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Pollock the painter inspiration Louboutin Shoes

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Who says art and fashion culture can not be combined and become one? Louboutin shoes prove that blend beautifully.

Pollock the painter inspiration Louboutin Shoes

Pollock the painter inspiration Louboutin Shoes

If you want to enjoy the works of famous painters, Jackson Pollock, need not go far away to the Museum of Modern Art in Manhattan, New York, United States. The reason is, you can enjoy the works of Pollock as well as stylish by wearing high heels made famous French shoe designer Christian Louboutin.

More recently, the shoemaker and the importance of celebrities in the world again spawn one shoe works by combining the world of art and culture. Christian Louboutin makes shoes called Pigalle that inspired paintings by Jackson Pollock, as reported by Plurielles.

Kristen Stewart Kets Wear Shoes in Red Carpet Event!

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Save this one was never for long lasting wear women’s clothing. As a result, Kristen Stewart was determined to wear sneakers when attending red carpet events! Wow, like what?

Kristen Stewart Kets Wear Shoes in Red Carpet Event!

Kristen Stewart Kets Wear Shoes in Red Carpet Event!

That is what appears in the premiere of SNOW WHITE AND THE Huntsman. As reported by the Dailymail Tuesday (15/5), Christian seemed to come to the event by sneakers may make the foot more comfortable.

Worse yet, the clothes worn at that time Christians did not comply with the dress gracefully attached to her body. With a gothic feel, love Robert Pattinson is shown wearing a long black dress.

Kristen Stewart Kets Wear Shoes in Red Carpet Event!-


Apparently, Christians are also well aware of the strange choice of the time. This is evident through his efforts to hide away among the bushes. Shortly after arriving at the location of the event, she was rush to replace it with a more appropriate shoes.

Basically, the appearance of Christianity as it looks very pretty. Unfortunately, the dress is made from dreamy not quite able to cover the sneaker that is clearly wrong place.

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Coogee Release Simple Wonderful Colour Baby Shoes Collection

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Coo gee released a new product filled with streaks of bright colors, like blue, white, red, yellow and brown. With a simple model, casual and easy to wear that offers the use of slip on, glue or use a zipper, make this collection interesting to have your baby.

Coogee Release Simple Wonderful Colour Baby Shoes Collection

Coogee Release Simple Wonderful Colour Baby Shoes Collection

One Simple Wonderful Colour collection, i.e. collection of baby with superior products, Coo gee Baby Painter Connife that offers the use of slip-on that comes with two gorgeous colors, yellow-brown and black and red.

For girls, Coo gee presented several models of flat shoes that are casual and stylish, among Coo gee Supermodel Curve Basic to the model is simple and classy, coupled with the second edition of the Coo gee Teacher Polka dot with white spots that re-enliven the collection Simple Wonderful color this time.

While for boys collection is dominated by the stylish models and in accordance with the fashion trend of fakes, one of which Senator Coo gee Denim is a very casual look of denim material with a pattern of blue, as well as some other products, such as Actor Mestral Coo gee, Coo gee Sailor Zealand and Coo gee Senator Lin High.

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Want to Appear Feminine? Wear Suede Shoes Pumps Made It

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Pumps is one of the much-loved fashion items fashion lovers. If you’re one of them, following  etc fashion blog recommend shoes that have suede pumps feature the texture is smooth and makes the wearer look more feminineWant to Appear Feminine Wear Suede Shoes Pumps Made It-

Alert suede shoes Miu Miu has a simple and classic models. Contemporary colors on these shoes make the wearer look feminine. Moreover, if paired with a floral dress with a similar color. These shoes can be bought for USD 4.7 million.

Desainer prominent Christian Louboutine launch suede pumps that were striking pink color. With the price of Rp 8.7 million, shoes called ‘Miss Clichy’ is suitable when combined with an asymmetrical cut dress to improve appearance.

