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Katie Holmes Face of Beauty Secret & Wear Snail Slime Extracts

Although she was already the head of three Katie Holmes still looks like the old days when it starred in the series ‘Dawson’s Creek’. What is the secret of her young face remained pretty durable so far apparently use snail slime extract.

Katie Holmes Face of Beauty Secret & Wear Snail Slime Extracts

Katie started using snail slime extract for beauty care after household with Tom Cruise shaky. A close friend of the actress said at the time it was the toughest moment for women is 34 years.

She knows there is a lot to be pursued for her career and she’s trying to make it look as attractive as possible. A friend recommends using snail gel and she was pleased to see her skin becomes smoother, said friend Katie at Look magazine.

Extract slug past few years has become popular. The content of the snail slime unbelievable powerful scar removal acne and wrinkles. Missha is one cosmetic brand in South Korea which has a snail extract product that is Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail Cream. The product was launched in 2010 in the claims can refine regeneration and heal the skin. The product contains 70% snail extract.

Korean cosmetics brand that also sells snail extract is It’s Skin. Brand is producing Prestige Creme D’escargot Snail Cream containing 21% snail extract.

Not only Korean cosmetics manufacturer who uses snails as their flagship product. Cosmetics brands in the United States are also quite a lot that sells snail extract. Brands that include Andes Nature, Capibell, De Tuinen, Elicina and Alfa.

Katie Holmes Poses for Bobbi Brown!

Katie Holmes was named muse of the brand makeup. Discover her first shot for the brand! In September, the famous makeup brand announced that Katie Holmes is named the first celebrity muse. Today, Bobbi Brown unveils the first shot of this collaboration.

Katie Holmes Poses for Bobbi Brown!

For the promotion of new pencils eyeshadow teaches the mother of Suri neck pose dressed in a variety of beads, hair loose on her shoulders and voluminous wavy look smoking & A superb eye smoky gray matching the color of her eyes and rosy lips to soften its sophisticated look.

La belle shows us that nothing can stop it, not even a failed marriage.

Katie is a big fan of the cosmetic brand she used before this collaboration. She explains: The color palettes Bobbi Brown are not extreme, so when I started wearing makeup, I thought it was comfortable and I did not feel too bear.

But it is also Bobbi Brown in person that greatly appreciates actress: I met him; it’s a lovely person, so generous. I think it is so exciting that it has built this business. It is an incredible woman. So I am delighted at all levels.

What do you think of the new face of the brand?

Katie Holmes And Suri Cruise Reviews By Cold In New York!

It is freezing cold in New York … But Katie Holmes and daughter Suri ensure in all circumstances!

Katie Holmes And Suri Cruise Reviews By Cold In New York!

Winter is tough in the Big Apple. But this is not the blizzard, snow and freezing temperatures that will prevent Katie Holmes and daughter Suri Cruise the youngest fashionista Hollywood to be stylish!Katie Holmes And Suri Cruise Reviews By Cold In New York!

Paparazzies the streets of Manhattan, where Katie Holmes has a gorgeous apartment the mother and daughter were in their perfectly fitting jackets dark blue. But if the lovely Suri wore a pink pants her mother opted for the ear flap just to stay in cold weather fashion.Katie Holmes And Suri Cruise Reviews By Cold In New York!

And even if Dead Accounts the play in which she was to make her big comeback was not as successful as expected the former Tom Cruise can count on the noblest of roles to thrive the mom.

Biography of Katie Holmes

Name: Katie Holmes
Occupation: Actress / Egeria
Birth: December 18, 1978
Age: 34 years
Sign: Sagittarius
Country: United States

Biography of Katie Holmes

Biography of Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes was born December 18, 1978 deep in USA, Ohio, she was the youngest of a large family with five children. Soon, the young Katie falls in Love Theater, dreaming of glory and glitter, it invests bodies and souls in the company of her school.

Serious girl and educated in the religious conservative, it is nonetheless a teenager more than physical pest. Its 1.75 meters her waist, her eyes and her rabble elegance, grow in a first time on the podium but soon the call of Hollywood made him turn back.

At only 17 years old, so the young Katie arrives in the city of angels and not long landed her first role in the movie, The Ice Storm Ang Lee, released in theaters in 1998.
She then noticed for her talent and ability to generate some curiosity. Inflated, it sends a cassette Kevin Williamson, creator of the new television series Dawson.
Her ingenious idea caught the eye of producer who offered him to play as a major character in the series: Joey Potter.

