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After Kristen Stewart caught having an affair with the director of 'Snow White and the Huntsman' Rupert Sanders, Robert Pattinson has not spoken or a lover's touch. Until recently when Rob - Robert Pattinson friendly greeting - drunk, he unknowingly phoned Kristen.

After cheated Robert Pattinson Kristen Stewart Drunk & Telephone
After cheated Robert Pattinson Kristen Stewart Drunk & Telephone

He (Robert) intoxicated then called Kristen. Rob has been avoiding calling her but now they are talking. Although they barely speak, said friend Robert who did not want his name published as quoted by the NY Daily News.

According to sources Rob did not discuss the affair which had been dating her boyfriend for three years. 26 year-old man as awkward talking to Kristen. Lots of silence during the call. Nobody talked about the call, added the source.

Kristen Stewart news of an affair with a married director Robert Pattinson makes the depression. Stars 'Remember Me' is to calm down outside the city. She was staying at the villa owned by her co-star in 'Water of Elephants', Reese Witherspoon.

Rob is now becoming more frequent drunkenness. As the weekend unknown actor Edward Cullen in the movie 'Twilight' is going to the bar in California with his male friends.

The friend Rob gave support to their friends who were upset them. Them to convince Rob to not return to the embrace Kristen again.

"His friends assured him work hard for his not to go back to Kristen Stewart," according to other sources as reported by In Touch.