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5 Beauty Trends from New York Fashion Week 2012

New York Fashion Week Spring / Sumer 2013 that took place in the second week of September 2012 not only bring the trend for fashion only.

In a week-long fashion show was also presented the beauty trends that can be replicated. Reported by Harper’s Bazaar, she’s make-up trends and the latest hair from New York Fashion Week.

1. Carolina Herera Models Hair Style Carolina Herera

Hair style models present in the show works as a Carolina Herera called hairstyle robust architecture. Hair stylists are believed to produce hairstyle was Orlando Pita. She made the model’s hair to be straight. At the bangs pulled back. To keep hair neat without the hair, Pita sprayed anti-wrinkle serum on the hair.

2. Herve Leger HairHerve Leger Hair

At the Herve Leger show, hair stylist Laurent Philippon made the model very feminine hair with braids hairstyle first up dicatok hair straight and smooth. Then, take the hair on the side and braid. Then, the rest of the hair is divided into two, and then pull the braid at the back until it reaches the back of the ear, then flops Biarka rest of the hair hanging forward.

3. Nail Art BloodNail Art Blood

Experts from Sally Hansen manicure nail art making inspired blood Prabal Gurung show. The nail manicurists make a model on the basis of clear nail polish, which is inlaid with red nail polish and shaped like drops of blood. Creative!

4. Jason Wu Shiny Smooth SkinJason Wu

Jason Wu incorporates all existing beauty trends. Dewy skin or shiny smooth skin, thick eyebrows and red lipstick blended into one. One word, Bold!

5. Donna Karan in the show New York Fashion Week Spring / Sumer 2013 With Pink Eye MakeupDonna Karan in the show New York Fashion Week Spring Sumer 2013 With Pink Eye Makeup

Donna Karan made a model in the show New York Fashion Week Spring / Sumer 2013 with pink eye makeup. Pink eye shadow used as a substitute eyeliner applied to the eye line.

Herve Leger