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Wow, Eminem Reach 60 Million Fans on Facebook

Eminem became the first to have 60 million fans on Facebook. Eminem feat was beating other famous celebrities Rihanna and Lady Gaga.

Wow, Fans Eminem Capai 60 Juta di Facebook

Wow, Fans Eminem Capai 60 Juta di Facebook

As quoted by Femalefirst Eminem get 60,093,667 fans on Facebook. In the past week the singer of the song Cleanin ‘Out My Closet get fans as much as 195 000 people.

This makes Eminem the most popular person on Facebook took over as Michael Jackson who died in 2009.

Where as in the second position the most popular singer Rihanna to the number of fans reached 59,318,829.

In the third position occupied by the controversial singer Lady Gaga. Gaga canceled her concert in Jakarta several months ago had a total of 53,017,199 fans