Side Braid of Hair Trends 2012

It is now a fact: with a side braid of your day can not go wrong! We saw the passing styles at the fashion show Alexander Wang. The models of Prada could not escape. Since then, the trend it’s become more popular than ever and we are overjoyed to say that these styles will be the most popular summer haircut. The braid is on the side of every hair type and hair colors. The hairstyles are more fun than ever!

The Slanted Braiding hair trend an oblique plait is always good with your outfit.

It can be stylish for young hot girls but also very beautiful. Wear it loosely or very tightly and like a true diva. The side braid of hair trends!

The side braid is a real trend & Braids were already beginning to be increasingly popular by celebrities like Lauren Conrad on popular braid!

Now the braid side of a really nice haircut with fashion and style in the summer!
Sometimes you wear braids? Hair braiding is one of the simplest ways to make your hair a different look. You did not take much but you can also decorate it yourself if you want.

What you need is a Comb and patience, if the braiding is not immediately succeed do not give up too soon, try it three times and it still does not succeed, take a break and try again later.

Some 4 General Tips

  • Comb dry hair carefully before you start with braiding.
  • Braid prefer not to wet hair the risk of damage is present and tight braids.
  • Braiding too tight this is bad for your hair and you can get a headache.
  • Braid quiet and neat If necessary use gel or hairspray to get things a little longer on the place.

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