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In The Footsteps of Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Gets Designer for Adidas NEO

Selena Gomez and Adidas NEO formalized their collaboration after Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez is designer and muse of the line Adidas for teenagers. Fashion media reveals images of the upcoming advertising campaign.In The Footsteps of Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Gets Designer for Adidas NEO

Yesterday, we deciphered the look you rock Selena Gomez photo call Adidas. We are now able to tell you more about this collaboration between Selena Gomez and Adidas NEO. Selena Gomez joined her ex Justin Bieber as the face of the line for teenagers brand of sneakers. Perhaps they will soon be reunited for an advertising campaign?

Selena Gomez but not only asks for the brand & it is too busy to design shoes that line At 20, it adds a new line to her resume while her schedule is already full In addition to dance and sing on stage, Selena Gomez working with UNICEF and also designs a clothing line for Kmart. In an interview teen vogue, Selena Gomez has said she was delighted to collaborate with Adidas NEO and learn the entire process of creating a line, although a little stressed to work with this great group.In The Footsteps of Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Gets Designer for Adidas NEO

Campaign for her line for Adidas NEO, Selena Gomez has also appeared in a video clip. With a group of young, she traveled to New York City at night to put touches of green fluorescent everywhere: the paint on the walls and cars, ribbons of road signs and barriers … The slogan? “Live your style.

Adidas NEO organizes a game to win a trip to New York and spend a crazy night fashion alongside Selena Gomez the image of the clip. Just watch the v Adidas NEO and answer questions posted daily on Facebook. A few months ago, you were likely to have purchased the new fragrance Selena Gomez Are you going to rush on sneakers for Adidas NEO Selena Gomez?

Celebrity Boot Fashion Style For Girls

Currently not only ordinary people who wear boots that many products on the market. Many celebrities both inside and outside the country are starting to use boots to support their appearance.Celebrity Boot Fashion Style For Girls

Boot can be young and trendy impression provides make its users more comfortable in moving.

Knowing a good potential in the market these boots, many shoemakers began designing boots are classy and can be used by national and world celebrities.

Models are interesting and different from the others make the celebrities choose to boot products daily activities.

1. Variations boots celebrities

Boot models are unique and eccentric are usually the choice of the celebrities who want to look different from others. The colors that you can choose a variety of products made boots match the color of your choice.

Ornaments that are not commonly used in the boots will add a unique and interesting impression on every celebrity boot existing products.

Not only is using an unusual ornament model and design the appropriate boot to the clothing worn.

2. Select the appropriate boot products

Because the boots are now widely produced you probably should be careful in selecting the most appropriate product for you. Many employers are choosing boots finest materials to make its users feel more comfortable and calm.

Materials are durable and heat should be used in these products. Boots with leather be material from one type of boots that has been chosen. The celebrities are also choosing products with ingredients native porters so they can feel better wear boots every day.

3. How to find a quality boot products

Today many shoe stores that sell a variety of products suitable boots to support your appearance, For models that are not unusual for celebrities, usually shoes offered expensive but with good quality.

In the online store, there are all sorts of interesting boots and many chosen by the customer. By ordering these boots in the store, you will be able to find it easier to get the boot without the need to go to a shoe store directly.

4.Proper care for quality boots

After getting the product you are looking for boots proper care should always be done so that the shoes you buy more durable and stay comfortable.

Boots made of genuine leather will usually require a wide range of special treatments to be done.

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How to Choose Beautiful & Sexy Shoes

Attractive appearance will be obtained with the use of a wide range of accessories such as shoes. Comfortable shoes will surely make users more comfortable and confident to travel. Currently many women choose boots that product is getting interesting.How to Choose Beautiful & Sexy Shoes

With the increasing interest in the ladies boots would many makers of boots designs that enhance their creativity to attract the attention of consumers.

To choose the product most suitable boots for the legs and your appearance there are many things to consider.

1. Note the shape of your foot

Because the shoes will be worn on the feet it would be better if you know the shape of your foot. Currently there is a wide range of products boots you can find various types of boots AmCham serves comfort to you.

These boots are usually made into 3 types, namely short boots, knee boots and calf-high boots booth. If you have a sleek shape and long legs, knee-high boots can be a suitable option.