Black shoes is indeed one must have item. Therefore, the Yves Saint Laurent took out one of the diversified collection of shoes made of suede pumps with black. Berkasen rights stilettos, these shoes are designed to create a flexible efficient. These shoes can you match with neutral-colored dress. Interested in buying? These shoes can be bought with a price of USD 7.2 million.

Platform with suede material makes the wearer look perfect. Exodus Jimmy Choo shoes, pumps and peep toe accented it sold USD 8.4 million. To appear more feminine, wear a mini skirt with a similar color and a white blouse

Brian Atwood pumps launched with a suede material which is different from the others. Green color with abstract decoration on the right that are colored pink, orange, red and a little silver that can make the wearer the center of attention. Wear these shoes to a formal event with a fitted dress. This shoe is sold at Rp 16 million.

A bright blue color makes shoes from Giuseppe Zanotti collection is the target of the women. Wear shoes for Rp 6.4 million is to attend a party that could steal the attention of those around you.

Louboutin Opens Christmas Tree 2013 Shoes

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Christian Louboutin celebrates Christmas in a very fashionable this year. The designer has done everything to delight his fans and to marvel during the holiday season …Louboutin Opens Christmas Tree 2012 Shoes

Louboutin celebrates Christmas in style this year by highlighting its famous red sole. Martin Margiela Dior all designers have made their tree this year Only wanted our favorite shoemaker Christian Louboutin. Also to better marvel, the designer has put forward its red soles and heel removed we hurt so much to expose “new shoes” on a Christmas tree mounted steel In keeping with the theme of year-end placing on the Christian Louboutin red soles of its pristine white to match  shoes. Louboutin Opens Christmas Tree 2012 ShoesA color theme totally fitting with its Parisian boutique rue Saint-temp who is decorated with a very original way for the holiday season. Blessed are the fashionistas who were lucky enough to pass the window of Christian Louboutin past two weeks …Louboutin Opens Christmas Tree 2012 Shoes

Do not forget to leave your little shoes under the Christmas tree Christian Louboutin. Maybe the creator hear your wishes and that Santa will bring you a beautiful pair of Louboutin, as the pair of Fifi Strass stands like a star on top of the Christmas tree Christian Louboutin. Louboutin Opens Christmas Tree 2012 ShoesThe hope is to live the dream and is part of the magic of Christmas. So why do not we imagine with Cinderella shoes by Louboutin? Writing Etcfashion blog let you discover the Christmas tree of your favorite shoe Louboutin, and lets you soak up the magic of the holiday season! Merry Christmas to all Fashion!

20 Shoes For Fall-Winter Season 2012/2013

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In writing, saying “show me your shoes and I’ll tell you who you are” is always mandatory. Taken seriously it will guide us in our selection of shoes for it this Fall-Winter 2011/2012. Discover this autumn our fantasies!20 Shoes For Fall-Winter Season 2012/2013

For our plump legs this season pairs of shoes have heels arching sensual and intense colors. The shoes are loafers or the big play retro heels. 20 Shoes For Fall-Winter Season 2012/2013The compensated them are graphics or ethnic downright fringed. But the must have boots: the choice of red inflammatory platform style ice skating, python, black and gold …20 Shoes For Fall-Winter Season 2012/2013

Charlotte Olympia Dsquared ², Miu Miu, Stella McCartney, Christian Louboutin, Yves Saint Laurent, Dior, Jimmy Choo, Pierre Hardy, Sergio Rossi, Chanel, Chloe, Fendi, Celine … Tracking in image objects of desire that we would drag our feet.

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Tips on Matching Clothes With Patterned Snake Shoes

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Materials clothing made from animal skin do have a special attraction for the fashionista. Currently, the shoe model is patterned snake is in and many people look for.Tips on Matching Clothes With Patterned Snake Shoes

In addition because there are many people who are getting bored with crocodile leather or animal skin other reptiles many people are now interested in the snake skin material for experimenting with new styles.Tips on Matching Clothes With Patterned Snake Shoes

If you want to innovate with new styles of shoes that has a snake pattern here are some tips that you can apply for a mix and match fashion.

