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Risks Using Lightening Cream is Not Safe

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Despite the desire to have a very large white, but you also must be careful in choosing lightening product. Do not be tempted cream instant results; you do not know the adverse effects that can occur on the skin. Even know the effect but as obsessed so white, you can still use harmful whitening products.Risks Using Lightening Cream is Not Safe,Skin Bleaching Cream ,Skin Lightening Creams,Bleaching Cream for Black Skin,Best Skin Lightening Creams

Creams containing mercury are very dangerous. Mercury can stimulate skin cancer, pigmentation damage and disrupt the cells that hold the skin from the sun.

Other risks when using whitening products are harmful so irritated skin, dermatitis, allergies Also can be darker than skin color before alias blackened or charred.

Mentioned before, hydroquinone is safe enough if the content in a doctor’s supervision. But that does not mean not having danger.

If too much of the hydroquinone, the skin can become more sensitive. So the mixture of such compounds exist limitations, only four percent and limited time use.

For hydroquinone no limits, only four percent Restricted use the time well. If it should use less white,” said Dr. Nenden.

Materials that do not have the risk are to use natural means, such as using sun block, moisturizer and a good diet. If you want to use a cream or laser should consult dermatology, dermatologist that provide appropriate care.

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