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Houses for Sale Runaway Robert Pattinson Rp 95 Billion

Still remember the Reese Witherspoon alleged hideout after infidelity Robert Pattinson Kristen Stewart? Now the house is located in Ojai, California was sold!Houses for Sale Runaway Robert Pattinson Rp 95 Billion

As reported by the Daily Mail the mansion is offered at a price of U.S. $ 10 million (nearly USD 95 billion). Not just a luxury it is also home to witness the grief Robert Kristen affair.

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The house with the feel of cool and peace was purchased by Reese in 2008. The house, designed by Kathryn Ireland is located in the countryside to the north of Los Angeles.

Reese decision to sell this house is practically a sudden. Because WATER FOR ELEPHANTS this star had revealed that she would not sell the house.Houses for Sale Runaway Robert Pattinson Rp 95 Billion

Until now it was not clear whether Robert really ever hide in the house or not. However, a source has said that Robert had been seen at the site after the news of infidelity Kristen and Rupert Sanders revealed.