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Colored Gemstone Fashion Item

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What woman does not like fancy jewelry made from gemstones? Call it sapphire, ruby, garnet, and emerald beautiful but the price is not affordable.Colored Gemstone Fashion Item

As an alternative, you can wear fashion items like colored gemstone that is in accordance with the trend this season.

Then how to look trendy color gemstone? The following tips as quoted from She Knows.

1. Gemstone HandbagGemstone Handbag

The easiest way to get the display color gemstone is dark red handbag that looks like a ruby stone. Choose a retro-style bag made of leather suitable for use throughout the day.

2. Gemstone ShoeGemstone Shoe

Replace the black high-heeled shoes with high heels your snakeskin patterned dark green color that look like emeralds & Matching with black trousers or a pencil skirt gray to be different at the office.

3. Gemstone TightsGemstone Tights

Tights appropriate neutral-colored clothing can help to look more attractive. To view gemstones, choose dark purple tights. Tights are very apt to be paired with a sweater dress or a pleated skirt that falls to the knee.

4. Gemstone EarringsGemstone Earrings

Wear the earrings large enough to dark blue as sapphires that give the impression of elegance. Adjust the shape and size of the earrings with the shape of your face, and you’re ready to attract attention in the meetings or parties.

5. Gemstone Nail PolishGemstone Nail Polish

Dark blue metallic color that looks like a gemstone is very suitable for the trend this season. For that, put the color on your nails that get the trendy color gemstone easily.

6. Gemstone BraceletGemstone Bracelet

Wooden bangles bracelet dark purple also fit with autumn colors at the same time give the appearance of gemstones. Another advantage, the use of bangles can also be varied according to your mood.

Gemstone Tights

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6 Hijab Style & Shown Hijab Accessories

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By wearing a green or a veil, it does not mean you can not look stylish. In recent years, hijab has come with a variety of stylish models. Not to mention the many options hijab accessories that makes the special appearance, especially during feasts.

Here are some accessories that can be an option:

1. Corsage Hijab StyleCorsage Hijab Style

To give a special look at Eid, you can pin a corsage on hijab form interest. There are two kinds of options, corsage pin or rubber. Find the most makes you comfortable and fit with the theme of fashion. Choose small or medium-sized corsage and matching the clothes for the afternoon event, as well as a large corsage for a more formal event.

2. Pashmina or ScarvesPashmina or Scarves

For those who want to look casual but still fashionable in a short time, modify your veil by adding a scarf or pashmina an interesting pattern. You can wrap a scarf or pashmina is making a turban on his head, or put it on the head. Add a pin to keep in her position.

3. Headband Braid With Hijab Headband Braid With Hijab

Wearing a headband braid her detail the hijab is now being done by the special hijab fashion bloggers and artists who wear hijab, wearing a headband impressive display of fun, young and exciting. Simply add the appropriate headband with veil and dress palette; you are ready to look stylish everyday.

4. Headband Ribbon HijabHeadband Ribbon Hijab

Besides headband, you can also use tape to enhance your hijab. There are many ways when you want to use this accessory, start by clamping, pinned by a pin or simply a way of tying on the head. This accessory will give the impression of a sweet and girly for your overall appearance.

5. Large Necklace With The Hijab

If you’re doing not want to be creative with the hijab, adding a large necklace and a unique model is the right choice. A large necklace suggests the wearer stylish even if you only wear a hijab with a simple and plain. In addition, this method does not need to be fairly instant and time-consuming.

6. Earrings With Wearing HijabEarrings With Wearing Hijab

Earrings can be worn not just women who are not veiled. You are wearing hijab can add earrings to maximize performance, the trick, wrap hijab to the side or back, and then select the length of earrings and a big cut. By setting aside veil, earrings, you too will become more visible.

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