To foot with the other forms it is more convenient jikan choose boots that are not entitled to be too high.

2. Select Materials That Can Provide Comfort

Many employers are choosing boots finest materials and ternyaman to make its users feel more comfortable and calm. Boots with leather be material from one type of boots that has been chosen. The skin is said to be able to provide comfort and durable making a lot of women want to buy it.

Leather also has a lot of different types of quality. Genuine leather shoe material is quite expensive but has a high quality. It would be better if you avoid materials such as synthetic plastics that make your feet feel hot and uncomfortable.

3. No need to rush – rush buy boots

No hurry in this case is that you need a long time to choose products that are comfortable for your feet.

For hunting boots are comfortable you can hunt many times in different places to get the best product.

4 . Layer in the appropriate boots

Not only the outer shape of boots that you should consider. Comfort while using the boots will be more pronounced if you look at the ingredients in layers that you wear boots. There are various types of coatings used to make the inner lining of the boots.

Layer in comfortable shoes certainly not torn, corrugated pleated or defects that may reduce comfort while using the shoes.

Author boots usually always take the appropriate layer in the manufacture of that customer or buyer peace of mind to use their products.

With clear explanations above you should be able to choose the product most boots make you calm use. In addition to the above, you also have to pay attention when you wear those boots.

Kylie Jenner Strikes Again On Twitter by Taking A Picture A Pair of Doc Martens Varnish

Kylie Jenner strikes again on Twitter by taking a picture with the ultimate rock accessory, a pair of Doc Martens varnish. It explains why it is likelyKylie Jenner Strikes Again On Twitter by Taking A Picture A Pair of Doc Martens Varnish

Kylie Jenner and Twitter is a love story and trends that likes to do for some time and which highlights Kylie Jenner in tizzy mode. Sometimes with her sister Kendal, sometimes offering her vision of fashion, Kylie Jenner knew Twitter imposes its way alongside Rihanna.

However, Kylie Jenner is by instinct and without wanting it creates trend posing with a pair of Dr Martens black varnish which gives it a rock allure to perfection & Kylie Jenner riding the girly trend with its shells on Twitter iPhone 5 but not only. Kylie Jenner Strikes Again On Twitter by Taking A Picture A Pair of Doc Martens Varnish

In fact, wearing a tank top “I love you. To the moon and back” black skinny jeans and a low waist, Kylie Jenner completes her outfit with a pair of Dr Martens black varnish that puts Twitter in turmoil. Maybe Kylie Jenner follows the path and the more rock style imposed by her sister Kendal Jenner appearing with black t-shirt and hat slim Boyfriend pon pon. If this is the case, we vote yes.

Otherwise it does not matter, we highlight the audacity Kylie Jenner have proposed a surprising look and breaks her good girl image. True mirror fashion, Kylie Jenner Twitter allows asserting her tastes and revealing its own trends. Far from accessories girly, Kylie Jenner looks rather to the rock trend and chic put forward by Alice Dellal for collection Divided Grey for Girls H & M in addition to the icon punk rock the most prominent of London, H & M offers collection in shades of gray, hats, jackets and boots with loose rock accents.Kylie Jenner Strikes Again On Twitter by Taking A Picture A Pair of Doc Martens Varnish

A collection that you would wear with a good pair of Dr Martens black varnish, as well as being timeless, are essential in any closet fashionista who takes rock. Kylie Jenner and it was understood, then it follows and runs to pay a pair of Dr Martens Spartoo as soon as possible and why not post it on Twitter?

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Eliminating Foot is Not Wearing Aroma Shoes

Feet become part of the body that is often forgotten treated and if you do not pay attention, the bottom of the foot can be rough if rarely describe and can also cause unpleasant aroma.Eliminating Foot is Not Wearing Aroma Shoes

The issue is not pleasant aroma at the foot is annoying. Usually caused by too long use of shoes and footwear used was attached so that secrete sweat aroma. To overcome this problem, here’s tips eliminate smelly feet because the shoes.

1. Clean Shoes

First clean the boots using detergent cleaned every two weeks. Brush the bottom of the shoes to remove dirt and soil attached. However, there are also materials that shoes do not need to be washed, such as leather and suede. For these materials, simply wipe with a damp cloth, get into the shoe. For the soles, brush with a toothbrush that has been dipped in water detergent.

