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Fashion Do’s & Don’ts Inspiration 10 Celebrities Party Dresses

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According to the critics of fashion, in 2012 many celebrities appear on the red carpet spectacular but only a handful that can display a matchless charm. Here are 10 celebrity with the best evening gown choice could be the inspiration of your current style to the party.

1. Tilda Swinton Party Dress

Tilda Swinton Party Dress

Actress tall with a masculine hairstyle is in first place for the selection of fashion from designer Haider Ackermann. She highlights the masculine with the feminine silhouette while the choice of blazer is maintained with long skirts sweeping the floor waving chiffon material.

2. Emmy Rossum Party Dress

Emmy Rossum Party Dress

Tinge of fuschia color shown in silhouette Emmy Rossum tight knee length dress with shoulder accents. Suitable for those of you who were curvy until pears.

3. Sonam Kapoor Party Dress

Sonam Kapoor Party Dress

The combination of fresh color but also looks expensive from the fashion house Salvatore. The silhouette is selected is quite risky the Jodhpur pants paired with a blazer. If you want to apply choose safer colors like beige to khakis.

4. Karolina Kurkova Party Dress

Karolina Kurkova Party Dress

For those of you, who wear the hijab and want to look glamorous look at the style of top model Karolina Kurkova at present in Vogue Met Gala. Full-dress completely covered in gold sequins will touch attention.

5. Keira Knightley Party Dress

Keira Knightley Party Dress

Wearing clothing design Erdem, Keira looks melancholy typical British woman. Embroidered flowers on long tube dress made of high-fashion once seemingly romantic. Color is more suitable dress worn Indonesian women who color their skin brown.

6. Blake Lively Party Dress

Blake Lively Party Dress

Although it tends manor, Zuhair Murad Couture gown design is successful attention. With black sequin tiered groove preferably tall skinny women are wearing them. If used by a woman with curvy guaranteed proportion of the body will look bigger.

7. Diane Kruger Party Dress

Diane Kruger Party Dress

Inspired by the new millennium paced futuristic aluminum with a touch of sparkle bloody German actress chose a dress from Vivienne Westwood. Full-dress silver sequin design will be impressed if any tacky. But the era of the classic pieces ’30an he looks charming.

8. Kate Hudson Party Dress

Kate Hudson Party Dress

One more full Versace dress ornamentation but this time used is crystal embellishment on the dress tight tan. Kate pretty worn but the ordinary people? Should select more colors like pastel soft portion.

9. Elizabeth Banks Party Dress

Elizabeth Banks Party Dress

Bill Blass gown design she took risks with a yellow highlighter. But with the unique silhouette detail sleeve sequin covered and playing on the horizontal ornamentation this dress looks ‘something’.

10. Gwyneth Paltrow Party Dress

Gwyneth Paltrow Party Dress

Last but not least the white gown will light up on the red carpet. The design of Tom Ford who applied to be part of the dress robes wing will also make the wearer look tough but still full of sophistication.ys!

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10 Celebrities with Ombre Hair

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Hair models or Ombre dip dyed hair to the hair trend at the moment. If the trend of previous hair around the hair colored with bright colors, bright colors are now only visible at the bottom only so the hair is called Ombre.

As a recommendation the following 10 celebrities with hair Ombre.

1. Lauren Conrad

Ombre hair before popular as it is today Lauren Conrad has been used from long ago. The original hair color blonde, overwritten with the color pink on the bottom.

2. Kate Bosworth

The actress who is now better known in the fashion world is also color your hair underneath. 29 year-old woman using the color green as ombrenya.

3. Dakota Fanning

It also number teen star hair. Star of ‘Twilight Saga’ was dyed her hair pink at the ends of her hair.

4. Jessie J

Jessie J is characterized by thick black hair now the singer of ‘Price Tag’ has a new hair. After hair red underneath, it’s now 24 years old girl to change the color purple so ombrenya

5. Lady Gaga

Eccentric singer also dyed her hair with two different color tones. Gaga dyed her hair purple, starting from the center of the hair.


Hayden Pannettiere recently demonstrated its latest Ombre hair. Shades of blond hair is now a colorful like a rainbow


Stars ‘High School Musical’ is also following the trend of hair this summer. Vanessa number hair into shades of black and purple

8. Demi Lavato

19 year-old singer also changed her hair into Ombre. For the hair is now brown and shades of pink on the bottom of the hair.

9. Alexa Chung

Alexa Chung also number hair. But the socialite and fashionista that does not change the color of her hair to the extreme. Alexa is now a hair dark brown and shades of brown.

10. Nicole Richie

Actress and socialite is change the look of her hair. Now Nicole number hair with shades of brown and pink.

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