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5 Type Of Women’s Casual Fashion Dresses Trend 2012

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Dress or overalls are fashion items that are most practical and easy to matching combined for there are five types of canal woman a must-have. As quoted from Galtime, the following five types of overalls a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe.

1. Little Black Dress

LBD or little black dress is a must-have canals every woman. You can wear black overalls for the day or evening event by adding the right accessories. For the afternoon event, you can wear a dress cut A-line skirt with a casual wave to impress. Whereas for the night you can choose a black dress or tube dress body on models are paired with brightly colored accessories such as gold or neon.

2. Bright Colors Cocktail Dress

Cocktail dress with bright colors, such as Tosca, yellow, red, pastel colors is perfect to wear in the summer. You can choose a dress with a simple piece made of light such as silk or chiffon that can be worn for a casual day event or party at night with additional accessories such as pearl necklaces or metal plates.

3. Formal dress

You never know when an invitation to a formal event to come. Therefore it has a formal dress in your closet will be very helpful. You can choose a formal dress with basic colors like black, white or nude which is suitable for any occasion. You can just add a simple accessory to sparkle, handbags and high heels with the appropriate color.

4. Unusual canal

Sparkling sequins gown or dress is the perfect way to show the impression of luxury in appearance. You can add a blazer for a night or thick stockings if the weather is cold. If sequins dress too flashy for you, another way to give a pleasant impression on your display is a large selection of patterns, full or light colored.

Small motifs are more suitable for any occasion even to work though but a large pattern is more suitable for use at night. If wearing a dress or a dress full of sequins motif, should avoid wearing large sized accessories in order to remain proportionate appearance.

5. Maxi Dress

Maxi dress is perfect for use in any occasion; you will still look elegant and feminine but still seemed relaxed. Wear this maxi dress for a barbeque, an outing with friends or formal events like movie premiere and even watch a fashion show depending on how you fuse its matching.

Pair with a maxi dress, denim jacket or vest a lot of accessories, shoes or flat sandals and a big bag to give the impression boohoo suitable for casual in the daytime or can also add accessories shades of gold or silver, clutch bag and shoes high heels for a more elegant evening look.

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