for a look pop. The name also suffers, with names slamming Ka-Paw, Ka-Boom Ka-Ching, Ka-Zoom. Level packaging, you are entitled to an atmosphere of Comics with Katy Perry stylized fringe at the Betty Page neat and blue to boot.Katy Perry A New Collection Of False Eyelashes For The Holidays

False eyelashes are reserved to them about wanting a bold look XXL. The ideal is to test for a festive evening as New Year or almost anything goes.

Only downside the collection of false eyelashes by Katy Perry is available at Claire’s … USA and UK. Fortunately, the brand is also available on the e-shop ASOS.

Katy Perry Nails Strange & Unique

Katy Perry and nail art like never separated. Chanter ‘Wide Awake’ is always used nail polish unique and strange. Compiled from U.S. Magazine here are some photos of Katy Perry nails.

1. Supports ObamaSupports Obama

Katy Perry decorates own nails with the Obama image. Ornate nails as a form of support for Obama on the campaign last October.

2. Daria cartoon

Singer of ‘I Kissed a Girl “had been wearing nail polish with animated images’ Daria’. Cartoon character ‘Daria’ is used as nail decoration has become popular thanks to Katy.

3. SmurfSmurf

When it comes to the premiere of the movie ‘The Smurfs’ in July 2011 and then, lover John Mayer is decorating her nails with the blue animated images

4. Royal Wedding

In honor of the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton in April, 2011, Katy Perry uses facial polish with the royal family.

5. Russell BrandRussell Brand

While celebrating her marriage to Russell Brand’s first in September 2010, Katy decorating her nails with her husband’s face.

6. Polkadot

Katy Perry Nail art style is easily imitated. A sleep neon nail polish color as a base then a point black nail polish. Be a nail art polka.

7. Bling-BlingBling-Bling

Nails are decorated by Katy manicurist Kimmie Kyees. Kimmie put the crystal 5 mm in 28 years the singer nails.

8. Movie Nail ArtMovie Nail Art

When present at the premiere of her film, Katy Perry decorates own nails with a movie theme. Basic nail polish red color with decorative roll film the Hollywood sign, 3-D glasses and others.

Vampire Party! Katy Perry Invite John Mayer and Kristen Stewart

Katy held early birthday party by inviting a number of Hollywood celebrities including her boyfriend John Mayer and Kristen Stewart.Vampire Party! Katy Perry Invite John Mayer and Kristen Stewart

Katy Perry held a birthday party-28 early at The Magic Castle in Los Angeles. A number of celebrities were seen among the invited guests present including her boyfriend John Mayer and Kristen Stewart. Interestingly all those present at the party have to wear a Halloween costume.

Katy look gorgeous with a dress complete with vampire fangs and glowing red eyes. While John dressed as a vampire hunter wearing a hat and carrying a cane as a weapon. Both seem happy to spend time together at the party.

They like being in her own world, said one of the invited guests. It’s as if there’s only him and John. Katy had greeted her friends but then back to John. She’s like obsessed with John.Vampire Party! Katy Perry Invite John Mayer and Kristen Stewart

Meanwhile the Kristen were present at the party with friends Robert Pattinson, musicians Marcus Foster were also seen enjoying the atmosphere. sHe looks very happy surrounded by her friends all the time, said one source close to Kristen.

Unfortunately Robert who incidentally constitute friend Katy could not attend the party because it was doing promo The Twilight Saga’s Breaking Dawn Part II in Australia. The celebrities who attended the birthday party Katy among others Neil Patrick Harris Johnny, songwriter Diane Warren, actress Shannon Woodward, DJ Mia Moretti, Matt Dallas and others.Some time ago Katy was also caught on camera celebrating John’s birthday with a romantic dinner together at a restaurant

Katy Perry Decorate Nails With Obama’s Face

Who admires Obama since taking office as the number one in America. One of them Katy Perry. I was so impressed by, she even deliberately adorning her nails with the figure of the president’s face.Katy Perry Decorate Nails With Obama's Face

Forget the heart-shaped wear accessories in fashion, Katy decided to adorn her fingers with nail polish which attracted many people while performing in Los Angeles. Nails singer was transformed into ornate picture tribute to President Barack Obama while performing at a fundraising concert on Sunday night.

