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The new torque-Johnny Depp Amber Heard no longer seemed to doubt. However some believe that the actor uses this relationship to make Vanessa Paradis jealous. What is it really?Johnny Depp Amber Heard A Way To Make Vanessa Paradis Jealous?

If Johnny Depp and Amber Heard had put an end to their relationship last year because some slandered the fact that Amber had "broken the household" Johnny and Vanessa Paradis, it is now almost certain that Johnny Depp is back with Amber Heard! One might therefore think that the actor has dark after 14-year relationship with Vanessa turned the page and life resumes.Johnny Depp Amber Heard A Way To Make Vanessa Paradis Jealous?

But as we know life is not a bed of roses because there are always disturb him! Some are in fact not satisfied with the couple formed by Amber and Johnny and think it uses the woman returned to the ex-girlfriend of Johnny jealous. So it really is Depp lovers Heard or is it his relationship with her to annoy the mother of his children?Johnny Depp Amber Heard A Way To Make Vanessa Paradis Jealous?

It would not be silly to think that Johnny Depp has not forgotten the woman with whom he spent 14 years of his life and with whom he had children. A source also said that the actor "did not abandon it," Vanessa Paradis, and that "it was her obsession.Johnny Depp Amber Heard A Way To Make Vanessa Paradis Jealous?

" These statements could explain the willingness of Johnny Depp to go on holiday with Vanessa Paradis and their children to maintain their families, as well as gold pendant she gave her after their separation. However, another source told the New York Post that "Johnny is the kind of guy to fall deeply in love and he vowed not to let a girl as beautiful and intelligent Amber slip through his fingers.Johnny Depp Amber Heard A Way To Make Vanessa Paradis Jealous?

" The Sun newspaper has revealed that his side's interpreter Jack Sparrow ever sent poems for Amber to get back together. We do not know what to think of this case!

A relationship between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard began in 2011 and finally last only a short time. It seems today that the links were not totally broken.Johnny Depp Again with Amber Heard

It is in 2011 that Johnny Depp meets Amber Heard on the set Rum Diary. Both actors cling fast and are very close to each other so much so that shortly after separation Paradis-Depp rumors of Johnny Depp in a relationship with Amber Heard swells. Rumor has also proved true as the beautiful brown literally fell in love with the young woman of 26 years. Johnny Depp Again with Amber Heard

But their relationship was quickly stopped by Amber could no longer bear to be then considered a home wrecker. However, it seems now that things have changed! Amber and Johnny were indeed surprised Monday flirting all night on a charge of AV Nightclub in Los Angeles where they were.Johnny Depp Again with Amber Heard

Are they new couple or was it simply an evening of reunion? And although it may well be that the flame between Amber and Johnny is rekindled if it was off and that their relationship could last longer this time. Johnny Depp Again with Amber Heard

During this evening, the two lovebirds call them like that have privatized terrace of the box and finished their exit from the star of Pirates of the Caribbean. In addition, after leaving Hawaii with Amber Heard last year Johnny Depp has not hesitated to flying with his girlfriend this time for a vacation on his private island in the Bahamas! So, what do you say, do you? Do you think the couple Johnny Depp and Amber Heard?

Actress and model Vanessa Paradis first interview session after the fabric of romance with actor Johnny Depp for 14 years ran aground. When interviewed declined to discuss Vanessa Depp.

LoveBroke Up Will Not Talk Vanessa Paradis Johnny Depp Problem
LoveBroke Up Will Not Talk Vanessa Paradis Johnny Depp Problem

I do not want to talk about him, she said in an interview with Elle magazine. The interviews were conducted in order to promote her latest film, 'Cornouailla', as quoted by the People.

39 year-old women even though she was the artist does not mean that all must be told to the public. Who says artists have to sell their souls revealing anything about themselves? It's my duty to promote the film and album but you do not know how it feels to see people make the pain of others as a business, she explained.

Vanessa re-adds what happened between her and Depp is her business. She felt the other party is not entitled to know.

Only in the interview, Vanessa was revealing little about the condition and feelings after her love relationship with Depp ended. She admitted quite happy.

I do not have a recipe for happy, but I think the way enough to have passion. Not with us feeling overwhelmed forced, said a woman who has given Depp's two children.

French-born model was added, she was not like when advised about the romance. For me, I want to be where I am today, she said.

Now is definitely Vanessa should take care of two of their children and divide their time for a career in the United States and France. About her children, Lily-Rose Melody Depp and John "Jack" Christopher Depp III, she was very proud of them.

My kids are big now they are more independent. My daughter loves to sing. Jack, he's a guitarist," Gomez said. Although her children have demonstrated artistic talent like their parents, Vanessa hoping they would rather spend the time to learn and live the days as children in general.

Mid-July the celebrity couple Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis to announce his farewell. Some time ago the two lovebirds are reunited. Are they backing together?

Johnny Depp & Vanessa Paradis Back Together
Johnny Depp & Vanessa Paradis Back Together

Depp, Vanessa and their two children met again at their home in France. According to sources quoted by U.S. Magazine the former couple who dated for 14 years seemed to enjoy meeting them.

They seem to get along together. They joke Visible Johnny holds Vanessa's hand, said the source.

Although Depp and Vanessa's body language seemed cordial but they are not interested in having you again. They're looking ahead not back," said the source.

According to sources the star of 'Pirates of Caribbean' that was dating a model Amber Heard. Although rumored to drop out but apparently they still having an affair.

Johnny Depp seems to have a unique hobby which is collecting Barbie dolls. Even collected Barbie character famous artists such as Lindsay Lohan.

Well Johnny Depp Collector Barbie Doll
Well Johnny Depp Collector Barbie Doll

He has dozens of limited edition Barbie, a source said quoted by Femalefirst.

