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Lindsay Lohan Arrested Have Damages

Some time ago came the news that Lindsay Lohan was arrested because the police hit a man. Now the MEAN GIRLS star was even counterattack.Lindsay Lohan Arrested Have Damages

As reported by Digital Spy the 26-year woman plans to sue Jose Rodriguez on charges of defamation. The reason she considered giving false testimony related to the incident.

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Earlier Jose admitted wounded in the knee due to hit Lindsay. She was also revealed that Lindsay was drunk at the time so the police immediately secured.

A paparazzi sitting on the hood of my ca and then I was arrested. Makes no sense not fair, not fair,

The problem does not seem to ever be separated from life. Some time ago she had reportedly stolen necklace at a party held in Hollywood. Previously various legal problems ever face.

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Cuba Gooding Jr. Push Bartender Arrested

Actor Cuba Gooding Jr. will be captured New Orleans police. Cuba after pushing a bartender on Tuesday (31/7) morning.

Cuba Gooding Jr. Push Bartender Arrested

Cuba Gooding Jr. Push Bartender Arrested

As quoted by Femalefirst Radioitu film star was accused of pushing a bartender at a bar in New Orleans Louisiana. Cuba at the time was upset because some customers in the bar began to take his picture.

Feeling harassed Cuba and then issued a rude word so he asked to leave the bar by a female bartender. No thanks, Cuba angry and pushed the bartender against the wall. There are no police in the incident.

Cuba is doing in New Orleans filming for the movie The Oprah Winfrey With Butler. In addition to Cuba and Oprah the film was directed by Lee Daniels also stars Forest Whitaker, Terrence Howard, Alan Rickman, Vanessa Redgrave and Jane Fonda.

Snoop Arrested Gara-Gara Bring Much Money

Snoop Dogg seems indeed never be separated from the name of marijuana. Again, this rapper has to deal with the authorities as cases of possession of marijuana.

Snoop Arrested Gara-Gara Bring Much Money

Snoop Arrested Gara-Gara Bring Much Money

As reported by the Dailymail 40-year-old rapper was detained in Norway was forced to because of the exposure took 8 grams of marijuana. When arriving at the airport just Kaljevic, Kristiansand, dogs smelled marijuana on the Snoop Dogg luggage.

It turned out that the problem does not stop there. Men who had been stopped because of the often caught carrying too much cash in excess of the amount allowed in Norway.

Because of these violations of the amount of money case, Snoop had to pay a fine of not less. At least $ 8,600 (more than USD 81 million) should he Relax to pay fines for violations.

Snoop Dogg to the presence of Norway itself is not just a vacation. He is scheduled to perform at music festival held in the city of Kristiansand Thursday