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3 Hair Trends Spring & Summer 2012

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Bored with the current hair color? Want to look with different hairstyles? Before the change, just look at the first hairdressing trend spring / summer 2012 L’Oreal launched a new, themed fancy Sompteux or meaning.

Odie Gilbert a professional hair stylist, make three-inspired styling of the fashion show famous fashion houses such as Dior, Chanel and Alexander McQueen., often collaborate hair of the models, who wore a fancy dress collection fashion house.

Hairstyle trends developed Gilbert is also inseparable from fashion trends, as these are an integral part. Hair trends for Spring / Summer this time, Gilbert inspired clothing made from soft like silk, the use of fur and lace detail.

Those elements are then realized through the collection of hair coloring, cutting and styling style for Spring / Summer 2012 Color Collection Sompteux said Yola Sutjiotomo group product manager L’Oreal Professional in hair trends show Sompteux event on March 7, 2012.

Curious as to what arrangement? Here are three hairdo that you can make an inspiration to make the crown look different and more stylish.

Mademoiselle Hairstyle Popeline

Mademoiselle Hairstyle Popeline

Mademoiselle Hairstyle Popeline

Flowers are always able to highlight the delicate impression of a woman. With great interest is the representation of women and feminine elegance. It is also shown by the color of bright hair colors glow with a subtle degradation.

Donna Hairstyle Taffetas

The use of dark red accents is a classic look. But the arrangement is more daring; this classic style can look more unique.

Organza Hair Style Lady

You can make a classic bob cut even more elegant with the color game. Just add accents of blue and purple highlights. Not to forget the beautiful details that make the wings bob hairstyle is not boring.

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