Rupert Sanders affair with Kristen Stewart Married 10 Years After

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Before you get caught having an affair with Kristen Stewart not many people know the personal side of the director of ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ Rupert Sanders. Sanders involved in forbidden love with a Christian after a 10-year marriage to British model Liberty Ross.

His personal life began to be considered after the affair with pictures of actors ‘Snow White’ was published in U.S. Magazine on July 17.

The day before the image is outstanding; Rupert has issued a statement containing his apology to his wife and two children Liberty Ross. He was deeply loved and hoped they could through the ordeal together.

While his wife had written the word ‘Wow’ in Twitter account so far Ross has not provided any comment in the media. It’s just a source close to the British model said Ross was in shock.

he’s been with Rupert since the age of 18. They were dating when he graduated. Only Rupert is the only love he knew,” said the source.

What kind of life Rupert and Liberty before the affair took place? Here are some things that work are summarized U.S. Magazine:

1. Rupert and the Liberty got married at the age of 24 and 31 years. Now their marriage age was 10 years and has attended two children, Skyla (7 years) and Tennyson (5 years).

2. Rupert to support a career as a director, Ross and the kids are willing to move from London to Los Angeles. The move is the wife feels very heavy. Move over here and start life all over again very heavy as I expected. I do not think we would be very isolated, said Liberty.

3. Ross is one of those that play a role in the election of Kristen Stewart as Snow White. Liberty Kristen love and trust. He chose to play in the movie because he felt and the Kristen right,” said the source. When the premiere of ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’, Ross also praised Robert Pattinson’s lover. No one (player) Snow White the better I think. She (Kristen) incredible,” said the woman who was also acting in movies such as the mother of Snow White.

4. Before moving to the United States Liberty is known as one of the famous models in the UK. At age 19 she was photographed by photographer Mario Testino for British Vogue.

5. In an interview for you a few weeks before Rupert caught cheating; Liberty expressed her pride to marry 41-year director. At the premiere in London I was crying because we were out of the luxury cars and all the fans accepted name. World really is spinning, said the woman who is now 33-year-old.

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