1.Choose a unique snake-print shoes and not ordinary. Many options that you can earn by shopping at the mall or wholesaler that provides more choices.

Feel free to choose a style that is unique and interesting shoes like snake boots or high heels usual with snake skin pattern.Tips on Matching Clothes With Patterned Snake Shoes

2. If you are planning to wear shoes patterned snake, you should not wear other materials that also have animal skin complexion, unless you really want the theme of animals in your fashion today.

You can mix and match with tights or regular jeans. With this option, sneakers with snake skin pattern also seem to be suitable to your needs.Tips on Matching Clothes With Patterned Snake Shoes

3. Although we are not prohibited from doing a variety of innovations and is also experimenting with new things, you still have to pay attention to fashion combined with snake-print shoes.

Never combine snake-print boots with an office outfit clothing. Although snakes great demand patterns, style is not recommended to be worn at the office.

4. Do not be afraid to make a positive innovation for your fashion. You may forge – matching shoes with various snakes’ patterned party dress, evening dress or for casual wear when going to the mall.

Snake-print shoes can actually fit to be combined with ingredients that are also patterned vellum others. Only, it would be appropriate if the shoes with snakeskin patterns would be perfect if you match it with furry animal skin clothing.

5. In addition because it has not been widely explored by the fashion business, snakeskin pattern actually has a lot more potential to be finding a new style which has not been developed by the business.

Now, you are to explore own agreements with style and personality. Pair snake-print shoes with various styles that you like.Tips on Matching Clothes With Patterned Snake Shoes

6. Finally, you should be careful in taking care of shoes that have style snake or any shoe that has a snakeskin material. Shoe materials are usually very easily lost. However, if you have a genuine snakeskin shoes, easier to care for her because no special treatment is needed to keep her complexion stay awake.

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Black White Shoes Trends for Spring 2013 Collection

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Women and shoes are two things that are difficult to separate. No wonder the designers created the world continue to create unique shoe with a futuristic design.

Black White Shoes Trends for Spring 2013 Collection

Although winter is over but it seems bedplate white or black shoes have become the favorite in the fashion scene collection for spring / summer this year. Call it the designers and fashion houses like Alexander wang, Bottega Veneta, Phillip Lim, Isabel Marant, Prada or Balmain.

As Alexander Wang is not much play of color in the collection but to create a model of shoe laces and the right thickness. So is the collection of fashion house Bottega Veneta issuing classic mary jane models with structured material and thick platform. Convenience seems to be the attention of designers for spring collection this time was visible from Prada shoes slippers issued.

Inspiration retro shoe model is also seen in the collection of Phillip Lim strappy wedges dominated. Different again with Boot collection from Balmain who always looks edgy and unique. The fashion house is playing with baroque detail and modern impressed cage and still predominantly black and white.

Shoes for collection for spring / summer time is likely to be companions for those who do not like to walk on high heels are painful. Model thick platform style of the 70s, wedges, slippers and sandals are still the favorite of the designers of the world today.

Paired Stockings And Shoes

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Every person must have tried to recycle appear to be different and look more attractive. Fashion look is always changing over time. In addition to concerns about the clothing worn ordinary people also pay attention to the shoes look like they are wearing.

Paired Stockings And Shoes

Paired with a dress shoe that will suit can give you confidence in that person. For women wearing shoes will not be comfortable if you do not wear stockings or socks.

A large variety of colors and designs of stockings and shoes on the market is making many people feel more confident.

Similarly the color stockings with shoes

Wearing shoes is one way to supplement your already attractive appearance. Many people love to wear shoes that can help them move more easily. Shoes will be more convenient to use if you are wearing stockings. You can wear stockings and comfortable shoes for the activity.

