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Many people need more time to show off the best hijab style. However, designer Dian Pelangi apparently only takes a minute.Best Hijab Style Dian Pelangi Apparently Only Takes A Minute For Wearing a Veil

Dian Pelangi is always to inspire people with a variety of interesting styles hijab. Not only because of the beautiful models are wearing hijab, hijab style but also simple and not excessive display.

In fact, interestingly, elegance she wears hijab is not only simple, but also did not take in implementing them. This was recognized by young and talented designer, Dian Pelangi, which only takes a short time in the creation of the fabric hood.Best Hijab Style Dian Pelangi Apparently Only Takes A Minute For Wearing a Veil

I was really fast when wearing hijab, at least a minute, she said while talking to Fashion Media via BlackBerry Messenger service, Monday (08/10/2012).

Speed time because she did not like the style hijab excessive. I love baseball that complicated. So, baseball is never used except in the ninja hood insert particular occasion. Fact, sometimes, I do not use needles at all. If used, a maximum of only two or three needles.Best Hijab Style Dian Pelangi Apparently Only Takes A Minute For Wearing a Veil

Yes, Dian did not want to mess around with her hijab affair, especially when I want to worship because complicated if another exit or to a mall and then want to perform ablution but had her veil off so long.

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Dian Pelangi deliberately collecting hood that looks increasingly beautiful. However, the collection is stacked in the closet instead of growing but shrinking. Why?Dian Pelangi Former Wear Veil Collection 2013 & Modern Muslim Hijab Fashion

Name Dian Pelangi is booming in the country. Not only because her works are innovative in the modern Muslim fashion pack, but also because of her skill presents an interesting style of hijab worn.Dian Pelangi Former Wear Veil Collection 2013 & Modern Muslim Hijab Fashion

With these capabilities, I wonder if Dian now idolized a lot of people. Like most celebrities, the young designer was always so coveted fans. Not only fashion, but also the beautiful veil she was wearing.Dian Pelangi Former Wear Veil Collection 2013 & Modern Muslim Hijab Fashion

Not infrequently, a collection of fans invaded hood was up and her friends.

Actually I headscarf loads collection but sometimes bought the same person," she said while talking to fashion media via BlackBerry Messenger service, Monday (10/08/2012).

Problem veil that becomes sought after, not only includes the latest item owned. In fact, she used hoods were sold so the invasion of fans. Therefore, it is recognized Dian, a collection hood so not too much.Dian Pelangi Former Wear Veil Collection 2013 & Modern Muslim Hijab Fashion

Sometimes, even the veil that I wear a few times already but since many people is happy. Hence, the collection hood is not too much. Half wardrobe is, because yes that was, much to buy," added the designer who has now joined the Association of Indonesian Fashion Designers Entrepreneurs (APPMI) this.

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Threat imitation often experienced by fashion designers, in response to this Dian Pelangi started by inspiration and creativity in a work can be created but sometimes, the labor pains of a Creator can easily be replicated by others. This often happens in the designer not the young designer Dian Pelangi exception.Dian Pelangi Stylish Hijab Look

Name Dian Pelangi was a new distinction in the fashion mire Indonesia. However, thanks to the stylish hijab look and Currency, women 21 years this has become a popular community. At the beginning of her career, Dian popularize motif on tie dye jersey material into Muslim clothing. It is also not escape from incaran the followers on the back.

Previously managed resentful and upset but on the other side so the tie dye trend is everywhere in Tanah Abang, Thamrin City, all said it was a veil Dian Pelangi, said women born in fashion industry.

Admittedly Dian, who performed the traders to sell" her name thus raise curiosity for many people. Ultimately people want to know exactly where the hell Dian Pelangi of fact.

Dian also choose to educate the community on the benefits of its products. Consumers also are smart and can choose which one is better quality.

Now, Dian Pelangi assumes her trigger plagiarism as something to always bring a better work. Even though it may travel lane to drive plagiarism law, Dian refused to do it.

The right let their livelihood if my mother said, all for-for a living,

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Her name has not been too long known in Indonesian fashion scene, but the works of young designers has reached abroad. Departing from parents carry on the business of fashion in Muslim clothes, Dian Pelangi successfully established her career as one of the leading fashion designers pride of the country.Business of Fashion in Muslim clothes, Dian Pelangi Leading Fashion Designers Pride Of The Country

Her journey to success was not without hindrance. The woman, whose real name is Dian Revelation was underestimated because it is 'only' big name brand to piggyback on her parents, founded 20 years ago. Plus a very young age when given the responsibility of managing the company, often making Dian underestimated.

Indeed many say, ah, Dian Rainbow mah dong terusin easy living. Nerusin But for me it was tricky. Easy as it was already there, but it's hard because, it could not continue the effort was great, that was the way? Because it cans the risks so backward or forward its opposite added. But Alhamdulillah now people can see what it looks like Dian Pelangi, "the story of Dian, when talking with media some time ago at FX Center.Business of Fashion in Muslim clothes, Dian Pelangi Leading Fashion Designers Pride Of The Country-

As long as parents manage the business since 2008, ranging from design to marketing, these designers ESMOD graduates admitted to not having a lot of problems. That's because she's quite familiar with the effort her parents since childhood. In addition, the 21-year-old woman had been like the world of fashion since childhood. If there are obstacles, it comes from the people who doubted his ability but over time, Dian managed to convince them that she is to be reckoned with in the fashion scene in the country.
Luckily not too many obstacles Palingan constraints coming from people who like to underestimate me." It really was a child? ‘At the time I was 18 years old, so like underestimate first, "said the author of the book" Hijab Street Style 'is.

Got confused and fell, Dian managed to get up and dismissed the negative perception many people with a demonstrated ability as well as her work. Dian has now succeeded in developing secondary labels for different market segments. In addition to the brand Dian Pelangi first line, there is also weaving the Rainbow, Rainbow Batik, and DP by Dian Dian Bride.

Marketing had been scattered in various provinces in Indonesia. Dian Pelangi now has 11 branches boutique in Jakarta, Palembang, Medan, Aceh, Bandung, Pekalongan, Surabaya, Makassar and franchise abroad, Malaysia. The collection is also marketed to consumers in the Middle East and Europe.

Although she managed to bring her parents so larger businesses, Dian admitted what is currently achieved practically success. According to him, there are still many things to learn that she and her business career moving forward. That is expressed Dian when asked what the key to success over the years.

Actually, do not call it a success; I'm still learning how the hell I do? But I'm feeling, maybe we do have to think about what is directed by the parents. Try listening to parents actually prefer that we do not work like this. Example, we are working aloft, not much money but parents blessing just the same lies, "said the youngest member of the Association of Indonesian Fashion Designers Entrepreneurs this.

In addition, to be successful, one must be brave and produce something different and has its own characteristics. While our work is similar or the same as everyone else, people will not see and careers we would walk in place.

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