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Reduce Portion Eating Tips to Lose Weight

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Large meals contribute to weight gain and make obesity especially if the food eaten is processed foods, junk foods and high calorie. Normally, a grown woman needs 2,000 calories per day in order to move properly.Reduce Portion Eating Tips to Lose Weight

But because of uncontrolled diet can make you mengasup twice as many calories. If you are accustomed to eating large portions, then start reducing it bit by bit. These tips start, as quoted by the Huffington Post.

1. Note the size of plate
Large plate will inspire you to take more food, because it gives the illusion as if food was on the plate is not full. When taking food, use a smaller plate so you will not go crazy because of the space provided is full and the food could spill.

2. Expand Vegetable and Fruit
Simply take rice, puree potatoes or other carbohydrates of your fist. Then fill half the plate with fruits and vegetables. For side as protein, take a small piece of meat or chicken breast, tofu and fish can also be restricted but only a quarter of the plate. That way, you will be more mengasup rich vegetables and fruits as well as, vitamins, minerals, and low in calories.

3. Reduce Calories from Drinks
Calories in drinks more difficult to control than the calories in the food when drinking cafĂ© latte with whipped cream, for example, you’ll sip it down without realizing there are hundreds of calories in the body. When eating out, order a mineral water, tea or fresh juice without sugar.

4. Buy snacks in Small Packaging
Do not buy potato chips, cookies or crackers in large packs. When taking food from the packaging, you will continue to eat it until it runs out. Purchase snacks in small packs to prevent you from overeating. Or pour some of the contents of the snack size packs into a small jar-jar. In addition to saving money, you also reduce the accumulation of plastic waste.

5. Messages Beverage Size Small
Fast-food restaurants typically provide various sizes of drinks, ranging from small, medium and large. Order the smallest size of the glass; do not be tempted by the offer of a percentage cheaper if booked large glasses.

6. Avoid Foods That Make You ‘Addicted’
If you know will not be able to stop munching potato chips or pop corn barbeque flavor but has run out, so do not even try to start it. Choose snacks that you can control yourself when to stop eating.

7. Do not be Distracted Labels on Packaging
Many packaged foods labeled organic, non-fat or no artificial sweeteners. But that does not mean you can eat as much as dime. Keep looking at the ingredients and nutritional information on average values on the packaging. If labeled organic but written containing sugar, flour or flavor enhancers, so limit or avoid consumption.

8. Avoid Restaurants All-You-Can-Eat
Recto concept of buffet or all you can eat may be more efficient because it is so much choice of food / drink that can eat as much. But that will trigger you to eat more than the daily calorie needs. Eating in restaurants or regular ala carte would be safer for your body weight.

9. Sharing Food
You can just order jumbo-sized meals, but remember to share it with my friends who came with you. So is the dessert, order one portion to eat two or three. That way, you can prevent the desire to overeat.

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7 Signs It’s Time You Need to Lose Weight

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Many women are not aware that overweight eat whatever he wants. Keep in mind excess weight can cause negative effects for both health and appearance. These signs your weight exceeds the ideal limit and need to be lowered as quoted from the All Women Stalk.

1. Worn Clothes Already Too NarrowWorn Clothes Already Too Narrow

If you normally wear clothes that are too narrow in the body this means that the sign needs to throw a few pounds of excess fat on the body. Immediately set your exercise schedule!

2. Rebuke from Mrs

Mom is the one who knew exactly who you are and can accept all his conditions. So if he was talking about being overweight mean it is the point where you’ve had to lose weight.

3. Tired EasilyTired Easily

Feeling tired and lethargic ongoing or as having no energy is one of the characteristics of an unhealthy body due to excess weight. Return the condition of the body to burn excess fat.

4. Advice from Doctors Advice from Doctors

It is unmistakable. Being overweight can cause a variety of chronic diseases such as heart disease and diabetes. Should follow if you are advised to lose weight to avoid serious diseases.

5. You start Avoiding the MirrorYou start Avoiding the Mirror

This may be because you are not dressed as a mirror. Similarly when you are afraid to be photographed. So from now on listen to the heart to start dieting.

6. Eating Excessive

Eating Excessive
Adult women require intake of 2,000 calories per day to stay healthy. But if you’re addicted to snack until lunch menu can not remember what has been eaten, it means you eat a snack habits are unnatural. Check your weight and measure how many inches of fat under the skin thickness. If the size exceeds the normal limit then it is time for dieting.

7. Conscience

Never dismiss what the heart, because it might be true. As conscience telling you that you need to lose weight. Reflect, and then start a healthy diet program.

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