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Mate Russell Brand and Katy Perry had divorced a few months. Even since 4 months ago, Katy had to remove it from the list of British comedian’s following his but for Russell, taking a long time to take similar steps.Finally, Russell Brand Katy Perry Unfollow

As reported by the Dailymail, Russell finally decided to unfollow ex-wife is on twitter, the decision to not follow the news that Katy Russell finally taken since the beginning of this week.

Thus, the comedian who now has more than 4 million followers Following is only about 77 people are considered elite. Conan O Brien names like Jonah Hill and included in the elite 77 names.

This decision is clearly contrary to the earlier news that reveals that Russell regretted parting with Katy and wants to go back to him. This action may be taken as a form of denial of the news.

Russell and Katy itself apart at the end of 2011 after more than a year of marriage. Although the time to keep their rift but the decision was eventually divorce became final crisis of their household.

Once the Kanye West and Kim Kardashian began to lift Beyonce Knowles is reportedly one of the people who desperately oppose their relationship.

But now the fact that looks exactly the opposite.

Last weekend they actually look familiar while watching a concert Watch the Throne in Birmingham on Friday (22/6) then. As reported by the Dailymail they both give encouragement to each partner who is competing on stage.

Kim and Beyonce appear side by side on the VIP stage. Instead of showing the impression of awkward and did not get along they even seem very familiar and comfortable to spend time together.

Even when the camera is panned out both of them it looks very compact superstar hide their faces. Apparently Jay-Z's wife is already beginning to receive Kim's presence in their friendship circle.

Kim himself was dressed in all black look. Meanwhile Beyonce with flowing curls, seemed to relax with a white shirt and jeans