Young teen sitcom rapidly gaining public affection by her facial expressions so special, his charm and her troubles especially sentimental & Side look, however, nothing is gained: the character of Joey is a tomboy. So the poor actress wears a hair cut mat, large shirts and jeans cut unflattering.

The grueling pace shoots, leaves him very little opportunity to audition in Hollywood. It will not run as three films during this period: Disturbing Behavior, Intuition and Wonder Boys But will still have the chance to share the stage with the wonderful Michael Douglas.

The judgment of the series in 2003, the death knell of anonymity for Katie Holmes to plunge bottomed before rising to the top in 2005. That year, she landed at the same time: an important role in the movies Batman Begins and the heart of the famous Tom Cruise.
Remember the handsome actor Top Gun, madly in love, hopping live on Oprah’s couch!? Coming out of that famous National decoules have a marriage of the most romantic atop the Eiffel Tower, a wedding in Italy people and of course the birth of the mini miss “Suri” in 2006.Katie Holmes enrolls Suri in Catholic school

The woman then saw one fairy tale that many women want to live. Cupid gave him the heart of the highest paid actor in Hollywood and stardom awaited.
But to be at the height of her new role, the beautiful must make a real transformation. Surrounded by top designers, it becomes over months a fashion icon. New haircut, Chanel now she attends fashion shows with her new best friend, the very fashion Victoria Beckham.
The biggest brands such as Armani Gap or fight for the delicious actress take the pose. In 2009, she made envious becoming the new face of the brand Miu Miu.

Far from being intoxicated by lightning this celebrity, Katie Holmes began ambitiously. Her conversion to Scientology has not inhibited her faith for the art business. Mrs. Cruise, conscious of his image and impact the look of his daughter in the media launched alongside the designer Jeanne Yang clothing line for children.

Now accustomed to the eyes of the world are fixed on Katie Holmes, driven by her beloved husband will launch soon a reality TV program “” So you think you can dance.

A 31-year-old actress with luscious lips and eyes rabble always seems so in love with her famous husband. Mother and devoted wife Katie now wants to shine for her new acting talent. Her comeback on the Broadway stage will probably be a new milestone in her already busy life.

Katie Holmes Wants Adoption Daughter?

Katie Holmes is rumored to soon adds a baby. Not to marry again but reportedly wanted to adopt a girl to be sisters Suri. Really?Katie Holmes Wants Adoption Daughter

Lately Suri has asked the sister she even prayed at night and touched the day Katie. Goal is to expand your family in the next year, said a source quoted by Showbiz Spy.

According to sources the actress Rachel Dawes in the film Batman Begins was trying to find out any information about the adoption process. Katie was said to have consulted with the adoption agency high-end standard.

She prefers a two-year-old toddler who needs a house rather than a newborn baby, said the source again.

Besides planning to give sister to Suri, Katie Holmes also began to change her life becomes simpler since her divorce with Tom Cruise. If she usually always up luxury cars and private jets not this time.

As the photo was taken by Life & Style magazine Katie looks riding the subway or subway. At the time Katie appeared relaxed wearing a white sweater jeans and sunglasses big black bag.

She also teaches a simple lifestyle to her six-year-old. Katie is often seen picking Suri in school and they were returning home on foot.

Post-Divorce Katie Holmes Enjoy Life Without Tom Cruise

Widowhood does not make Katie Holmes grieve. Instead the star of ‘Dawson’s Creek’ is said to be enjoying her new life without her ex-husband Tom Cruise.Post-Divorce Katie Holmes Enjoy Life Without Tom Cruise

Katie is developing her new life. Yeah, there are some dark moments but she was more than ready to begin the next phase of life after her divorce from Tom Cruise, said a source as quoted by Radar Online.

As a widely circulated that Tom and Katie divorce background by star attitude ‘Mission Impossible’ who likes to set. Katie feels that her professional career was not going well because she married Tom. the source added.

Katie recently busy with her role in the film ‘Dead Accounts’ plans to marry but not now. She also decided not to get involved in romance and dating anyone.

