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Gwyneth Paltrow Photoshope On The Cover Of In Style January 2013

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Stop Photoshop, for the cover of In Style Magazine January 2013 Gwyneth Paltrow is unrecognizable so it is photoshop.Gwyneth Paltrow Photoshope On The Cover Of In Style January 2013

Carla Bruni younger than 20 years on the cover of Vogue France December, Once again the magazine’s editors Photoshop abused and loses credibility. Such as magazines seem to have passed the word it is now unrecognizable Gwyneth Paltrow is on the cover of In Style Magazine. As Carla Bruni, the actress has one more ride through Photoshop.Gwyneth Paltrow Photoshope On The Cover Of In Style January 2013 But then where is the limit? Why Photoshop continues to be the flagship tool of fashion magazines while them even telling us to feel good about our bodies and keep ourselves? Hypocrisy is queen in the fashion press and Gwyneth Paltrow is the latest victim of the month. These stars that have asked for anything yet find she alight on social networks because of the abuse of Photoshop for fashion magazines like Vogue and In Style.Gwyneth Paltrow Photoshope On The Cover Of In Style January 2013

Is it possible that Photoshop ceases to be the star of the covers of magazines or brands like Dior Pub with Natalie Portman? The dictates of fashion they evolve? Today women must be perfect. In addition to being a mother, lover, friend and business woman she must also keep a physical dream … Suffice to say it is impossible to condense everything. Gwyneth Paltrow Photoshope On The Cover Of In Style January 2013Magazines have much more to gain by going in the direction of modern women rather than imposing a model it is impossible to follow. Gwyneth Paltrow is now the “spokesman” involuntary women having been a victim of Photoshop on the cover of In Style Magazine.

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Gwyneth Paltrow Best Dressed Women in the World

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In matters of style, age and experience were important and play a role. If you do not believe me just ask at the Gwyneth Paltrow dubbed as the Best Dressed Woman in the World by People magazine.Gwyneth Paltrow Best Dressed Women in the World

Oscar-winning actress, who turns 40 years old in recent weeks, beating several other young stars and celebrities, including the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton. According to the stylist style secret look trendy mother of two children by following the old adage that “less is more”.

Elizabeth Saltzman said the wife of Coldplay frontman Chris Martin will not be a slave to trends. “She’s simple not overdone.

Right behind Paltrow in People magazine’s annual list is the Duchess followed by Hollywood actress Emma Stone (23), Jessica Alba (31), the pop star Rihanna (24), and Australian supermodel, Miranda Kerr (29).

Kate Middleton (30) assessed as elegant fashion style and perfect.

Is when she wore a long-sleeved ivory dress Roland Mouret design (with Jimmy Choo shoes are shiny) or a red pleated skirt designs of Alexander McQueen, the Duchess continued to choose an outfit with glamorous and chic pieces fit for a queen candidate in the future, said People.

Celebrity magazines from the United States said that the list was compiled after soliciting input from 42 million readers, editors and fashion bloggers, as reported by Dailymail.

As for the Best Dressed Men in the World falls on actor Andrew Garfield, Brad Pitt, Colin Firth, Robert Pattinson, Chris and Liam Hemsworth, as well as singer Jay-Z.

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Selena Gomez Gwyneth Paltrow Marvel Style Clothing

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Selena Gomez turned out to have been admiring the style of dress of actress Gwyneth Paltrow. Not surprisingly then Gomez is often put into practice the knowledge gained from IRON MAN is the player.

Selena Gomez Gwyneth Paltrow Marvel Style Clothing

Selena Gomez Gwyneth Paltrow Marvel Style Clothing

According to this 19-year-old singer, Paltrow has its own beauty when dressed. Not surprisingly then it’s 39-year-old woman made her a role model.

I liked the style of dress Gwyneth Paltrow. I think she’s very cool and classy. Every now and then I noticed how she’s mixing and matching clothes so amazed, I Gomez as reported by Contact Music.

Selena Gomez was the style of dress was like what? I like the classic style. Especially when it’s summer, I’ll be happy to wear flow dresses just because it is very mild and classical.”

But like the style Paltrow a friend of Taylor Swift is eager to have a single duet with country singer was. This is quite surprising given the two very different musical genres. However what is impossible?

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Fashion Do’s & Don’ts of Hollywood Top Celebrity Dress High Hemisphere

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To attend the party, long dress with a slit could be an elegant option but beware some of the 10 celebrity is actually wearing the wrong way.

1. Kate Middleton

Attend a formal dinner, the Duchess of Cambridge chose a beige long dress. When she walked, looking around the high and show hierarchically feet in shiny high heels. Elegant!

2. Rihanna

Although often look bad and sloppy, Rihanna looks more ‘calm’ in navy blue, white, black satin gown, She combines with a touch of gold accessories. Very feminine!

3. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Victoria’s Secret model and girlfriend of actor Jason Statham appears modest despite lower parts of the dress has two parts and she brought fur stole to prevent cold air. Beautiful and classic!

4. Penelope Cruz

Knee-length dress with a slit is quite risky because it shows too much skin. However, this latin actress chose a formal black color with a fitted silhouette so it looks firm but seductive.

5. Beyonce

In the golden glow of color, Beyonce featuring hot breasts and legs area, unfortunately, too many skin displayed and impressed he too tried to look hot. Big No-No!

6. Christina Hendricks

Too many parts from chest to groin Full sequin dress do not make a curvy body of the actress looks stunning. Disproportionate and should be located around the side of the foot.

7. Gwyneth Paltrow

Not many mothers can apply the style of this super sensual. Open in addition to exposing pungggung wonderful dean. Fortunately, she chose a dress covered in the arm and bersiluet straight. Hot and Fierce!

8. Kate Winslet

Titanic movie stars usually appear attractive on the red carpet. This time it looks ‘wrong’ with a long dress sporty nuances in the top of the lace but the material in the rib area to make it look old and not proportional. She also looks fatter in the hips and thighs.

9. Kylie Minogue

Actually, choosing a dress that is right but when the subject actually looks like a nightgown. For Greek-style clothing in style with the style of Kylie, sure a lot of accessories attached to the arms and neck. The length of the dress should not hang too, but touching the floor.

10. Angelina Jolie

Model and color of the dress is right on the body of Brad Pitt’s fiancĂ©e. Unfortunately for the show, she displays the same pose, which opens outward leg dress to show the hemispheres. It is actually made him look silly and the subject of ridicule.

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