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Dressed in ruffles or lace making it look more stylish

Dressed in ruffles or lace can make you more beautiful and feminine. You can choose the model according to face shape and hairstyle to match, making it look more stylish.

For a square face wear a feminine blouse top with detail around the neck. Ruffle or ribbon can distract from the jaw pretty hard to detail.

Hairdressing are the most suitable layer models long under the chin so it makes you seem more square face gently.

For those of you have a round face use a vertical ruffle that can extend a round face by pulling the eye up and down and give the impression of more length.

Model undulate collar to below the chin line to make his face seem slimmer. If your face is heart shape wear tank tops are fitted sweater top with detail around the collar to the shoulders seem wider.

The upright collar of the jacket can balance the jaw line heart shape. Give the ribbon ties at the waist so as to make breasts seem fuller. Pair with the slicked back hair.

If you have a long face, use a high collar top with lace panels that were given to balance the face so that it draws attention to the width of the jaw line. Should comb your bangs to the side to create a high forehead seem shorter.