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Red carpet is a time for celebrities to show off her best style. However, what if it turns out there is a similar style?Miley Cyrus Hairstyle & Pink Hairstyle at VMA With Blonde Hair Styled Retro-Style

The annual music event Video Music Awards (VMA) is an opportunity for celebrities to hang out and watch the best musician’s row. However, this opportunity is also often used by celebrities to showcase fashion, makeup, and best hair.Miley Cyrus Hairstyle at VMA With Blonde Hair Styled Retro-Style-07

Sometimes, unexpectedly there are celebrities wearing the same clothes when coming to the event. It's certainly embarrassing and damaging the image of the artist, This time, instead of the same outfit but the hairstyle.

Hannah Montana star, Miley Cyrus came wearing a black dress with a low in the chest piece. Short blonde hair styled into a retro-style quiff, quoted Dailymail.Pink Hairstyle at VMA With Blonde Hair Styled Retro-Style

On this occasion, the singer of the song Family Portrait, Pink also comes dressed in a long silver dress with cuts in the thighs. Similar to Miley, Pink also comes with blonde hair styled retro-style quaff.

Miley Cyrus, recently it was fond of gothic style, especially after the hair is handled by Hollywood hairdresser, Chris Mc Millan. In fact, before the 19 years is known for its feminine style.

Meanwhile, the pixie haircut has become a trademark for Pink, though often change hair color In recent years, devoted mother of one child with short hair styles.

So, who do you think is a show with a better hair style, Miley or Pink?

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Not just make-up Kim Kardashian was known for having a perfect hairstyle. Although rare pieces but reality TV star hairdo 'Keeping up with the Kardashian' was never boring. This is her eighth best hairstyle of Kim Kardashian as summarized U.S. Magazine.

1. Side Braid Hair Kim Kardashian

Side Braid Hair Kim Kardashian

Outsmart the already long bangs Kim Kardashian braiding bangs to the side. Kim look more feminine because curly hair styled.

2. Big Blowout Hair Kim Kardashian

Big Blowout Hair Kim Kardashian

Hair stylist Kim Kardashian blindly major blow to the 32-year star hair. Hairdresser Kim works the glamor by adding gold as a highlight color.

3. Sleek and Shiny Hair Kim Kardashian

Sleek and Shiny Hair Kim Kardashian

Kim looks neat hair when styled sleek. Kanye West's lover using headbands to unveil her bangs, Kim also sleek hair to get your hair straight and shiny. In order to keep her hair shiny Kim's secret, "I do not wash my hair every day it makes hair look shiny, said Kim told Self magazine gives her beautiful hair secrets.

4. Volume Updo Hair Kim Kardashian

Volume Updo Hair Kim Kardashian

Long hair is more malleable, When it comes to an event Kim her hair up which gives the impression of volume.

5. Retro Glam Hair Kim Kardashian

Retro Glam Hair Kim Kardashian

Although black hair Kim tried her style ala Hollywood era long ago Starting from the fringe to the lower end of the hair is like a pin up girl.

6. Ponytail Hair Kim Kardashian

Ponytail Hair Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian gives hair styling tricks when bad hair day, "When the hair is flat and not volume, I always her menguncir," she told Self.

7. Textured Hair Kim Kardashian

Textured Hair Kim Kardashian

Kim's hair has naturally curly hair texture. The key when the hair is half dry use hair mousse to make the hair more curly.

8. Bangs Hair Kim Kardashian

Bangs Hair Kim Kardashian

owner boutique 'Dash' is rarely used front bangs to her hair. One time Kim had to cut her bangs short. It looks so youthful.

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