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Olsen Twins 8 Latest Collection At New York Fashion Week

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Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have launched her brand new collection called The Row at New York fashion week. ‘American folk minimalism’ is a word that is taken by the Olsen twins to describe the set fashion spring / summer 2013 hers. Like what collection?

1. Minimalist Olsen Twins Latest CollectionMinimalist Olsen Twins Latest Collection

Style design Mary-Kate and Ashley refers to the minimalist look. Not too much detail but still looks luxurious. It was still a ‘key’ in latest collection

2. Inspired by Japan Olsen Twins Latest CollectionInspired by Japan Olsen Twins Latest Collection

The Row’s latest collection takes inspiration from the paintings of the 18th century Japanese artist Ito Jakuchu. Playing solid colors and layering techniques to the results of inspiration Mary-Kate and Ashley.

3. Loosely Rumble Olsen Twins Latest CollectionLoosely Rumble Olsen Twins Latest Collection

The fashion show opened with a series of all-white dress and cut loose. For example the canal empire line coupled with pants trousers and long jackets with detail drapes.

4. Solid color Twins Latest CollectionSolid color Twins Latest Collection

Unlike other designers and brands that deliver rich fashion colors. The Row instead just uses the colors white, cream, mocha, pink roses, red, cobalt blue and black.

5.Layering Olsen Twins Latest CollectionLayering Olsen Twins Latest Collection

Collection for The Row is using layering techniques. Tube tops paired with A-line skirts and pants or baggy, loose-fit shirt overalls paired with a brown leather skirt.

6. Lightweight materials Olsen Twins Latest CollectionLightweight materials Olsen Twins Latest Collection

Lightweight materials to ‘lock’ the main collection The Row.Layering technique became visible proportion as the use of Japanese cotton satin silk and other lightweight materials.

7.  Lingerie Olsen Twins Latest CollectionLingerie Olsen Twins Latest Collection

The selection of silk satin that gives luster reminiscent of lingerie look. It not only can be found in the collection The Row but also the collection of Victoria Beckham.

8. Small Sized Bag Olsen Twins Latest CollectionSmall Sized Bag Olsen Twins Latest Collection

To complete the look, The Row offers a collection bag that also comes wrapped in a solid color. There is a square shaped sling bag, red handbag and tote bags made from sequins. Everything is small to medium.

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