He also had a Barbie doll Beyonce and Destiny's Child the High School Musical New Kids on Block Elvis and even Donny Osmond, added the source.

According to sources so his hobby of collecting dolls Pirates of the Caribbean actor itu sampai seek complementary accessories.

The most strange is the Lindsay Lohan doll complete with ankle bracelet monitoring, such as when he was under house arrest, he said.

According to sources a hobby is quite helpful in dealing with problems entertaining Johnny his life.

Johnny's mother Betty Palmer was recently hospitalized in Los Angeles because of respiratory illness. Johnny also recently separated from his friend for 14 years Vanessa Paradis who had given him two children Lily-Rose (13) Jack (10).

The fire of romance between Johnny Depp (49) by Amber Heard (26) is now fading. Amber reportedly fed up with the 'drama' that is around them.

Johnny Depp-love Amber Heard following Paradis split
Johnny Depp-love Amber Heard following Paradis split

Amber is believed to be the third leading cause of divorce Johnny by Vanessa Paradis. But their relationship has recently become cold and Amber begins to pull away from Johnny.

As quoted Dailymail, a source said Amber is currently taking steps to think about her relationship with Johnny.

Amber did not ever want some sort of attention from Johnny. She really liked Johnny, but she does not like 'drama'," said a source.

"She's not really sure what will happen to them. But she just wants attention so that the atmosphere becomes cold before anything happened," continued the source.

Amber and Johnny's relationship began shortly after they finished filming The Rum Diary. Johnny then announced her break with Vanessa, while the end of the beloved daughter Amber, Tricia van Ree.

Johnny and Amber are definitely involved in the affair. They are attracted to each other when together on the set. Amber secretly split from Michael Jackson, while Johnny secretly split from Vanessa, so the timing is right," said the source.

They dated for months, long before Johnny publicly announced separation from Vanessa," said the source.

Disconnect from the lover who has been living together for 14 years is sad but the move was only made Johnny Depp was relieved. 49 year-old actor confide to her friend that her decision to end a relationship with Vanessa Paradis as a load off.

Johnny Depp Feeling Relieved End of Vanessa Paradis
Johnny Depp Feeling Relieved End of Vanessa Paradis

Johnny told me he felt very relieved to finally get away from his relationship with Vanessa,he felt the burden of the toughest so far has been lifted from his shoulders," said the source told Showbizspy of RadarOnline.

The source added only the closest people who know how hard efforts over the fact that Johnny's relationship with Vanessa is over. Movie stars 'Dark Shadows' is known to party into the night, drinking alcohol and getting out of control. It made friends worried.

But after he and Vanessa admitted that they had broken up he was finally able to release the burden and no longer 'wallowing' in agony, said the source.

After announcing his farewell to the public the father of two children ready to move on. The source revealed that Johnny's happy to be out with another woman and free to do whatever he wants.

His relationship with Vanessa ended badly and now he's happy again. He was relieved it was all over and can move on, he added.

After 14 years building a relationship, the relationship Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis have to end. Before the break they reportedly had a big fight, for what?

Before the End, Johnny Depp & Vanessa Paradis Good Fight
Before the End, Johnny Depp & Vanessa Paradis Good Fight

The former model told Depp to work harder. Once the star of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ was a success even hates his girlfriend Vanessa, although Depp produces a lot of money and threw them to their luxurious life.

Vanessa began to feel she sacrificed her career for Depp, says their close friend as reported by U.S. Magazine.

Depp also was upset with her boyfriend's attitude. Johnny is good enough for Vaness. When working Depp, Vanessa does not happy and when it does not work, Vaness called slackers who do not do anything for children and their families, explained her friend.

As you know, during the marriage relationship without Depp and Vanessa have two children Lily-Rose namely, (13) and Jack (10). Since January, their relationship was rumored to crack but they still denied.

Johnny is heartbroken. But they agreed that children are not affected will be affected. For that they do not announce it, added the source.

But eventually Depp and Vanessa did not want to conceal from the public. Last June, the couple who had always seen it announced through publicist compact they have parted ways amicably.

The news story of romance between Johnny Depp (49) by Amber Heard (26) rather than issues. Both are actually dating.

Johnny Depp and Amber Really Heard Dating
Johnny Depp and Amber Really Heard Dating

Depp Vanessa Paradis announces split from the already 14 years living with her and gave her two children. Depp met Amber while making The Rum Diary FLM. But both are now believed to be romantically involved.

They are 100% dating. Johnny Amber treated very well, said one source quoted by Female first.

Amber is also a bisexual girlfriend who had broken up with a photographer Tricia van Ree.

Depp chose to separate from Vanessa because it was already bored with the French actress.

Johnny did not want to be with Vanessa again. They have grown so much and he wanted to be free and try new things. He was bored and did not make sense to him along with Vanessa made him miserable, continued the source.

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Johnny Depp is rumored to get bored in a relationship with Vanessa Paradis for 14 years. Therefore the star of Dark Shadows ended their relationship.

Johnny Depp Vanessa Paradis Affairs For Bored
Johnny Depp Vanessa Paradis Affairs For Bored

Johnny felt relationship with the French artist was very sad and not as attractive as before. After breaking up men aged 49 wants to enjoy the freedom to do the fun.

Johnny did not want anymore with Vanessa. They have been together so far, and he wanted to live freely and to try new things. He was bored with the relationship that makes no sense along with Vanessa made him very sad. Johnny wanted to end the relationship since last year. He was tired and want to get out for a long time, said a source.

Despite choosing broke up Johnny remained hopeful Vanessa can live a happier life. Just to note the couple has been blessed with two children, Lily-Rose (13) and Jack (10) as quoted by Femalefirst, Friday (06/22/2012).