When wearing shoes with stockings you should still pay attention to the color of shoes and stockings were used. Wearing shoes and stockings with matching color you’ll look better. You will be able to feel more comfortable and confident.

Select the type of stocking a comfortable

With a variety of types stocking on the market you should be able to choose products with more stocking careful. Good quality stocking will be able to give more comfort to the users. Stocking quality is more widely chosen by many people.

The issue price is usually the thing that often inhibits people to buy stocking with good quality. However you can choose a quality product at a low price though. Many manufacturers who make the products are cheap but still good quality.

Customize the type of stocking the shoe model

In addition to stocking a quality jelly choose you should also be able to choose stocking products that can be combined with the shoes you will wear. If the shoes and stockings that match the shoes you wear will be able to appear more attractive.

Already many manufacturers who make products stocking quality and can meet the desires of consumers. The manufacturers usually see DSAIN and new models shoes on the market as a source of ideas from which new types of stockings.

Use at the right time and place

When you decide to wear shoes and stockings to an event you have to make sure these types of events before. This way you will be able to determine the color and model of shoes you want to wear later. For a formal event you should be able to choose the most suitable type of shoe.

Those are some ways to select and integrate the right shoes with stockings. Hopefully with the above explanation you will be able to choose and wear with matching stockings and shoes to match.

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H & M Fashion Isabel Marant Lot Of Cowboy Boots Photo On Facebook

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H & M is riding the trend launched by western winter and Isabel Marant boots cowboy way out of Isabel Marant photo on Facebook.H & M Fashion Isabel Marant Lot Of Cowboy Boots Photo On Facebook

The trend started by Isabel Marant cowboy during his show fall-Winter 2012/2013 is so important that it even influences the giants of ready-to-wear as H & M. Indeed, H & M, 2 years innovator in footwear is challenged to build on cowboy boots from the Autumn-Winter 2012 Isabel Marant, the model is only visible on the Facebook fan page H & M The boots H & M are very interesting for two things:

firstly, we can ride the trend western without breaking the bank too we imagine a reasonable price from H & M and the other version of the boots Cowboy H & M a subtle blend of the two leading models of cowboy boots from Isabel Marant. H & M is inspired models Milwaukee Berry and Isabel Marant to create a pair of cowboy boots both graphic and glamorous rock by bevelled heel.H & M Fashion Isabel Marant Lot Of Cowboy Boots Photo On Facebook

Success of H & M that is sure to please Miranda Kerr who never leaves her boots Berry Black Isabel Marant and will not fail to please especially to all the fashionistas who have a portfolio too thin to afford the boots original. H & M signed a master stroke by placing the photo of her cowboy boots on Facebook it tells you why.

H & M control its communication to perfection by revealing his version of cowboy boots fashion Isabel Marant on Facebook. Disclose a pattern that is safe to operate without necessarily indicate availability this strategy H & M to create envy and likely out of stock, Board with a simple pair of shoes on the official Facebook page of H & M and all fashionistas panic.H & M Fashion Isabel Marant Lot Of Cowboy Boots Photo On Facebook

I must admit there when you know what the exorbitant price of boots or Berry Milwaukee at Isabel Marant. The pair of boots cowboy designed by H & M uses the codes of the collection inspired western of Isabel Marant highlighting leather bold color blue motifs arabesque the tone (here black and blue) as well as nails finalize arabesque pattern.H & M Fashion Isabel Marant Lot Of Cowboy Boots Photo On Facebook

It remains that we looked forward to the shelving of this pair of boots that you want already. We recall that the video of the brand new H & M, & Other Stories is out by marking the accent on the shoe and makes us wonder if H & M does not seek to monopolize the market for ready-to-wear European with wide range of accessories? Regardless we are delighted to know that the model cowboy boots Isabel Marant goes way out at H & M one wonders just when that will be. We do not know about you but this pair of boots H & M fashion Isabel Marant is already on our wish list for Christmas 2012.

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