And with Obama’s face plastered on her ring finger, along with a symbol for the Democratic donkey in red white and blue, and the stars, it was apparent belief polytheistic Katy flavor.Katy Perry Decorate Nails With Obama's Face

I sang for President Barack Obama last night because they believe in Equal Rights for all, she said as the American flag at the event as quoted Dailymail.

She was deeply honored to be filled by the president’s event. After that, Obama came on stage to express his gratitude to his supporters after finishing in last debate in Denver.

Everyone who comes here is really professional. They are like a good friend and can be performed from night to night. I would always say the same thing, “added Obama.

Former Boyfriend Katy Perry Found Dead

Actor Johnny Lewis who also Katy Perry’s ex-boyfriend was found dead in the vicinity of his residence in Los Felix, California, on Wednesday.Former Boyfriend Katy Perry Found Dead

He died at the age of 28, and allegedly because of a fall from the balcony. The police were contacted to see Johnny’s body lying in the driveway where he lived.

When they look into his home police also found the body of a 81-year-old woman, Katherine Davis is the owner of the residence is Johnny.

According to TMZ the neighbors around the house screaming and heard Davis shortly Johnny out by climbing on the roof of his house. Police still have not determined the cause of death actor Sons of Anarchy and The OC them. However they suspect was involved in a fight with Johnny Davis.Former Boyfriend Katy Perry Found Dead

He died because of a fall whether it’s from a ladder or from the balcony or from one of the roof. We suspect Johnny fight and caused the old woman died. Then he (Johnny) came out had a dispute with some neighbors then went back into the house and when we got here he fell or somehow killed in the driveway, said the leader of the LAPD, Andrew Smith.

Just to note dated Johnny known Katy for 18 months. Their relationship had run aground in March 2007.Similarly as reported by The Sun Friday (28/09/2012).

Russell Brand & Katy Perry Divorce Reveals Reason

Russell Brand Katy Perry divorced with two months ago. However a lot of rumors about the divorce couples who just 14 months of marriage was established.Russell Brand & Katy Perry Divorce Reveals Reason

Katy called not want to have children because still busy career. In addition Russell and Katy are too busy making a rare meeting. Communication in the household they become.

However the news was just speculation and rumor only. But Russell finally revealed the real reason he decided to divorce from Katy. Russell admitted he was with Katy did not have a match. British comedian and even then gave the parable of the character himself and Katy.

Sometimes it goes well sometimes not. But when you feel there is a mismatch then in any relationship regardless of the status of the individual it seems better to take the parting, said Russell told Celebuzz, Thursday (09/27/2012).

Russell believed that if a marriage is a union of two individuals who have in common with each other. However it did not seem he encountered when he started housekeeping with Katy.

I do not know for sure because I find so many different and interesting people. But I think if you want a bike to the mountain then it is better you go with people who want to bike to the mountain, he explained.

I think if you are a dedicated professional tennis player and you’re married to a drug addict then you might have trouble.

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Katy Perry Give Her House key For John Mayer

Katy Perry is said to have given a spare key luxury home in Los Angeles to John Mayer so that they can live together.

Katy Perry Give Her House key For John Mayer

Katy Perry Give Her House key For John Mayer

Just to note the singer of the song “Your Body is Wonderland” is often stays in hotel. In fact John has a house.

Katy accidentally gave her key to John because they were dating. Their relationship was reportedly getting serious. Therefore, she thinks doing the right thing.

John thought it would be easier to stay in the hotel than at home. But Katy insisted that she should stay with him. She thought it was a sensible thing,” said the source.

Family and friends were delighted because the singer Katy “Firework” was able to get up after her divorce from Russell Brand. However they were asked not hurried when establishing new relationships.

According to a friend while drunk John and Katy even had to throw a joke about marriage during a trip to Las Vegas.

Katy Perry – John Mayer Tab Sailing Bancara

Apparently this relationship was not good ending. When met in a dinner of a friend, John Mayer and Katy Perry push each other to talk.

Katy Perry - John Mayer Tab Sailing Bancara

Katy Perry – John Mayer Tab Sailing Bancara

Of course the condition makes clumsy enough considering both been involved affair. Their friends mention Katy and John alike impersonator not know one another.

It was an irony! Katy sits directly in a column John in the other room. During bumped their heads bowed. Everyone can feel their work towards cool, said a friend Katy Perry as quoted from Dailymail.

Say Perry heartbreak heavy enough commotion Mayer unilateral decision. All this is doing is installing a wide-wide smile despite her pain. Oh, Perry …