She believes in love and planning to marry again someday but have not planned a date in the near future. Katie focuses on being the best parent for Suri (Cruise) and continues the transition to their new life together. Bringing new man in this situation will only make the stress Suri and Katie have not really recovered from the collapse of her marriage to Tom, added the source.

Katie Holmes Did Not Get The Treoasure Divorce With Tom Cruise

Katie Holmes did not get the treasure gono-gini of divorce with Tom Cruise. Even so she still other assets securing such wedding.

Katie Holmes Did Not Get The Treoasure Divorce With Tom Cruise.

Katie Holmes Did Not Get The Treoasure Divorce With Tom Cruise.

In addition to jewelry Katie also get luxury items like bags given Tom as a gift.

Tom was very generous to Katie with lavish gifts during their marriage. And Katie will keep the treasures worth millions of dollars of jewelry Hermes handbags and other luxury items, a source told RadarOnline.

As per the covenant of marriage she could not claim the treasure gono-gini in divorce. However based on this provision Katie also has the right to secure all jewelry, handbags accessories and expensive clothes.

Tom gave Katie diamond earrings as a birthday present one year of marriage for U.S. $ 500,000. Chances are it will be given to Suri Katie one day, said the source.

In her divorce with Tom Katie does not require much other than for the benefit of Suri.

Suri has always been a priority for her. During talks divorce she just wanted to make sure that she and Suri will be guaranteed well-being, said the source.

As reported earlier Katie asks apart from Tom who had married since 2006. Katie demanded full custody of her Suri, Suri while Tom may visit at any time.

Katie Holmes Buy Underwear Up to $ 142 Million

Actress Katie Holmes indulged himself after the official divorce with Tom Cruise. Katie went shopping and bought underwear to spend Rp 142 million.Katie Holmes Buy Underwear Up to $ 142 Million

A source told National Enquirer magazine revealed Katie really want to pamper her with shopping after officially divorced from Tom. She spent money almost U.S. $ 15 thousand for sexy lingerie and other underwear,” said the source.

Not only underwear is bought by the star of the series ‘Dawson’s Creek’ was. “She also bought 15 pairs of Christian Louboutin shoes,” added the source.

Do not stop there, Katie shopping activity continued to come to the department store Barneys, New York. There, she bought a dress and an expensive suit.

Sources said that after the formal divorce, the mother of a daughter that now it was setting himself again. She even consulted with a number of motivators to make himself into a new person.

She wants to show the world that she is beautiful, confident and talented, a single mother who is also a successful career,” said the source.

Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes Officially Divorced

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes divorced, Pair of actors and actresses that officially ended the marriage that has existed for five years, after a New York judge signed a final decision on Monday (20/08/2012).Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes Officially Divorced

As quoted by Contactmusic of E! ‘News, Tom and Katie formally split just two months after Katie’s filed for divorce. Due to ‘flee’ Katie, Tom also reportedly had shock and collapsed.

The results of the negotiations between the two sides, it was decided and agreed that Katie will hold custody of their only child, Suri, who is now six years old While Tom was given the right to visit his daughter as freely as he wants.

Katie and Suri will be settled in New York, while Tom had to divide her time to live in two places, between New York and Los Angeles. For 50-year-old actor, this is the third divorce.

Tom’s first marriage to Mimi Rogers lasted only three years. While his second marriage with Nicole Kidman, ended after 10 years of marriage. Both have two children adoption outcomes, Isabella (19) and Connor (17).

Katie Holmes Happier divorce from Tom Cruise

Katie Holmes is now a new woman and claimed to be happier after the divorce from Tom Cruise.

Katie Holmes Happier divorce from Tom Cruise

Katie Holmes Happier divorce from Tom Cruise

Katie filed for divorce from Tom in June. Katie is now said to be happier because she is no longer at the mercy of Tom and freely embraced the teachings of Scientology Tom.

She can now look at her family again. She feels free to concentrate on her career and no longer live in fear because of the teachings of Scientology, said a close friend Katie as quoted by RadarOnline.

Katie has become a new woman she feels more fresh free from Tom and does not have fear anymore in this world, continued the source.

Since her marriage to Tom Katie famous through would ‘Dawson Creek’ as it gets stuck in a career. Tom did it because strict control over his career. Katie is now free from it, and ready to resume her career.

Tom is also affecting his in a career in film so that he could not steer his career the way he wants. Tom has complete control over what he wants to do and Katie loses their liberty, continued the source.

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