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Affair, Kristen Stewart Scared Murdered

Having surprised cheated, Kristen Stewart reportedly very sorry. She also promised not to do so and hurt Robert Pattinson (Rob) for the second time.Affair, Kristen Stewart Scared Murdered

However, the beautiful artist admits very afraid when someone would kill him. In fact, she and Rob were back together and see a romantic dinner in a fancy restaurant, quite some time ago.

Kristen revealed she worried hate someone because cheating using internet facilities to keep track of her whereabouts and kill.

Now more and more difficult because everyone has Facebook and everyone knows your presence throughout the day, and all the chatter on Twitter’s Like I would die, because someone will say where I am, and kill me. Someone will use Twitter to find out existence, and then become, boom! (kill), “says Kristen.

Though the artist 22 years are concerned with a number of social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter that threaten safety, Kristen revealed communication on the web page is very great.

I think a lot of things too scary but at the same time is also beneficial. Mean mass communication is a good thing’s really a good thing, and scary,” close, like reported from Showbizspy, Monday (15/10 / 2012).

Rupert Sanders Affair Kristen Stewart Asked to Stay

Later Kristen Stewart news affair with a married director Rupert Sanders is excited discussion. The latest news mentions wife of Rupert, Ross Liberti asked her husband away from her 22 years.

Rupert Sanders Affair Kristen Stewart Asked to Stay

Rupert Sanders Affair Kristen Stewart Asked to Stay

Although intimate photos of inter- Kristen and Rupert have been scattered but Ross still would accompany her husband. Provided he does not get along anymore with Robert Pattinson’s lover.

(Ross) stated unequivocally that Rupert should not direct sequel to” Snow White and the Huntsman ‘. (Ross) did not want her husband to work with Kristen again, said an insider as quoted by Radar Online.

Kristen has a contractual obligation to star in the sequel of the movie ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’. Most likely Rupert would withdraw from the fairytale-themed film and replaced by another director.

He (Rupert) knows it is not justified and he’ll bite the bullet but he should listen to his wife, said the source.

With the incident the Kristen must have felt depressed. In addition to destroying homes and one’s career she helped bear the burden of her actions. Now the rumored boyfriend Robert Pattinson away from it and has told the Kristen out of his house.

Kristen Stewart Affair With Rupert Sanders Family Shock

Family Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson in shock after the Kristen acknowledged the affair.Kristen Stewart Affair With Rupert Sanders Family Shock

Kristen has made a family affair and family Robert was so stunned. Both families of each pair are so close and wish there was more development of their relationship.

Rob and Kristen are closer than ever recently. Up until news of the affair emerged the family had hoped they would be engaged, said one source quoted by Femalefirst.

Although Kristen have apologized for her mistake Robert indifferent. Rob’s wife even plans to meet Rupert Sanders the man who became Kristen affair.

Robert needs to know that the affair was just a moment. He hopes the Liberty can help him find the answer and wanted so much,” said a source.

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