2. Use Shine When It’s Really Dry

After cleaning the shoes, do not immediately put it into the city. As for less wind shoes on the porch, but do not direct them under the sun, because the color can fade and the skin can be peeled off shoes. Remember; if it’s still damp do not directly use the shoes, because it actually makes your feet smell. Wait until it is completely dry completely.

Once dry, you can sprinkle baking soda into the shoes let stand overnight to smell and bacteria in the shoes absorbed by the baking soda. The next day, remove the baking soda.

3. Soak Foot with Vinegar

One of the natural ingredients to combat foot odor scent is to use vinegar. Mix half a cup of vinegar added to one liter of water. Soak feet and let stand for 10 to 20 minutes.

4. Bacteria Remover Spray

Currently sold many sprays to eliminate bacteria in the foot & Sprays also serve to eliminate unpleasant smell in the feet & you can use this spray when going to wear and take off shoes.

5. Foot Powder

In addition to using the spray distance, you can also sprinkle foot powder. Powder specifically designed for the foot to absorb perspiration in the foot, which is the source of the unpleasant smell of the shoes & can be used before wearing shoes for effective results, foot powder can be used in the evening then covered with socks and leave on overnight.

We Want Every Pair of Bobbies for fall 2012

Bobbies is a small brand of shoes ever offset rising. This fall, we played the preppy chic and adopt Bobbies Notice to shoes enthusiasts!We Want Every Pair of Bobbies for fall 2012

In the fall of 2012, we love a pair of Bobbies. After presenting you the color block ballet and girly brand of moccasins Bobbies, here are our favorites for the new season. Bobbies, this is the story of two childhood friends, lovers moccasins have decided to launch their own brand to revisit this traditional shoe.

At affordable prices, Bobbie’s loafers are adorned with beautiful sparkling colors and refined details. Bobbies, the small brand that makes us crack loafers & after shopping list moccasins shopper, here our favorites Bobbies.

Top of the list line “Poetics”. Our favorite: moccasins gray velvet adorned with a big bow burgundy & the perfect shoe for a chic and casual. Another temptation: “The Mistinguette” and printed foot-holes on the back and then finally “La Parisienne”, a classic, timeless colors with collectible. And you, what a pair of Bobbies are made for you?

Yves Saint Laurent Disclaims Face Trial For the Christian Louboutin Red Soles

This is good news for home Christian Louboutin. Yves Saint Laurent disclaims face trial on shoe soles red. There is a little more than a month, Christian Louboutin won an appeal against Yves Saint Laurent for the trial of the red soles.Yves Saint Laurent Disclaims Face Trial For the Christian Louboutin Red Soles

However, the case was not over yet and there were a few loose ends but today, Yves Saint Laurent disclaims face shoemaker to the stars and Christian Louboutin wins lawsuit. A case more legal fashion has held spellbound fashionistas for over two years. For Christian Louboutin red sole is his logo brand.

Just like Louis Vuitton only accept one resume his monogram, Christian Louboutin fought to defend the brand identity. At the beginning it was not won. U.S. court for a color could not be an official logo but with perseverance, Christian Louboutin has managed to defend himself.

Yves Saint Laurent has to withdraw in the trial against red soles Christian Louboutin. Thus, the megalomaniac shoemaker Christian Louboutin unleashes ironically “We welcome Yves Saint Laurent decided to focus on energy, on his work and creations.

That being said; Fashionistas can therefore proudly display their red soles Christian Louboutin without their rival is in doubt about the provenance of these shoes. So, what do you think?

Who Dare to Wear Shoes With Heels in the Future Here?

South African designers make a shoe that is very unique and extreme. Shoes with heels are appearing to be on the front. Who dare to wear?Who Dare to Wear Shoes With Heels in the Future Here?

The design of these shoes is made by art students Leanie van der Vyver. She created it as a criticism of the design of the fashion industry often glorifying perfection.

A Dutch shoe maker Rene van den Berg then realizes the design work Leanie real. She made shoes with heels in front of it in butter yellow.

The design was actually created as a graduation assignment at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Unique shoes are now made Leanie nominated for prestigious design awards held Gerrit Rietveld’s campus.

