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Kate & William Given Shell Necklace in Solomon Islands

make money Duchess of Cambridge was greeted by 30 dancer’s topless woman in a small village in Marau, Solomon Islands in the circuit tour. The couple was also given several untain necklace beads made romo shells, nut shells, and tooth dolphins were found stranded on the beach. Colorful necklace whose value could reach 150 pounds (approximately Rp2, 3 million) per ...

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William – Kate Got ‘Banish’ 777 People Coming to the Wedding

make money An astonishing fact revealed last year after Prince William and Kate Middleton get married. It turned out that they had ‘cast’ hold 777 people before their wedding. Getting rid of what? As reported by the Dailymail, before their marriage, they are presented with a list of invited guests whose names are totally foreign to William and Kate. Ironically, ...

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