I wrote about how the human testis been playing God with their bodies. Constantly seeking perfection and I found perfection has reached a climax in the fashion and beauty industry. Heels could not be higher,” she explained as quoted by the Daily Mail.Who Dare to Wear Shoes With Heels in the Future Here-

Shoes handiwork was named Leanie, ‘Scary Beautiful’. Scary Beautiful challenge current beauty ideals by creating a new standard of beauty are staggering.

Shoes Leanie this work is quite extreme but before, they had no footwear with unique designs such as the work of Noritaka Tatehana. Noritaka make shoes without heels who later popularized by Lady Gaga.

Looks like Leanie made shoes will also attract the attention of the singer of ‘Born This Way’ is. It’s no secret that Gaga is a man who often appeared with strange and unique fashion.

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Jimmy Choo Sandals And A Best-Selling Celebrity Likes

Lately a few celebrities spotted wearing Jimmy Choo sandals output with the same model. Even sandals are said to be alert Jimmy Choo sandals are most in demand.Jimmy Choo Sandals And A Best-Selling Celebrity Likes

Sandal called ‘Taste’ is present in a variety of colors ranging from color matching tangerine summer unique atmosphere, to the timeless black and versatile. In terms of desaine, this looks like a slipper sandals T-bar and decorated by transparent colored plastic threads on the sides.

Sandals ‘Taste’ intersect at the ankle, so it looks like ankle boots. The sandals come with heels as high as 12 cm was sold for 650 pounds or approximately USD 10 million. Sandals ‘Taste’ is part of the collection Cruise 2012 Jimmy Choo.

Celebrities like Azealia Banks, Elizabeth Banks, Ginnifer Goodwin and Kristen Stewart have been caught wearing these stylish sandals. Please note, if you are not a famous celebrity then flip ‘Taste’ new can only be obtained in November 2012.

Ginnifer Goodwin is known as a big fan of Jimmy Choo brand, comes with mini berpalet wearing blue overalls. She combines sandals ‘Taste’ black bag along with a small gengam berpalet matching.Jimmy Choo Sandals And A Best-Selling Celebrity Likes

different with Kristen Stewart, who appeared more relaxed. Stars of ‘Twilight’ was wearing a white shirt with a black insert and pencil pants. She maximizes her appearance by wearing sandals ‘Taste’ at the premiere black movie ‘On The Road’ in New York.

As quoted by the Daily Mail, the fashionista who are interested in these sandals should put her name in the ‘waiting list’. Are you interested in wearing one?

Five Designer Shoe Options The Artist Hollywood

The hollywood actress always looks good with a variety of knick knacks has. In addition to dresses, fashion other is obliged to look unique shoes.Five Designer Shoe Options The Artist Hollywood

Most, shoes – shoes worn by the Hollywood star is a special shoe designed from famous designers with unique and luxurious design.

Here are five of the artist’s choice of designer shoes hollywood.

1. Christian Louboutin.

The name is certainly familiar to the fans of the shoes. Louboutin is one of the famous shoe designers from France.It was first introduced in 1991 homemade shoes with the characteristic red soles.

Lots of hollywood actress who often wear Louboutin shoes made like Scarlett Johanson, Beyonce, and Rihanna.

The hallmark of her right Louboutin shoes are tall and thin. Some women found these shoes make their legs look sexier.

2. Marc Jacob is a renowned American designer

Shoe design is pretty much in demand by artists hollywood. In addition to designing shoes, Marc Jacob also quite known for its handbags, watches, and perfumes.

Manolo Blahnik

shoes are the world’s best designers. The lovers of fashion, especially shoes would have recognized the name. The designer shoe comes from Spain.

Many shoe design results imposed by hollywood artist like Madonna, Victoria Beckham, Diana Ross, Jeryy Hall, Bianca Jagger, and Naomi Campbell.

4. Antonio Berardi

Is one of the famous designer is famous for its unique design and attractive. Berardi made shoes became popular when worn by Victoria Beckham in 2008. The shoe has a very unique shape right and looks uncomfortable.

5. Stuart Weitzman

Is one of the world’s top shoe designers. Weitzman shoes are very popular with safety.
One of the most expensive shoes from the designer shoes that are studded berliah 28 carat tanzanite 185 carat stone that sold for 2 million U.S. dollars or 16.9 billion dollars.

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